Archival Revival 1200
Listen to Archival Revival – 3 September 202001:00:003 September 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads back to 2015, when the ever delightful Jess Ribeiro played songs from her second album 'Kill It Yourself' in the Triple R performance space. Checking in with Jess, they chat about her life in the outback and growing up without much music, to what she's been up to more recently.

Playlist for Archival Revival – 3 September 2020
  • If You Were A Kelpie (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Hurry Back to Love (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Born to Ride (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Kill It Yourself (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Rivers on Fire (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Slip The Leash (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Strange Game (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • Good Day (live version)Jess Ribeiro
  • GhostJess Ribeiro
  • StrangerJess Ribeiro
  • Run Rabbit RunJess Ribeiro

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