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Archival Revival – 22 October 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads back to The Clouds' rooftop performance from 1994!

Archival Revival – 15 October 2020

Kate Kingsmill travels back to 1995, when Luscious Jackson joined that year's Big Day Out line-up!

Archival Revival – 8 October 2020

Kate Kingsmill pulls out some super rare studio recordings from the Triple R vaults...

Archival Revival – 1 October 2020

Kate Kingsmill brings us Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, recorded at Storey Hall back in April 1978. 

Archival Revival – 24 September 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads north to Byron Bay, when Professor Ratbaggy hit the Bluesfest stage 20 years ago.

Archival Revival – 17 September 2020

Kate Kingsmill presents the 2001 legendary performance by Michael Franti & Spearhead at the Laundry in Fitzroy.

Archival Revival – 10 September 2020

Kate Kingsmill revisits the blistering set McLusky delivered at the Corner Hotel in 2003.

Archival Revival – 3 September 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads back to 2015, when the ever delightful Jess Ribeiro played songs in the Triple R performance space.

Archival Revival – 27 August 2020

Kate Kingsmill asks a whole bunch of musos what Triple R means to them and why people should subscribe to the station, now more than ever!

Archival Revival – 20 August 2020

Kate Kingsmill takes us back to the 2001 Big Day Out, when Go-Betweens performed a killer set on the Triple R stage.

Archival Revival – 13 August 2020

Kate Kingsmill digs out First Aid Kit's sublime set from 2010, when they played for subscribers in the Triple R performance space.

Archival Revival – 6 August 2020

Kate Kingsmill travels to 2013, when Adalita performed in the Triple R performance space.

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Archival Revival – 30 July 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads back to the year 2000 when Biftek hit the stage at the Laundry in Fitzroy.

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Archival Revival – 23 July 2020

Kate Kingsmill celebrates 30 years of Tiddas! Showcasing the trio's Triple R Rooftop performance from 1996.

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Archival Revival – 16 July 2020

Kate Kingsmill digs out a performance by electronic/post-punk outfit Black Cab.

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Archival Revival – 9 July 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads back to January 2002 when Detroit rock duo The White Stripes hit the RRR Rooftop! This audio is no longer available

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Archival Revival – 2 July 2020

New host Kate Kingsmill pulls out one of the more weird and wonderful live performances from the RRR vaults...TISM at The Laundry in Nov 2001!

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Archival Revival – 25 June 2020

Lex's last selection from the RRRchives is Luluc's 2014 Live To Air

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Archival Revival – 18 June 2020

Lex Cran features Marlon Williams' live solo set from the Triple R performance space back in May 2018

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Archival Revival – 11 June 2020

Lex revisits Sampa The Great's live set in the Triple R Performance Space in 2015.

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Archival Revival – 4 June 2020

Lex Cran brings us a 2016 recording of Welsh musician and producer Cate Le Bon.

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Archival Revival – 28 May 2020

Lex Cran dips into the station's treasure trove of live recordings once more to bring us Mia Dyson's live set from 2018.

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Archival Revival – 21 May 2020

Lex Cran features a live set from Greg Walker, aka Machine Translations.

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Archival Revival – 14 May 2020

Lex Cran revisits Archie Roach's live set recorded in the Triple R Performance Space in 2013 along with a very rare live recording of Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter from 1994.

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Archival Revival – 7 May 2020

Lex Cran brings us another Live to Air from the Triple R vaults!

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Archival Revival – 30 April 2020

While Max Headroom is on hiatus, Archival Revival, hosted by Lex Cran brings you a Live to Air from the Triple R archives, every Thursday night from 7-8pm.

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