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International Pop Underground: Tirzah on Devotion, Colourgrade and exploring the possibilities.

UK electronic singer songwriter Tirzah Mastin joins Anthony to discuss her creativity, motherhood and new album Colourgrade.

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Constant Mongrel on Neon Sunset

Neon Sunset: Constant Mongrel's last show, inspirations and more.

After two albums and 11 years, Melbourne punk mainstays Constant Mongrel have called it quits. Dropping by Neon Sunset to explain themselves, ahead of their last show, Andrew and Tom bring in some…

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In my defence, I have no defence

Sinéad Stubbins offers no defence on Breakfasters

Sinéad Stubbins tells Breakfasters that when she wrote 'In my defence, I have no defence' she was looking for the best version of herself, but instead she found acceptance of her imperfections.

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Professor Sharon Lewin

Einstein A Go-Go: Professor Sharon Lewin Discusses Australia’s Infectious Diseases Response

Dr Shane has an extensive discussion about vaccines and viruses with the director of The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Professor Sharon Lewin.

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Tangled Shoelaced

Neon Sunset: Tangled Shoelaces’ High School Music

Martin Mackerras joins Annaleise on Neon Sunset to discuss the re-release of music from his 1980's high school band Tangled Shoelaces.

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Professor Sandy O'Sullivan

Dr Sandy O'Sullivan on Critical Race Theory in Australia

Dr Sandy O'Sullivan, a Wiradjuri person and associate professor of Creative Industries at the university of the sunshine coast is interviewed, and discusses the need of changing the conversation around race education in…

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Swimming Fish Stock Image

The Grapevine: How To Eat Fish Sustainably

Adrian Meder from the Australian Marine Conservation Society joins The Grapevine to share his research into which seafood in Australia has been farmed or caught sustainably - and which hasn't.

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Bighouse Dreaming Promo Photo

Breakfasters: Bighouse Dreaming With Declan Furber Gillick

Arrernte artist Declan Furber Gillick joins Breakfasters to talk about his play 'Bighouse Dreaming' which is based on the shocking revelations from the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.

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Frank Zappa in ZAPPA documentary

Off The Record: Director Alex Winter On The New Zappa Documentary

Actor and documentarian Alex Winter calls in to Off The Record to chat about his new documentary about Frank Zappa.

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Primal Screen

RRR Live In Conversation: Primal Screen x Melbourne Knowledge Week

Triple R partner with Melbourne Knowledge Week to bring your a special In Conversation broadcast of Primal Screen: An evolving film industry! with guests Anthony Grundy, Kristy Matheson and Zak Hepburn.

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The Greenhouse at Federation Square

Future Food Systems: Joost Bakker and Jo Barrett join Eat It to discuss 'The Greenhouse'

Joost Bakker and Jo Barrett join Eat It to discuss 'The Greenhouse' in Federation Square which is a complete food system, and a model for how people can live in cities sustainably.

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Emotional Female Book

Radiotherapy: The Highs And Lows Of Being A Surgeon

Dr Yumiko Kadota, Dr Natalie Ngan and Dr Kate Martin are all surgeons. They join the Radiotherapy crew to chat all things surgery and their experiences in medicine.

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Anwen Crawford Promo Image April 2021

Anwen Crawford On Her Memoir "No Document"

Anwen Crawford, author and music critic joins Backstory host Melissa Cranenburgh in discussing her new memoir "No Document" and discusses her processes, thoughts and experiences.

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Peaches 2021 Press Photo

LiveWire: The Continuing Teaches Of Peaches

Canadian-born, Berlin-bred electroclash iconoclast Peaches calls into LiveWire to chat about her new single 'Pussy Mask', and the capacity of music to inspire and push the boundaries.

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Creation Stories Still

Far and Wide: Creation Records’ Alan McGee On His New Biopic

Alan McGee is the founder of 'Creation Records', and he drops into Far and Wide to talk to Steve about the new film that is loosely based on his life 'Creation Stories'.

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Femi and Made Kuti on Get Down

Get Down: The Legacy+ Of Femi And Made Kuti

Get Down’s Chris Gill welcomes Fela Kuti's son Femi and grandson Made to the show to discuss their new album 'Legacy+'

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Judith Lucy Amazon

Judith Lucy joins Breakfasters to chat about anything but her new book

Judith Lucy opens this interview with the information that she's deeply bored by talking about her new book 'Turns Out, I'm Fine' but she eventually opens up about the "excruciatingly honest" new work.

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Monica Dux

Lapsed: author Monica Dux and the Breakfasters share their experiences being culturally Catholic

Feminist, author and lapsed Catholic Monica Dux re-examines her decision to leave the religion that she was raised in and writes a book, 'Lapsed', about her journey.

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Veronica Gorrie

Frank and Fearless: Gunai/Kurnai author Veronica Gorrie joins The Mission to discuss her new book 'Black and Blue'

Black and Blue is the memoir of Gunai/Kurnai woman and former police officer Veronica Gorrie. She joins Daniel James on The Mission to discuss fighting institutionalised racism on the force.

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Neil Richards

Life's work: Neil Richards joins Australian Mood to share his new album 'Ancient Loyalties'

Neil Richards (vale) was an Australian folk singer who, at the time of this interview, had just released his first album 'Ancient Loyalties' which he recorded over almost forty years.