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Uncommon Sense

Gabrielle Chan-Uncommon Sense

Gabrielle Chan is talking to Amy on Uncommon Sense

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Richard Swift enews

Anthony Carew on Richard Swift - Max Headroom

Anthony Carew talks about the musical carreer of Richard Swift on Max Headroom.

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The Grapevine

Jeff Sparrow - The Grapevine

Jeff Sparrow talks to Dylan and Kulja

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Terry on Neon Sunset

Terry - Neon Sunset

Who is Terry? Not even they know. And by ‘they’, we mean the actual band whose name is Terry. All we know is that they’re a four-piece garage band from Melbourne consisting of…

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The Football Solution

George Megalogenis - Breakfasters

Journalist and footy tragic George Megalogenis, author of the book The Football Solution: How Richmond’s Premiership Can Save Australia, speaks to the Breakfasters crew about Aussie Rules’ foundation story, its migrant roots…

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Matt Johnston from The The

Matt Johnson - Tomorrow Never Knows

‘We live [in] a culture of narcissism where everything has to be on display permanently. Unless you’re in the public eye, people think you don’t exist anymore.’ The The frontman Matt Johnson joined…

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16 lovers lane

The Go-Betweens - Vital Bits

The Go-Betweens talk to Tim on Vital Bits

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Breaking and Entering

Liars - Breaking and Entering

Angus Andrew from Liars chats with Simon Winkler on Breaking and Entering

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Stuart Coupe on Breakfasters

Stuart Coupe - Breakfasters

When we attend a gig, we see the band, the sound person, and maybe even the lights person, but very rarely do we see the roadies who make it all possible. In his…

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Breakfasters 2018

Jimi Bani - Breakfasters

Jimi Bani is talking about his new show.

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Michelle Grace Hunder on Breakfasters

Michelle Grace Hunder - Breakfasters

Michelle Grace Hunder talks to the Breakfasters

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Claire Wright on Breakfasters

Clare Wright - Breakfasters

Clare Wright talks to the Breakfasters

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Yeni Kuti on The Rap

Yeni Kuti - The Rap

Yeni Kuti speaks with Areej Nur on The Rap

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Dylan and Kulja with Ed Husain

Ed Husain - The Grapevine

Ed Husain stops by The Grapevine to chat with Dylan and Kulya

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Amy Mullins and Fiona Patten

Fiona Patten - Uncommon Sense

Fiona Patten joins Amy Mullins on Uncommon Sense

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Uncommon Sense

Julian Burnside - Uncommon Sense

Julian Burnside talks to Amy Mullins on Uncommon Sense

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Backstory Podcast Image

Maria Tumarkin - Backstory

Maria Tumarkin discusses her new book "Axiomatic" with Melissa Cranenburgh on Backstory

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Portia Sabin and Fee

Portia Sabin - Maps

Portia Sabin is the president of Olympia’s celebrated indie label, Kill Rock Stars. Since joining in 2000, Sabin has managed several bands (including Gossip) and helped push Kill Rock Stars through some of…

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Local And/Or General

Primo - Local and/or General

Primo talk to Jas on Local and/or General

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Colin Friels as Scaramouche Jones

Colin Friels - Breakfasters

Colin Friels joins the Breakfasters in the studio