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Eat It

Easy vegan cooking with Shannon Martinez on Eat It

Vegan chef and Smith and Daughters creative brain Shannon Martinez discusses her new cookbook 'Vegan With Bite, (Because Taste Matters)'. Shannon's book is written for everyone and aims to make vegan cooking simple.

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Barton Lynch Surfing Festival promo image

'It's a radical thing to do, to paddle off into the ocean' World Surfing Champion Barton Lynch on Radio Marinara

World Surfing Champion Barton Lynch chats to Radio Marinara to talk about the 15th year of Blast Off, his career as a competitive surfer in the 1980's, and just how much the surfing…

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Robert Dessaix

Robert Dessaix talks writing, aging, and telling stories, on Backstory

Melissa Cranenburgh chats to author, essayist, translater, and living legend Robert Dessaix about his new memior 'The Time of Our Lives: Growing Older Well'. Listen to Robert and Mel discuss the importance of…

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Max Allen

Eat It: Max Allen on his new book 'Intoxicating: 10 Drinks That Shaped Australia'

Cam and Ken chat to a very special guest, connoisseur Max Allen, about the history of drinking. Hear fascinating tid-bits about the native (and apptly named) Cider Gum Tree, the importance of Victoria…

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Blake Scott

Respect The Rock: Blake Scott Goes Solo

Nicole Tadpole chats with Peep Tempel's Blake Scott who has released his first solo LP 'Niscitam'. The album documents a point in Blake's life when he was preparing for fatherhood.

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Amiel Courtin-Wilson on Primal Screen

Filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson Joins Primal Screen

Award-winning filmmaker Amiel-Courtin joins Primal Screen to discuss his upcoming projects, his relationships with his subjects and his visual art ventures.

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Paul Foot

A Chat With Paul Foot On Breakfasters

Beloved UK surrealist and “one of the comedians in the world” Paul Foot visits Breakfasters ahead of his online comedy special to discuss life under COVID-19, and his soap opera, The Donkeys.

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Chris Frantz remain in love

Off The Record: Chris Franz on his memior 'Remain in Love' and the beginning of Talking Heads

Chris Frantz reminisces on the formation and early years of Talking Heads, his relationships with his wife Tina and collaborator David Byrne, and his new memior 'Remain In Love' in part 1 of…

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Bill Callahan 2020

Creation: Bill Callahan talks about his latest release 'Gold Record' with Lauren and Simon on Breaking and Entering

American singer-songwriter Bill Callahan contemplates family, cars, nostalgia and his new album 'Gold Record' with Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler on Breaking and Entering.

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The Mother Fault

Backstory: Author Kate Mildenhall joins Melissa Cranenburgh to discuss her novel 'The Mother Fault'

Author Kate Mildenhall joins Melissa on Backstory to discuss her new book 'The Mother Fault', a dystopian thriller that explores themes of government surveillance and control.

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Jill Bilcock Primal Screen 1200

Primal Screen: Jill Bilcock Reflects On Her Award-Winning Career

World-renowned film editor Jill Bilcock shares some of her experiences and editing processes with Primal Screen.

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Nazeem Hussain The Standup Sessions

Breakfasters: Nazeem Hussain On The Standup Sessions

Breakfasters chat with Nazeem Hussain, host of The Standup Sessions, online standup from local comics available to stream in lockdown.

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Warren Ellis on Breakfasters

On this Radiothon show, legendary musician Warren Ellis shares with the Breakfasters what community means to him

It's midnight in Paris and legendary musician Warren Ellis calls in to Breakfasters to chat about what community radio means to him. He says "We need communities and we need to belong."

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Judith Lucy on Breakfasters Radiothon 2019

Thank you so much: Judith Lucy talks to the Breakfasters about why listeners should subscribe to RRR during Radiothon

Judith Lucy treats the Breakfasters to a hilariously foul-mouthed rant on why she loves RRR, and why listeners should support the station by subscribing during Radiothon.

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Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Fundamental Forces: Dr Shane chats with Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell about her life in astrophysics

Dr Shane is joined by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell to talk about her lifetime in astrophysics, including her discovery of the pulsar, and the work she's doing to make the field more inclusive.

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Radiothon 2020 Insta Tile

Henry Rollins talks Radiothon 2020 and the importance of independant media on Breakfasters

Henry Rollins calls in from sunny California to chat about community radio, the impact of Covid-19 on daily life, and the importance of not taking the little things for granted during isolation. Henry…

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Kev Carmody

Kev Carmody calls in to Out On The Patio to chat about the 2020 re-release of his compliation album "Cannot Buy My Soul"

Kev Carmody chats to Monique Sebire about his music, his legacy, and the importance of community radio. Kev reflects on being a political Indigenous musician in the era of Joh Bjelke-Peterson and the…

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Terry Virts

How to Astronaut: Dr Shane talks to Terry Virts about his exciting career and his new book on Einstein A Go-Go

Strap in for a wild ride as Colonel Terry Virts joins Dr Shane to discuss his exciting career and his new book "How to Astronaut: An Insider's Guide to Leaving Planet Earth".

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There's A Zoo In My Poo

Breakfasters: Prof. Felice Jacka and Rob Craw Talks About Their New Book ‘There’s A Zoo in My Poo’

Professor Felice Jacka is a world expert in nutritional psychiatry and gut health, and has written a book aimed at teaching kids about the connection between what you eat and how you feel.