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Empress Of on Breaking and Entering with Charlie Miller

Empress Of - Breaking and Entering

Lorely Rodriguez, aka Empress Of, is a Latin American musician from Los Angeles. Lorely joins Breaking And Entering to chat to fill-in host Charlie Miller about the strong voices that shaped her life…

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Radio Marinara

Philippe Cousteau Jr. - Radio Marinara

Philippe Cousteau Jnr, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, chats with Bron about EarthEcho International, a global education program established 18 years ago by the Cousteau family that harnesses the combined skillsets of teachers and…

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Bridge of Clay

Markus Zusak - Backstory

Thirteen years after The Book Thief, Sydney-based author Markus Zusak has followed it up with his new novel, Bridge of Clay, a story about a family holding themselves together after the death…

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Double Bounce

Tzusing - Double Bounce

Vaughan talks to Tzusing

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Get Down

Bernard Purdie - Get Down

Chris talks to Bernard Purdie

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Womens Safety at Gigs

Max Headroom - Mia Timpano discusses safety at gigs

Mia Timpano talks about safety at gigs on Max Headroom.

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Breakfasters 2018

HTRK - Breakfasters

HTRK talks to Sarah, jeff and Geradline.

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Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink Special Hosted By Simon Winkler & Lauren Taylor - Max Headroom

Join Simon Winkler and Lauren Taylor and Entering in-conversation with one of modern music's anti-heroes, Ariel Pink.

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Eat It feature image

Guy Grossi - Eat It

Cameron and Matt talk to Guy Grossi

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Mark E Smith

David Adams' tribute to Mark E Smith - Max Headroom

A tribute to The Fall's Mark E Smith on Max Headroom with host David Adams.

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Kaz Cooke

Kaz Cooke - Radiotherapy

Kaz Cooke discusses her new book 'Babies & Toddlers' on Radiotherapy.

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Melissa Cranenburgh feature image

Moreno Giovannoni - Backstory

Moreno Giovannoni speaks with Melissa Cranenburgh about his new novel 'The Fireflies Of Autumn '.

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Michele O'Neil

Michele O'Neill - Breakfasters

Michele O'Neill, President of the ACTU, discusses recent political protests by workers across Australia, and where to from here.

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The Stranglers

The Stranglers' story with David Adams - Max Headroom

David Adams' special on UK punk outfit The Stranglers.

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Chloe Hooper on Breakfasters

Chloe Hooper - Breakfasters

Chloe Hooper chats with the Breakfasters about her new book 'The Arsonist '.

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Kon Karapanagiotidis on The Grapevine

Kon Karapanagiotidis - The Grapevine

Kon Karapanagiotidis chats with Dylan Bird on The Grapevine about his new memoir The Power of Hope.

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Breakfasters 2018

Catherine Tate - Breakfasters

Catherine Tate talks to Sarah, Jeff and Geraldine.

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Breakfasters 2018

Shaun Micallef - Breakfasters

Shaun Micallef is talking about his new book

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Uncommon Sense

Gabrielle Chan - Uncommon Sense

Gabrielle Chan joins Amy Mullins on Uncommon Sense

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Richard Swift enews

Anthony Carew on Richard Swift - Max Headroom

Anthony Carew talks about the musical carreer of Richard Swift on Max Headroom.