Richard Lowenstein on Breakfasters

Richard Lowenstein Ventures Beyond the Machismo in New Michael Hutchence Doco

Breakfasters talks to Richard Lowenstein, long-time collaborator with legendary Australian band INXS, about the timing and focus of his new documentary about the band’s iconic frontman: Michael Hutchence. Richard worked closely with Michael…

Ed Kuepper with RRR Studio Background

Ed Kuepper Stays Thoughtful Between the Road and the Studio

Neil Rogers talks to Australian punk, post-punk and grunge legend Ed Kuepper about his latest touring and recording with The Aints. Ed shares the great range of one-night-only experimental shows, formats and…

Unknown Pleasures Album Cover Artwork

Far and Wide: Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures Turns 40

This Saturday 15 June will be the 40th anniversary of Joy Division's debut album Unknown Pleasures with Far and Wide marking the occasion over Triple R’s airwaves. Recorded at Strawberry Studios in April…

Paola Bella on Breakfasters

Speaking Truth to Power with Paola Bella on Breakfasters

Paola Bella is an Indigenous writer, artist and curator with a wealth of experience in the field of First Nations community arts. Chatting with Breakfasters she talks about opening this year’s Emerging Writers'…

Rachel Connor Max Headroom Image

Songlines, Sea Levels and the Small Island Big Song Project: a Max Headroom Special

Tim Cole and BaoBao Chen join Rachel Connor to talk about their music project, Small Island Big Song. Recording the songs of the descendents of Indigenous Taiwanese seafarers, the project traces the 5000-year-old…

Freya Josephine Hollick Streamers Photo

Out on the Patio: A Blind Date with Freya Josephine Hollick and Jeb Cardwell

Self-described cosmic country singer-songwriter Freya Josephine Hollick and guitarist Jeb Cardwell join Out On The Patio to chat about their upcoming shows and respectively perform ‘Smoke In The Bar Room’ and ‘Blood Moon’…

Rafeif Ismail

The Rap: What You Need to Know about the Protests in Sudan

Writer Rafeif Ismail, a refugee and third culture youth of the Sudanese diaspora published by the likes of Kill Your Darlings, Manjin and Djed, joins Areej on the line to talk about the…

Bruce Pascoe

Uncle Bruce Pascoe Discusses Australia’s True History on The Mission

Australian history has painted Indigenous people as hunter-gatherers, almost completely ignoring the agricultural knowledge and farming systems, which were in place well before the arrival of Europeans. Bruce Pascoe, Indigenous writer from the…

On Artists Book Cover

Breakfasters: ‘If We Denounce the Artist, What Do We Do with the Work that Remains?’

Walkley Award-winning writer and arts editor for The Australian Ashleigh Wilson joins Breakfasters to discuss his new essay On Artists, part of Melbourne University’s On series. In it he asks why, in…

Sacred Paws

Sacred Paws’ New Album: Overtones of Positivity and Hues of Sadness

Scottish indie rock band Sacred Paws released their second album Run Around the Sun a few weeks back in May.

Anthony Carew, host of International Pop Underground, was lucky enough to be…

Anna Smyrk on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

How The Solomon Islands Shaped Anna Smyrk’s EP on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Alt-folk singer/songwriter Anna Smyrk joins Banana Lounge Broadcasting to chat about her new single ‘Benjamin’ and forthcoming EP. Anna wrote her latest collection of songs whilst working on community projects in different countries…

About Bloody Time Book

Breakfasters: Respecting and Understanding Aunt Flo

Jane Bennett, menstrual educator and co-author of About Bloody Time: The Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have, speaks to Breakfasters about the phenomenon that happens to half the human population: the period…

Dr John

Neon Sunset: Paying Tribute to Dr. John, a Man of Legend in New Orleans’ Music Scene

Neon Sunset pays tribute to Mac Rebennack who might be better known by his stage name ‘Dr. John’. An American singer/songwriter, Mac’s music was a colourful blend of the blues, jazz, pop, rock…

Roky Erickson

Neon Sunset: Celebrating Roky Erickson, the Godfather of Psych Rock ‘n’ Roll

Neon Sunset takes a sombre turn this week paying tribute to the late Roky Erickson. Roger Kynard ‘Roky’ Erickson was born in Dallas, Texas and became acquainted with music at an early age…

Don Was and John Bailey

Serving up a Blue Note Special with Producer Don Was on Stolen Moments

This week on Stolen Moments, producer and Blue Note Records president Don Was takes listeners on a journey through jazz recounting moments from his own life along the way. Don discovered jazz by…

Action for Dolphins Clean-up

Radio Marinara: Seaside Scavenge Set to Pull Plastics from Frankston Shores

Bron Burton and Doctor Surf from Radio Marinara talk with Hannah Tait, local coordinator for the Seaside Scavenge in Frankston. Hannah tells us how her marine conservation and protection organisation Action For Dolphins…

Live at Triple R
Sharon Van Etten on Stage

Sharon Van Etten In Conversation and Live Set at RRR

Singer/songwriter/powerhouse performer Sharon Van Etten has been doing a lot of reflecting of late. In addition to writing some incredible music, she’s been studying therapy. But it hasn’t made her prone to analysing…

Sophia Brous with Woody McDonald

The Cave: Get Ecstatic Because Supersense is Back For 2019

Sophia Brous is the Australian-born, New York-based performer curating Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic. Returning for its third year, Supersense combines a hypnotic array of dance, music and performance art to deliver…

Peter Perett Promo Pic

Online Exclusive: One And Only, Peter Perrett From The Only Ones’ Continues His Unlikely Come-back

Former frontman from The Only Ones Peter Perrett feels lucky to ‘have been a part of music when music was such an important part of people’s lives’ – a time when, for some…

Clowns Cake

Clowns Jake Lederman on their new album ‘Nature/Nurture’

Clowns’ Jake Lederman reckons working collaboratively ‘makes for a good vibe’ both in the studio and on the road. But having The Hard-Ons as a support band at one of their gigs is…