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Alemayehu Eshete

Neon Sunset: Tribute to Ethiopian Jazz Legend, Alemayehu Eshete

Even with the passing of Ethiopian jazz icon Alemayehu Eshete, he will still continue to inspire the world of soul, funk and jazz for decades to come. Annaliese Redlich pays tribute to the…

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Emmylou Harris

Off The Record: Emmylou Harris on touring, her live record and the anniversary of 'Wrecking Ball'

Iconic American country singer Emmylou Harris joins Brian Wise to chat about International Dog Day, what her touring schedule looks like for the rest of the year, her new live record Ramble in

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Karen Leng

Breakfasters: Karen Leng spruiks Radiothon 2021

Former host and long-time Triple R supporter Karen Leng chats with the Breakfasters bringing major Radiothon love.

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Judith Lucy

Breakfasters: Judith Lucy back for Radiothon 2021

Judith Lucy is back to chat with the Breakfasters about why everyone should subscribe to Triple R during Radiothon 2021.

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Dave Faulkner

The Australian Mood: Dave Faulkner from Hoodoo Gurus chats about their album, ‘Chariot of the Gods’

Dave Faulkner from Hoodoo Gurus and Neil Rogers talk together about the release of the Gurus’ 10th studio album, ‘Chariot of the Gods’ Their conversation covers being creative in lockdown, putting the album…

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Shamsiya Hussainpoor

The Grapevine: Shamsiya Hussainpoor on the Australian Government's obligation to Afghanistan

Kulja and Dylan get on the line with Shamsiya Hussainpoor, an Afghan from the Hazra community, to discuss those left behind at the mercy of the Taliban back in Kabul. Hussainpoor talks about…

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Tone Poet Audiophile

Stolen Moments: Celebrating the "Tone Poet Audiophile" Vinyl Reissue Series

John Bailey sets up a fantastic Blue Note special to celebrate the "Tone Poet Audiophile" Vinyl Reissue Series.

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Courtney Barnett

Maps: Director Danny Cohen on Anonymous Club

Director Danny Cohen made his feature length doco Anonymous Club following Courtney Barnett over 5 years creationg a deeply personal tribute to her and their shared friendship. Danny limited himself to one roll…

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The Other Half of You

Backstory: Michael Muhammad Ahmed on his new book 'The Other Half of You'

With presenter Mel Cranenburgh, award-winning novelist Michael Muhammad Ahmed provides insight into how he went about writing his new novel, ‘The Other Half of You’. Caught between his desire to reject oppressive traditions…

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Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray

The Mission: Professor Anita Heiss on Indigenous Writing and her new Novel

Proud Wiradjuri woman, author, activist, and social commentator Professor Anita Heiss discusses her new novel Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray: River of Dreams, with presenter Daniel James. In this special long-form interview, Anita also discusses…

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Good Fortune: CHAI on new album 'WINK'

Yuuki and Mana from the Japanese outfit CHAI chat to Jazz about their new album 'WINK'.

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Radio Marinara: Edie Walker on her 5-point plan to save sharks

Subscriber Felix contacted RRR to let us know that his daughter Edie was deeply concerned about the plight of endangered sharks, and had come up with a 5-point plan to save them. Bron…

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Dr Jen

Breakfasters: Dr Jen on the Human Scream

In this weeks 'Weird Science' segment, Dr. Jen chats to Breakfasters Sarah, Daniel and Bobby, about new scientific research into the human scream.

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Linda J

Maps: Linda J on RAH RAH#2 2021

Fee catches up with Linda J of Little Ugly Girls and The Dacios ahead of RAH RAH #2: A Feminist Punk Rock Retrospective of Melbourne Music.

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The Sparks Brothers

Neon Sunset: Sparks band on their new documentary 'The Sparks Brothers'

Host Annaliese Redlich chats to one half of the legendary American art rock band Sparks about their new documentary 'The Sparks Brothers' detailing their legacy and influence.

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Alex French Food Guy

Eat It: Alex, The French Food Guy

Alex "the French Food Guy" talks to presenters Cam Smith and Matt Steadman about the success of his online channel, the approach he takes to cooking, and why he's so passionate about food.

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Julia Jacklin & RVG

Breaking And Entering: Julia Jacklin and RVG on their cover of Bjork's "Army of Me"

Host Simon Winkler talks to Julia Jacklin and Romy Vager from Melbourne's RVG, about their new collaborative cover of Bjork's legendary track "Army of Me".

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Drug Store Romeos

Far and Wide: Drug Store Romeos on their debut album 'The World within our Bedrooms'

Fleet band Drug Store Romeos discuss their debut album, 'The World within our Bedrooms,' with Steve Wide. With the album exuding a hypnotic and delicate blend of dream pop and synth-led explorations.

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Sarah Krasnostein

Backstory: Sarah Krasnostein on new book 'The Believer'

Award-winning author of 'The Trauma Cleaner' Sarah Krasnostein discusses her new book, 'The Believer: Encounters with Love, Death & Faith'. This book is told in reference to six extraordinarily ordinary people, as an…

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Jon Altman

The Mission: Professor Jon Altman on the NT Intervention

ANU Emeritus Professor Jon Altman discusses his recent article on the harmful policy legacies of the Northern Territory Intervention, which was instilled fourteen years ago. With presenter Daniel James.