Crack Cloud Promo Pic

Neon Sunset: Crack Cloud Discuss Their Astonishing Debut LP ‘Pain Olympics’

Vancouver’s Crack Cloud describe themselves as a collective rather than a band. There's seven of them in total, but members come in and out; bound more by their relationship to each other than…

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Breakfasters: Assessing The Impact of Covid-19 On The Local Music Scene

RMIT’s Dr. Catherine Strong is leading a Music Industry Impact Survey to try to assess the real impact that the pandemic, and its associated lockdowns, is having on all facets of the music…

Meanies Album Cover

The Australian Mood: The Meanies Talk Life In Spain And The Band’s New Record

Calling from sunny Barcelona, Link Meanie’s life at the moment couldn’t be further from life in his hometown, here in Melbourne. “It’s a lot more relaxed now,” he boasts on The Australian Mood

Fontaines DC

Far and Wide: Fontaines D.C. On Their New Album ‘A Hero’s Death’

Fontaines D.C. took their name from a character in The Godfather, Johnny Fontane, with the initials representing the place they met and formed: Dublin City. “We’re very serious about our music, but…

Liminal Magazine

The Glasshouse: Leah Jing McIntosh On The Liminal Magazine journey

Beth AQ talks to Founder and Editor of Liminal Magazine Leah Jing McInstosh about the Liminal journey so far. The interview spans why Liminal was first created, the community surrounding the intiative, what…

Special Program
Good, Bad, Ugly

Primal Screen: Epic Films And Event Horizons

It was nice while it lasted. For a few brief weeks, restaurants and bars reopened, intimate live gigs took place, and cinemas opened their doors once more to movie-starved Melburnians. But all good…

Paul Kelly Book Cover

Off The Record: Stuart Coupe Tells Us All About His New Paul Kelly Biography

Australian music journalist, band manager, publicist and author Stuart Coupe joins Brian to discuss the origins of his Paul Kelly biography, Paul Kelly: His Life and Times. “I made a decision early…

Dave Faulkner

LiveWire: Dave Faulkner Tells Us The Story Behind The New Hoodoo Gurus Music Video

Right about now, the Hoodoo Gurus would have been gearing up for an international tour if it wasn’t for a certain virus. “We were supposed to go to the States, and we had…

Tiddas Rooftop 1996

Archival Revival: Tiddas’ Triple R Rooftop Performance And An Interview With Singer Amy Saunders

Kate Kingsmill celebrates 30 years of Tiddas by revisiting the band’s legendary performance in the Triple R Rooftop cafe back in July of 1996.

“Everything about that performance that day, listening back to…

Dr Emily van der Nagel

The Curious World Of Sex And Social Media On Byte Into IT

Social media and sex have a complicated relationship. It’s often associated with danger and teenagers; however people may also use the platforms to experiment and build relationships and communities. Digging into the curious…

Charm of Finches 2020

Charm of Finches Share Their Folk Flavoured Formative Five

Charm of Finches’ Mabel and Ivy join Tristen Harris to chat about their Formative Five. Given that they’ve been harmonising together since they were children, they have a deep well of influences to…

Winter Gardening

Breakfasters: Digga’s Top Tips For Winter Gardening

As we head into the “premiership quarter” of winter, Justin ‘Digga’ Calverley shares some tips with Sarah, Gez and Daniel for getting ahead of the game before the final quarter.

First, he says…

Live on Location
Museums Victoria on Uncommon Sense segment

Uncommon Sense: Meet Our Smallest Insects, Amphibians, and Reptiles With Museums Victoria

In this episode, host Amy Mullins chats with entomologist Dr Ken Walker and herpetologist Dr Jane Melville from Museums Victoria as part of a special hour-long live-streamed Facebook event. Ken and Jane study…


Einstein A Go-Go: How Artificial Lighting Is Adversely Affecting Native Birdlife

Dr Anne Aulsebrook from La Trobe University and The University of Melbourne researches the effects that light pollution has on local wildlife. In a recent study, Anne looked at how light pollution affected…

5G Tower

The Grapevine: What Attitudes About 5G Reveal About Public Misinformation And Conspiracies

At the end of last year, the Australian government began an inquiry into the roll-out of 5G networks across the country. As part of this, the public were invited to make submissions to…

Cool Sounds Sleepers

Local and/or General: Cool Sounds’ Dainis Lacey Has A Hard Rubbish, DIY Studio

Taking full advantage of hard rubbish time, Dainis Lacey of Cool Sounds sound-proofed the shed in his sharehouse DIY style, resulting in a “pretty trash studio” that features six couch cushions in the…

Cash Savage Vault Sessions

Out On The Patio: Cash Savage On Performing To An Empty Hamer Hall

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks, like so many other bands, had their live shows for 2020 put on the back burner due to COVID-19. Frontwoman Cash Savage joins Monique to chat about…

Courtney Marie Andrews

International Pop Underground: Courtney Marie Andrews' Songs Are Like Mini-Novels

Courtney Marie Andrews' earliest memory is of music. Of being five years old, and hearing Tomorrow, from the musical Annie.

"Obviously, I feel the melody and the voice, too, but those…

Mabu Mabu Damper

Breakfasters: Drop That Sourdough And Get In With A Damper

So maybe during this period of lockdown you’ve learned some new culinary tricks. Maybe you’ve even mastered the art of baking sourdough! But what about damper? Want to give it a crack? You’re…

Roxanne Moore

The Mission: Why We Need To Raise The Age Of Criminal Responsibility

Roxanne Moore, Executive Officer from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, joins the program to discuss the Raise The Age campaign, which is advocating for officials to raise the age…