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Fitzroy Football Ground

Russell Holmesby talks with the Breakfasters about his new book 'The Death of Fitzroy Football Club'

The Fitzroy Football Club were a successful club with a long history and a loyal following until things went sour. Footy journalist and historian Russell Holmesby has written about their controversial dissolution in…

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The Breadmakers

Scott Lacey of 'The Breadmakers' joins Neil Rogers on Australian Mood

Scott Lacey, drummer and vocalist from rhythm ’n’ blues ravers The Breadmakers, joins The Australian Mood’s Neil Rogers and reassures him that the release of their first album in over a decade…

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Channel Tres

Real talk: Eva Lubulwa with Channel Tres on Highly Melanated

Eva Lubulwa catches up with Channel Tres to discuss his new single "Weedman" and life under lockdown. Channel Tres reflects on the internal and external pressures that come with being a musician. He…

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Yaeji & Jazz

Jazz Feldy catches up with Yaeji on Good Fortune

NYC-via-Seoul electronic producer, DJ, and vocalist Yaeji is about to drop her new full-length mixtape WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던, and it is the news that we needed during this weird and strange…

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Use No Hooks

Minimalist Principles: Simon Winkler talks to Mick Earls of 'Use No Hooks' on Breaking and Entering

Simon Winkler talks to Mick Earls, one of the founding members of the iconic disco punk band "Use No Hooks." "Use No Hooks" were a funky outfit who took pains to avoid commercial…

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Akiko Yano album cover

"Improvisation is my passion" - Jazz Feldy interviews Akiko Yano on Good Fortune

Catch Jazz Feldy speaking with Akiko Yano about her life in music. Singer, songwriter and producer, Yano is known for her eclectic style. Yano says "I realised I am different, and this is…

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The Glasshouse

Award-winning poet Ellen van Neervan on The Glasshouse

Ellen van Neervan shares about their second poetry collection 'Throat.' Described as "irreverent and courageous, Throat is a fierce cry that fights to be heard."

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Eat It

Tribute to Vernon Chalker, founder of Melbourne's Gin Palace, on Eat It

Full Hour Tribute to Vernon Chalker, founder of Melbourne's Gin Palace. Vernon was widely regarded as a pioneer in the Melbourne bar and hospitality industry, known for his integrity and character as much…

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The Mission Program Image

'Maralinga Tjarutja' writer and director Larissa Behrendt on The Mission

Writer and director, Larissa Behrendt talks about documentary 'Maralinga Tjarutja' on the Mission.

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RRR logo watermark

Off The Record: The Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn On Their New Record And How He Got The Band Back Together

Steve Wynn of LA neo-psych outfit The Dream Syndicate phones in from Jackson Heights, New York, which has become the epicentre of coronavirus cases and deaths in the US. “We’re right in the…

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On The Blower

Malcom Turnbull phones in: On The Blower

What happens when Tony Biggs meets Malcolm Turnbull? We're about to find out when Biggsy goes head-to-head with the former PM in a discussion around Turnbull's new book – and much more.

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Archival Revival 1200

First Edition of Archival Revival: Aldous Harding (Live at Triple R)

While Max Headroom is on hiatus, Archival Revival, hosted by Lex Cran brings you a Live to Air from the Triple R archives, every Thursday night from 7-8pm. On this first episode, Lex…

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Radiotherapy feature image

Radiotherapy with presenters Dr. Sharma, Neo Natal, and Panel Beater, interviewing: Professor James McCaw & Dr Ruth Mitchell

Whole episode with presenters Dr. Sharma, Neo Natal, and Panel Beater, interviewing: Professor James McCaw, Professor of Mathematical Biology and infectious diseases epidemiologist, University of Melbourne. Then: Dr Ruth Mitchell, neurosurgeon.

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Breakfasters: Excelling In Iso With Helen Bidou

You just can’t keep Helen Bidou, our “most emotionally unstable comedian”, down – not even in isolation! Helen’s been busy, you see: mastering musical instruments, crushing languages, renovating kitchens – and that’s just…

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Time To Shut Up Shop: Judith Lucy vs. Men on Breakfasters

Judith Lucy chats to Breakfasters about new online special of her live comedy show 'Judith Lucy v. Men'. She recently reflected on her entire history with men and concluded that maybe it was…

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Mystery Road Actor-Director Wayne Blair on Breakfasters

Actor-director Wayne Blair chats about the new season of Mystery Road on Breakfasters.

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Justice for Tanya Day: Apryl Watson interview on The Mission

Apryl Watson, daughter of Tanya Day, on The Mission talking about results released on April 9 2020.

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Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: Bill Bowtell On Australia’s Response To COVID-19

Adjunt Prof. bill Bowtell - The Kirby Institute, re: covid-19 and a snapshot of where we were in March 2020. "We've got to come together in a calm way to minimise the effect…

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Lidia Thorpe and Tracee Hutchison 2

Lidia Thorpe joins Tracee Hutchison on FIERCE

Former Greens MP for the seat of Northcote and Gunnai and Gunditjmara woman Lidia Thorpe sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with FIERCE host Tracee Hutchison.

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Catherine Liddle Headshot

FIERCE's guest is CEO of First Nations Media Australia, Catherine Liddle

Catherine Liddle discusses her Arrernte upbringing in Central Australia and its influence on her passion and career-long dedication to the strengthening of Indigenous media with FIERCE host Tracee Hutchison.