You and Your Racist Brain

‘You and Your Racist Brain’ on Breakfasters

The science behind racism may sound like a disturbing and anachronistic concept. However, as Dr. Larry Sherman explains on Breakfasters, there is more to it than eugenics and bigotry. Listen back to…

Jessica Says

Jessica Says and Her Formative Five Songs on The Golden Age of Piracy

Melbourne pop noir artist Jessica Says joined Tristen to present her eclectic Formative Five. Much like her own work, Jessica’s selections do not fail to surprise. She also discussed the release of her…

Feature Creatures Cat

Dr. Tristan Talks Cat Toilet Mischief and Other Pet Queries on Breakfaster’s Feature Creatures

Resident veterinarian Dr. Tristan joins Breakfasters to answer listener questions about the animal world. This instalment of Feature Creatures covered a range of topics, including how to manage stray cat poop and pets…

Big Supermarket

Big Supermarket on The Grapevine

Starting a band is always tough, but starting a band with no previous music experience is next to impossible. But that’s exactly what Melbourne outfit Big Supermarket have achieved with the release of…

Pygmy Right Whale

Palaeontologist Ben Francischelli discusses the elusive pygmy right whale

Ben Francischelli is a palaeontologist at the Melbourne Museum who’s been studying fossils that have shown up along Melbourne’s Bayside area. Some of the fossils that have been found belong to giant birds…

Coming Back Out Ball

‘Coming Back out Ball Movie’ director Sue Thompson on Breakfasters

The inaugural ‘Coming Back out Ball’ was an event held in 2017 to celebrate the pioneers of LGBTQI+ rights. Sue Thompson followed the action behind her lens, exploring the pressures that elderly LGBTQI+…


Allara on Local and/or General

Allara is a Yorta Yorta singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Since her debut live performance at the Wominjeka Festival in May, she has become renowned for her diverse instrumentation and poetic lyricism. Allara stopped by…

Plato's Cave at MIFF

The Best of MIFF on Plato’s Cave

Not sure what’s worth watching at MIFF? Plato’s Cave has got you sorted. Listen to 3RRR’s finest cinephiles as they smash out review after review of the films generating the most buzz at…

Feature Segment
Google in China

Google in China on Tech Talk

Most of us know there’s no love lost between the Chinese government and foreign tech companies. However, new reports from the likes of The Intercept and The Information revealed Google has been planning…

Loose Tooth Neon Sunset 2

Loose Tooth on Neon Sunset

Etta and Nellie from Melbourne garage pop trio Loose Tooth recently dropped by to chat on Neon Sunset about their debut LP Keep Up. Listen back as they discuss the elements that go…

Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora catastrophe on The Grapevine

In 1815, Mount Tambora erupted in the northern part of Sumbawa, Indonesia. As a result, the climate anomalies caused a blanket over the earth and saw many parts of the world without a…

Washing Hands

Clean Eats

Dr. Angie Bone, Deputy Chief Health Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, joins Eat It to dish the dirt on kitchen hygiene. From the proper method of hand-washing to the…

Colin Friels as Scaramouche Jones

Colin Friels joins Breakfasters

Colin Friels grew up fascinated with travelling circuses and how people end up performing in that space. Scaramouche Jones, Colin’s intimate one-man show, tells the tale of a clown from yesteryear reflecting…

Feature Segment
Walker with stereo

The Ghost Hands Over the Reins

Stephen 'The Ghost' Walker has just announced he's handing the Friday afternoon reins over to Woody McDonald, with his new program The Cave (named in honour of Stephen).

In Stephen's words: "The Skull

Hank Wood on Neon Sunset

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads on Neon Sunset

New York City punk outfit Hank Wood and the Hammerheads joined Annaliese in the studio to discuss their return to Australia and their experiences of coming up as a fledgling band in the…

Bob Murphy on Breakfasters

Bulldog Bob Murphy and his Leather Soul

Since his retirement from the rigours of professional Aussie Rules football, former Bulldogs cult hero Bob Murphy has reflected on a career of spectacular highs and painful lows. The result: his new memoir…

Toby Walsh

Talking AI on Byte Into IT

2062. It’s not as far off as we think! It’s also the year many experts in technology believe that machines will be as smart as – if not more so – than humans…

Marie Darrieussecq

Marie Darrieussecq on Backstory

A woman is writing in the deep, dark forest somewhere in the not too distant future. She’s a psychotherapist, a mender of others, who is wounded; her body is falling apart. This is…

Good Morning

Good Morning stops by Local and/or General

Liam Parsons from Melbourne indie pop outfit Good Morning stops by Local and/or General to chat about their new album The Option – out via Bedroom Suck. Liam says they’ve been trying to…

Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley

Albert Wiggan on The Rap

Albert Wiggan, co-producer of Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley, joins Areej Nur on The Rap. Wiggan says that the Kimberly can be described as ‘undermined’ for two reasons: the first is that…