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Yu Su on Good Fortune 1200

Good Fortune: On Nature And Intuition With Electronic Artist Yu Su

Jazz Feldy chats with Chinese-born, Vancouver-based DJ, producer, and sound artist Yu Su about her debut LP 'Yellow River Blue', and how her ambient sounds reflect her surroundings.

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Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: Richard Beasley on the Murray-Darling Basin and His New Book

Barrister Richard Beasley SC discusses why he is angry about the death of the Murray-Darling Basin. His new book is called, Dead in the Water: A very angry book about our greatest environmental

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Sonia Bible on Primal Screen

Primal Screen: Re-examining The Witch Of Kings Cross With Sonia Bible

Sonia Bible joins Primal Screen to talk about her new film 'The Witch of Kings Cross' which is a representation of Rosaleen Norton's life and controversial artistic practice.

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The Rap Final Square

Farewell party: Namila Benson and Samira Farah join Areej Nur for the final episode of The Rap

Areej, Namila and Samira give The Rap the farewell party it deserves with some great turnes, a few tears, reflections on how far they've come, and a look to the future.

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Vanessa Morris and Daniel James Share The Spirit 2021 - 1200

Join Daniel James and Vanessa Morris for the Invasion Day broadcast 2021

Daniel James and Vanessa Morris bring you highlights from the Share the Spirit Festival, selected speeches from Melbourne's Invasion Day rally and heaps of deadly tunes.

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Rob Brooks

Byte Into IT: Rob Brooks On His New Book

Rob Brooks tells us about his book Artificial Intimacy, providing a fresh and original view of the very near future of human relationships.

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Sleaford Mods 2019 - 1200

Neon Sunset: Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson comes to promote his new record, stays to talk about the universe

Off the back of Sleaford Mods’ new record 'Spare Ribs', singer Jason Williamson talks to Neon Sunset about “matters of the soul and the nature of all things”.

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Louise Milligan

Uncommon Sense: Louise Milligan on her new book 'Witness'

Award-winning investigative reporter Louise Milligan delves into the issues examined in her latest book, Witness: An Investigation Into the Brutal Cost of Seeking Justice. Louise talks about the traumatic effects witnesses and complainants…

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Perfume Genius

Breaking and Entering: Perfume Genius On Using Remixes As Therapy

Mike Hadreas’s ever-morphing pop project Perfume Genius released his fifth album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately last year. Like each album before it, Set My Heart builds and expands on the Perfume…

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Young Marble Giants wide

Young Marble Giants’ Stuart Moxham On Far And Wide

Join Far And Wide’s Steve Wide as he delves into the memories of Young Marble Giants’ Stuart Moxham who is celebrating a re-release of their album 'Colossal Youth'.

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Marlon Williams 1200

Twang: Marlon Williams On His Brand New Collab

Denise Hylands chats with Marlon Williams on Twang about his collaboration with Canadian duo Kacy & Clayton. The musicians met in a decidedly modern way, but the music they created has deep roots.

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Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Breaking And Entering: Beverly Glenn-Copeland On Music And Re-discovery

Underground icon Beverly Glenn-Copeland joins Simon and Lauren to reflect on his new retrospective compilation, Transmissions: The Music Of Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

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Dr Andi square

Dr Andi Reflects On Her Years Steering ‘Einstein A Go-Go'

In this online-only special interview with Triple R Talks Producer Elizabeth McCarthy, Dr. Andi reflects on her innings as anchor of Einstein A Go-Go.

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Mick Avory 1200

Off The Record: The Kinks’ Mick Avory Celebrates 50 Years Of Lola Versus Powerman

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, The Kinks’ eighth studio album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One is getting the deluxe re-issue treatment. Mick Avory, the group’s drummer, joins Brian…

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Beth AQ and Archie Roach in 2016

A life in song: Uncle Archie Roach joins Bethany Atkinson Quinton on The Glasshouse to discuss his memoir

Uncle Archie Roach, Gunditjmara and Bundjalung singer-songwriter and activist, talks about his award-winning memoir, “Tell Me Why: The Story Of My Life And My Music”.

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peter Godfrey-Smith

Uncommon Sense: Peter Godfrey-Smith on How Consciousness Evolved From Sea Animals

Philosopher and scuba diver Peter Godfrey-Smith speaks in-depth about his new book, Metazoa: Animal Minds and the Birth of Consciousness. Peter explains how conscious experience evolved from animals in the sea millions…

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Parquet Courts On Time Record Cover

Double Bounce: Parquet Courts on Celebrating Their Tenth Anniversary as a Band

Austin Brown, co-vocalist and guitarist of venerated New York punk band Parquet Courts, chats with Vaughan about On Time, their live-stream and retrospective celebration of the ten years since they first played as…

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Helen Garner LTA FB

Backstory: Helen Garner on Her Second Volume of Diaries

Award-winning novelist and journalist Helen Garner has just released her second volume of diaries, One Day I'll Remember This: Diaries 1987 To 1995. She joins Mel Cranenburgh on Backstory’s last show for 2020…

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Tim Flannery

Climate Cure: Professor Tim Flannery on Einstein A Go-Go

Professor Tim Flannery joins Dr Shane on Einstein A Go-Go to discuss the climate emergency. He has a plan that includes targeting the 25 politicians holding the federal government back from climate action.

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Radiotherapy Podcast Image

The Radiotherapy COVID-19 Awards

Panel Beater, Dr Sharma and Dr Neo wrap up a big year with the 2020 Radiotherapy COVID-19 Awards. Join them to find out who wins the hotly-contested "Tool of the Year award".