Sleaford Mods 2019 - 1200

Neon Sunset: Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson On “Matters Of The Soul & The Nature Of All Things”

“It is kind of reminiscent of the human being in the eye of capitalism. Much like the body can rid itself of a couple of ribs and carry on, so capitalism can rid…

Chris Wilson Live At The Continental Cover

Off The Record: Remembering Chris Wilson And The Continental

Recorded in 1994, Chris Wilson’s Live At The Continental stands as a remarkable document of a performer, a venue and a city. The live album is being released for the first time on…

Paper Planet

Breakfasters: The Power Of Paper

Are you a fan of origami and paper planes? Well, Breakfasters has something for all you paper fans out there. Only this is bigger - heaps bigger.

Polyglot Theatre’s Artistic Director and Co-CEO…

The Sweetest Plum Podcast Image

The Sweetest Plum Host Declan Fay Joins Summer Breakfasters

It may seem as though every person and their dog has a podcast in 2021, but Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell get to claim the title of longest-running comedy podcast in Australia –…

Lengthening Shadows by Bob Franklin

Breakfasters: A Trip To The Dark Side With Comedian & Author Bob Franklin

On Summer Breakfasters, Billy, Steph and Dan chat to stand-up comedian and author Bob Franklin about his new collection of short stories, Lengthening Shadows. Bob, who’s had roles on such television…

Tony Allen 1200

Get Down: Nui Moon On The Tony Allen Experience – A Live Tribute

Legendary percussionist and pioneer of Afrobeat music Tony Allen passed away last year. With Melbourne in lockdown, there was no real space to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution to music Tony has made…

Kush Jones 1200

Breaking And Entering: How DJ Kush Jones’ Past Informs His Future

Breaking And Entering summer host Paul Gorrie chats to Bronx footwork artist Kush Jones. Kush explains how music has always played a massive role in his life, including getting started in high school…

Chorus cicada 1200

The Grapevine: The Life & Cultural Significances Of The Cicada

Dr. Eliza Middleton is an academic whose research explores invertebrate and behavioural ecology (University of Sydney). She joins Associate Professor Linda Evans, Egyptologist and environmental historian (Macquarie University) on The Grapevine with summer…

'What to Expect When You're Immigrating' by Nash

The Rap: What To Expect When You’re Immigrating With Nash

On this week's summer edition of The Rap, fill-in hosts Jim Malo and Bez Zewdie are joined by Sri Lankan-born, Melbourne-based multidisciplinary designer Nash, who’s just released his first book called What

Chook Race 1200

Matt From Chook Race Shares His Formative Five

Matt from Chook Race gives us his Formative Five. Starting with songs that he saw performed live and inspired him to take a shot with music, he takes us on a journey of…

Thrifty Household Book Cover

Breakfasters: Thrifty Living Tips With The CWA

Spilt coffee on yourself? Splashed a bit of beetroot on your t-shirt? Not sure what to do with too many lemons? The Country Women’s Association (CWA) have over 1000 solutions to common problems…

Beach Umbrella Stock Image

Busting Sunburn Myths On Breakfasters

It’s the middle of summer in Australia and for many that means spending time by the water. For a lot of people, it also means sunburn. Despite leading research in this area, Australia…

Midnight Sister by Nicky Giraffe

International Pop Underground: Midnight Sister's Music Summons Movies & Mystique

Midnight Sister's debut LP, 2017's Saturn Over Sunset, felt like some lost classic from the moment it came out. Matching the adrogynous vocals of Juliana Giraffe to the giddy, woody orchestrations of…

Smoky Microphones Generic Square

Out On The Patio: What’s Next For Live Music?

The music industry was hit hard by COVID-19 and is still feeling the impacts. Dr Catherine Strong, a Music Industry Lecturer at RMIT, recently completed a study exploring how people working in music…

Wikileaks logo

Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson Joins Uncommon Sense

On Monday 4 January 2021, a judge in the United Kingdom ruled against extraditing Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, to the United States – who allege Assange has violated the US Espionage Act…

Dr Kathomi Gatwiri - 1200

The Rap: ‘The Invisibility Of Microaggressions’ With Dr Gatwiri

"The perpetrator [...] performs it as a 'joke' or 'compliment' [...] then the burden of interpretation is on the recipient. Because of the constant patterns of gaslighting, you end up doubting your experiences"…

Emily Wurramara Publicity Image 2020 - 1200

Maps: Cruisin’ With Emily Wurramara

Singer-songwriter Emily Wurramara is a proud Indigenous performer from Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory. She joins Maps to talk about her new single “Cruisin’”.

Emily’s first new material since her 2018 debut Milyakburra

Mari Rhywen Roshi 1200

The Grapevine: Zen And The Art Of Fighting The Climate Crisis

The Contemplative Rebels are a group that use mediation to bring awareness to the ongoing climate crisis. Part of the Extinction Rebellion movement and taking cues from Buddhist teachings, the group uses silence…

Indigenous Flag

Vocal Minority: Indigenous Education With Jacqui Katona

"We're seeing now an extraordinarily, politically conservative approach to people who are not seen to be acceptable in Australia's racial heirarchy - which still exists. People like asylum seekers and Aboriginal people are…

Thalia Eastman

The Mission: Thalia Eastman On The Factors Preventing Aboriginal Women From Reporting Domestic Violence

It is estimated that 90 percent of domestic violence suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women goes unreported to authorities. Palawa woman Thalia Eastman is a University of Melbourne researcher who has…