Jesswar on Get Down

Get Down: Moving to the Front with Jesswar

Brisbane-based Fijian hip hop artist Jesswar joined Chris Gill on Get Down to chat about life in Brissy, the growth and change of hip-hop in Australia and some exciting news that includes the…

Feature Segment
The Life of Brian

Plato’s Cave: Looking on the Brighter Side of Life with Brian

Emma, Flick and Sally discuss the 40th anniversary of Monty Python’s The Life of Brian, as it heads back to the big screen.

The film was met with incredible controversy and protests in…

Briggs on Out on the Patio

Out on the Patio: Mastering the Art of Political Dialogue Through Humour with Rapper Briggs

Indigenous rapper Adam Briggs, aka Briggs, jumps back on the bike after dropping his latest single ‘Life Is Incredible’. And one of his first stops is 3RRR’s Out on the Patio with Monique…

Floppy Discs

Byte Into IT: To Keep, or Not to Keep? Elizabeth Duck Chong’s Answer to Kondo’ing Up Your Infinite Digital Realm

Writer Elizabeth Duck Chong joins the Byte Into IT to share the concept of Maria Kondo’ing our digital worlds we often neglect.

Elizabeth found this idea through looking at what you have, and…

Astrid Scholte

Making Magic with Fantasy Writer and Artist Astrid Scholte

Astrid Scholte is a digital artist and producer who’s worked on big films like Avatar, District 9, and The Adventures of Tintin. After many years working as a visual artist and producer, Astrid’s…

Lisa Salvo on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

On Diamond’s Lisa Salvo Discusses Making Music under Pressure

On Diamond’s new self-titled album (which was Triple R’s Album of the Week last week) threads Lisa Salvo’s folk-inspired vocals with improvisatory pop and blues. Lisa joined Banana Lounge Broadcasting host Dave Graney…

Leif Cocks on Breakfasters

Why ‘Personhood’ Shouldn’t Only Apply to Humans

Conservationist, author and founder of ‘The Orangutan Project’ Leif Cocks joins the Breakfasters to discuss the problems that are afflicting orangutan populations. While we’ve become more aware of how human consumption is affecting…

Adani logo

The Grapevine: Adani gets Commonwealth Tick of Approval but What Does this Mean for Climate Change?

Friends of the Earth campaigner Cam Walker joins The Grapevine to discuss the latest developments concerning the Adani coalmine. Right before the federal election was called, Environment Minister Melissa Price signed off an…

Holy Truly on Astral Glamour

Astral Glamour: Truly Holy Making Electronic Music but not in the Way that You Think

Matt and Luke from Melbourne band Truly Holy join Astral Glamour to chat about their upcoming album Transporter. Listening to one of their new tracks ‘Inner Devotion’, the guys delve into their own…

Live in Studio
Samara Cooper

Samara Cooper Drops a Weird and Funky Live Set on Tomorrow Never Knows

Cruising in straight from hanging out at the Comedy Festival, Melbourne-based DJ Samara Cooper joins Nicole Jones, filling in for Emerald on Tomorrow Never Knows, to drop an incredibly funky, and ‘a bit…

Sleeper band

Sleeper Have Awoken on Far And Wide

Sleeper are a widely successful Britpop and rock outfit that emerged in the early ’90s, and later disbanded in 1998. The band reformed in 2017 and recently released The Modern Age - their…

Theatreworks Slaughterhouse Five

Breakfasters: Adapting Slaughterhouse Five for the Stage 50 Years After its Publication

Kurt Vonnegut Jr, a prisoner of war, wrote Slaughterhouse Five in 1969. The novel depicts the inhumanity and extreme disorientation of war through the experiences of American soldier Billy Pilgrim. Flash forward 50…

Richard Watts and Damien Power

SmartArts: Comedian Damien Power Is A Man Who Puts His Dreams In A Sock

After putting ‘six years of material into his first show’, comedian Damien Power felt like his second show was ‘like a ‘difficult second album’. Several shows later, he remains obsessed with bringing ‘philosophy…

Chris Gill Gordon Koang and Paul Biel

'Mal Mi Goa’: Songs Of Peace From South Sudan

Gordon Koang is a Neur speaker and musician hailing from the Upper Nile region of what is now South Sudan. Accompanied by his cousin Paul Biel, Gordon performs a blend of traditional Neur…

Sorting records

Breakfasters: All Things Record Store Day With Bruce Milne, Co-owner Of Greville Records

Where Yo Is host and all round music man around town, Bruce Milne, joins Sarah, Jeff and Geraldine to talk about the joy of living in a city with the highest number of…

Loretta Smith A Spanner in the Works

Breakfasters: Loretta Smith Hopes Alice Anderson Can Inspire a New Generation of Australian Women

Loretta Smith joined the Breakfasters to chat about the extraordinary life of Alice Anderson, and some of the challenges of writing her new book, A Spanner in the Works: The Extraordinary Story of

Jess Ribero and Monique Sebire

Out on the Patio: How to Celebrate the Release of Your Album with Jess Ribeiro

Jess Ribeiro’s third studio album LOVE HATE is out on Friday. It’s the first music from Jess since her 2015 album Kill It Yourself, a deeply intimate record as diverse as the…

Breakfasters 2018

Keto, Pegan and Snake: The Latest Fad Diets Explained on Breakfasters

Have you ever tried to eat like a snake? Some people have and it is now one of the newest fad diets hitting the internet. Food journalist Michael Harden stops by to educate…

Mel and Stella Prize winner 2019 Vicki Laveau-Harvie

The Erratics: The Story Behind Vicki Laveau-Harvie’s Stella Prize Winning Memoir

A memoir of an estranged mother, an isolated and abused father set in the foothills of Canada has won this year’s Stella Prize for outstanding writing for a woman writer in Australia. Vicki…

Dr Jason Tye-Din

Einstein A Go-Go: Vaccine Development Offers Renewed Hope for Coeliac Suffers

Dr. Jason Tye-Din from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research has some interesting points to share with Einstein A Go-Go host Dr. Shane about coeliac disease and the development of…