Breakfasters: Sally Rugg On Making Change Happen

Sydney-based LGBTIQ activist, Sally Rugg, says that in the forty-eight hours before the Marriage Equality Act was passed ‘she watched in real-time how the story of how we got there was rewritten’.



Gang of Four’s Andy Gill joins Pauly P to talk about their upcoming tour

Guitarist Andy Gill, of post-punk band Gang of Four fame tells Livewire’s Pauly P that he ‘can’t rationalise’ bandmate Jon King’s decision not to tour Australia and Japan in the 80’s. ‘Why…

Feature Segment
Stephen Walker studio 2013

Skull Cave - 25 Jan 2013

This episode of the Skull Cave is from 25 Jan 2013 - The Ghost's first show back that year after his summer break.


Teenage Hate: Knitted Abyss Check In From Broome With New LP Bad Lassies

Tim and Christina hear from Sydney band Knitted Abyss in the form of Anna John calling in from Broome where she’s shooting a stop-frame animation film clip but it’s now a lovely photograph…


Local And/Or General: 3K Talk Postcodes, Camaraderie and Sub-Culture

Jase talks to 3K members Benny Lago and Beluga about how their performances are taking off since the release of their EP Open For Business, and the huge bank of recorded material they’re…


Sampa The Great On Her Epic Debut Album ‘The Return’

Sampa The Great reaches top form on her debut album, The Return, the culmination of the hip-hop proficiency and genre fusion which emerged on previous records ‘The Great Mixtape’ and ‘Birds And…


Why We Need to Change Public Perception in Order to Address the Incarceration Crisis

Right now, Victoria is imprisoning a greater proportion on the adult population since the nineteenth century. Marilyn McMahon, the Deputy Dean at Deakin University’s School of Law, explores this incarceration crisis in her…


How Being an Active Citizen Can Interrupt the Machinery of Climate Denial

Environmentalist, conservationist and former leader of the Australian Greens, Bob Brown, joins host Amy Mullins ahead of his upcoming panel appearance, ‘Climate Change in Australia: Where to Now?’. Bob talks to Amy about…


Radiotherapy: Stef Zappino Shares Her Journey Into Music Therapy

Dolittle, Panel Beater and Cyber Sue talk to music therapist Stef Zappino. They discuss how music therapy has developed from health stereotypes of 'music as entertainment', 'education or diversion', towards a solid evidence-base…


Astral Glamour Pays Tribute To Low-fi, Outsider Musician Daniel Johnston

Joe Brnadic seeks to recreate ‘a sense of comfort’ playing tracks by the singular and innovative musician and visual artist Daniel Johnston, who passed away on 11 September 2019.

A musical innovator in…

Live at Triple R

Breakfasters Get A Virtual Global Tour Of Drug Violence From Antony Loewenstein

Breakfasters talks to independent journalist, author and filmmaker Antony Loewenstein about his new book Pills, Powder, and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs. Antony shares his long researching journey over five…


Elizabeth Joins The Party on Breaking and Entering

Elizabeth Mitchell joins Simon Winkler on Breaking and Entering.

Elizabeth’s forthcoming debut album The Wonderful World of Nature is a return to her work as a solo artist after a long stint working…


Uncle Jack Charles is a ‘Born-again Blakfella’

Uncle Jack Charles describes himself as a ‘born again Blakfella’ because of his evangelical desire to reconnect with Aboriginal heritage. Taken from his mother as a baby and raised in a variety of…

Feature Segment
The Ghost Foetus cassette

The Ghost interviews JG Thirlwell (1987)

While in NYC for the New Music Seminar Conference in '87, The Ghost caught up with Melbourne born, New York based artist JG Thirlwell (also known as Foetus, Clint Ruin, Frank Want). Thirlwell…

Ride on Far and Wide 2019

Ride Join Steve Wide to Discuss Their Second Post-Reunion Release

English psychedelic and shoegaze band Ride returned from their hiatus in 2017 and have just released their second post-reunion album, This is Not a Safe Place.Far and Wide host Steve Wide is joined…

Dennis Altman on Grapevine

‘Accidental Activist’ Dennis Altman Reflects On His New Memoir

Academic, writer and activist Dennis Altman confesses his unrequited love for the United States, a romance that began with his involvement in the Gay Rights Movement of the early ‘70s ‘and ended with…

Vivien Goldman on The Cave

A History of Feminist Punk Heroines on The Cave

UK music journalist, songwriter, author and punk historian Vivien Goldman has a far-reaching chat with Woody about her remarkable life in the punk scene of London in the late ‘70s and about her…

breakfasters anabel crabb 2019

Breakfasters: Annabel Crabb Helps Us Tour Through Gender Equity and Paid Parental Leave

Breakfasters talks to Walkley Award winner, ABC journalist and host Annabel Crabb about how women’s expectations around work, parenting and life balance have changed, but men’s have not.

However, men – especially millennial…

Jane Gilmore on Breakfasters

Fixed It! Jane Gilmore Is Changing Discussions about Gendered Violence One Headline at a Time

A news headline isn’t just a headline. For many (maybe most) people, it’s the whole story because we just don’t click through and actually read the story very often. So when headlines detailing…

Feature Segment
The Ghost NYC Award

The Ghost in New York (1987)

In June 1987 The Ghost headed over to New York for the New Music Seminar Conference. He phoned Breakfasters' Chris Hatzis and Richard Neal with live updates each morning.

Listening back to…