How to Volunteer

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Photo by Dan Cuttiford

Triple R relies on the goodwill of the hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their time both on and off air.

As well as our regular broadcasters and graveyarders, there are loads of off-air volunteers who help out on reception, with online content, in the music department and with audio production. We also have teams of volunteers involved in special events such as our regular Live-to-Air performances and outside broadcasts, plus our annual fundraiser Radiothon.

If you’re keen to get involved in an off air capacity, fill out the Triple R Volunteer Application form and from there we'll see how we can best match your availability, interests and skills with volunteer opportunities coming up at the station.

If you're interested in becoming an on-air broadcast volunteer you can read more about training and opportunities here.

If you'd like to apply for work experience at Triple R, please email