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Courtney Barnett press shot

Courtney Barnett - Out on the Patio

Courtney Barnett talks to Monique Sebire on Out on the Patio

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Melissa Wooten

Associate Professor Melissa Wooten - The Rap

Associate Professor Melissa Wooten from the University of Massachusetts re her talk at the University of Melbourne: ‘20th and 21st Century Pathways into Black Educational Philanthropy in the United States’

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Robyn Archer

Robyn Archer - Smart Arts

Robyn Archer chats cabaret on Smart Arts

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Kim Thompson & Alan Weedon - Breaking and Entering

Kim Thompson & Alan Weedon - Breaking and Entering

Swampland magazine's Kim Thompson & Alan Weedon

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Neko Case

Neko Case - Neon Sunset

Neko Case talks to Annaliese Redlich

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The Rap feature image

Kira Puru - The Rap

Kira Puru talking to Areej Nur on The Rap

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Jonathan Miller The Grapevine

Jonathan Miller - Grapevine

Asia Correspondent for Channel 4 News Jonathan Miller speaks about his new book 'Duterte Harry: Fire and Fury in the Philippines'.

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Kaiit album cover image

Kaiit - The Rap

Kaiit drops by The Rap to chat about her new 7-inch OG Love Kush P. 2.

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Breaking and Entering Feature Image

Nubya Garcia - Breaking and Entering

Nubya Garcia talks to Simon Winkler and Lauren Taylor on Breaking and Entering

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Guy Picciotto of Fugazi with Tristen Harris

Guy Picciotto - Golden Age of Piracy

Hear Guy Picciotto of the American post-punk band Fugazi share his 'Formative Five'

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Cat Power with Simon Winkler and Lauren Taylor

Cat Power - Breaking and Entering

Cat power joins Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler on Breaking and Entering

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Gareth Liddiard

Gareth Liddiard - BLB

Talking TFS and their new album, A Laughing Death in Meatspace.

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Augie March on Breakfasters Live March 2018

Augie March - Breakfasters

Augie March wake you gently on Breakfasters live with “When I Am Old”

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Tom Lyngcoln on Breakfasters

Tom Lyngcoln - Breakfasters

Tom Lyngcoln performing Doming Home from his new album of the same name on Breakfasters Live

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Lydia Lunch

Lunch With Lydia

Over the last four decades, American provocateur Lydia Lunch has been a force to be reckoned with through her music, spoken word, books, and numerous collaborations with artists such as Nick Cave, Rowland…

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Thando Live to Air

Thando - Breakfasters

Hear Thando playing 'Numb' for Breakfasters live.

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Generic Mic

Danielle Walker - Breakfasters

Danielle Walker joins Breakfasters

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Lowtide - Breakfasters

Lowtide kick off the weekend with a tune for 'Breakfasters Live'

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Christos Tsiolkas feature image

Christos Tsiolkas - Backstory

Melissa Cranenburgh is joined by Christos Tsiolkas to talk about his extended essay on Australian novelist Patrick White.

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Breakfasters Podcast Image

Leisure Centre - Breakfasters

Leisure Centre join Breakfasters to talk about their name change and play 'Sucka' off their new album.