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Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats catches up with Jonathan Alley on Under the Sun

Thirty-six years since their last album, The Boomtown Rats reformed this year with a new LP and accompanying documentary of the same name: Citizens of Boomtown. The band’s frontman, Bob Geldof, believes…

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vika linda

No limits: Vika & Linda join Brian Wise on Off The Record to chat about new anthology 'Akilatoa'

Beloved duo Vika & Linda Bull catch up with Brian Wise about their new anthology Akilatoa that chronicles their work from 1994-2006. 2006 marks the year they last released an album; but they…

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Denise Scott

Breakfasters: “Picking Ancestral Scabs” With Denise Scott

Award-winning comedian, actor and author Denise Scott tells the Breakfasters team about her upcoming stint on SBS “ancestral scab picking” series Who Do You Think You Are?. Affirmation of convict blood, familial…

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Hugo Weaving on Breakfasters

Complex issues: Hugo Weaving joins Breakfasters to discuss 'Hearts and Bones'

Hugo Weaving joins Breakfasters to discuss his new film Hearts and Bones. Weaving plays a photojournalist who is challenged to question his work by a South Sudanese refugee, played by Andrew Luri…

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Romy Vager of RVG joins Monique on 'Out On the Patio' to discuss new album 'Feral'

Romy Vager of RVG talks with Monique on Out On The Patio. RVG have not let the pandemic postpone the release of their album 'Feral'. Despite the cancellation of their tour with…

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Tadpole with Richie from Black Rock Band

"Creating a connection": Nicole Tadpole chats with Richie Guymala from Black Rock Band

Nicole Tadpole catches up with Richie Guymala from Black Rock Band about their East Coast tour. Black Rock Band are a hard-working outfit who have clocked up the kilometres touring from their home…

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The Rap

Listen to Kamasi Washington on jazz, life and politics & exploring a Māori cyberpunk city in Umurangi Generation

Legendary jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington jumps on the line to chat with Areej about writing and composing the soundtrack for the recently released documentary about Michelle Obama, Becoming. Kamasi digs deep, chatting about…

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Dave Faulkner

A Punk in Perth: Annaliese chats with Dave "Flick" Faulkner on Neon Sunset

Dave "Flick" Faulkner knew he was onto something special when he attended the first ever punk gig held in Perth. He credits this gig with kicking off the entire Perth punk scene, as…

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Fire Front book cover

Poetry & Power: Beth talks to Alison Whittaker about 'Fire Front' on The Glasshouse

Alison Whittaker is a proud Gomeroi poet and academic who has edited a new collection of First Nations poetry called Fire Front: First Nations poetry and power today. The book aims to break…

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Warwick Thornton The Beach still

Silence & Space: Warwick Thornton joins Breakfasters to discuss 'The Beach'

Breakfasters catch up with Director Warwick Thornton to hear his thoughts on his new six-part documentary series The Beach. Thornton describes making The Beach as a process of shedding his vanity and…

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Indigenous legends: Adam Briggs joins Breakfasters to chat about his new book 'Our Home, Our Heartbeat'

Briggs joins Breakfasters for an interview about his new book Our Home, Our Heartbeat which is a celebration of Indigenous excellence. Briggs reflects on the role models he had as a kid and…

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Vigil candle stock image

Breakfasters talk with Lisa Fitzpatrick, State Secretary of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

To celebrate International Nurses Day Breakfasters talk with Lisa Fitzpatrick, State Secretary of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation. They discuss the dedication and resilience of nurses, as well as the camaraderie that…

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Fitzroy Football Ground

Russell Holmesby talks with the Breakfasters about his new book 'The Death of Fitzroy Football Club'

The Fitzroy Football Club were a successful club with a long history and a loyal following until things went sour. Footy journalist and historian Russell Holmesby has written about their controversial dissolution in…

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The Breadmakers

Scott Lacey of 'The Breadmakers' joins Neil Rogers on Australian Mood

Scott Lacey, drummer and vocalist from rhythm ’n’ blues ravers The Breadmakers, joins The Australian Mood’s Neil Rogers and reassures him that the release of their first album in over a decade…

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Channel Tres

Real talk: Eva Lubulwa with Channel Tres on Highly Melanated

Eva Lubulwa catches up with Channel Tres to discuss his new single "Weedman" and life under lockdown. Channel Tres reflects on the internal and external pressures that come with being a musician. He…

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Yaeji & Jazz

Jazz Feldy catches up with Yaeji on Good Fortune

NYC-via-Seoul electronic producer, DJ, and vocalist Yaeji is about to drop her new full-length mixtape WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던, and it is the news that we needed during this weird and strange…

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Use No Hooks

Minimalist Principles: Simon Winkler talks to Mick Earls of 'Use No Hooks' on Breaking and Entering

Simon Winkler talks to Mick Earls, one of the founding members of the iconic disco punk band "Use No Hooks." "Use No Hooks" were a funky outfit who took pains to avoid commercial…

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Akiko Yano album cover

"Improvisation is my passion" - Jazz Feldy interviews Akiko Yano on Good Fortune

Catch Jazz Feldy speaking with Akiko Yano about her life in music. Singer, songwriter and producer, Yano is known for her eclectic style. Yano says "I realised I am different, and this is…

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The Glasshouse

Award-winning poet Ellen van Neervan on The Glasshouse

Ellen van Neervan shares about their second poetry collection 'Throat.' Described as "irreverent and courageous, Throat is a fierce cry that fights to be heard."

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Eat It

Tribute to Vernon Chalker, founder of Melbourne's Gin Palace, on Eat It

Full Hour Tribute to Vernon Chalker, founder of Melbourne's Gin Palace. Vernon was widely regarded as a pioneer in the Melbourne bar and hospitality industry, known for his integrity and character as much…