Jesswar and Triana Hernandez on Breaking and Entering

Jesswar and Triana Hernandez on Breaking and Entering

Hip hop artist Jesswar comes in the Triple R studio for the very first time! Together with filmmaker Triana Hernandez, she tells Breaking and Entering’s Simon and Lauren about the Darebin Music…

Gilles Peterson

Gilles Peterson on Get Down: ‘For Me Music is Therapy’

The inimitable Gilles Peterson takes a moment to chat to Chris Gill about the importance of music, music scenes and the communities we have a responsibility to build. Playing at ACMI as part…

Live at Triple R
Mojo Juju on Out on the Patio LTA

Mojo Juju Live on Out on the Patio

Mojo Juju joins Mon to discuss the release of Native Tongue and the overwhelming response it has received. Hailed as one of the most important albums of the year, Mojo explains her surprise…

Ching Ching Ho on SmartArts

The Story Behind ‘A Ghost in My Suitcase’ on SmartArts

A Ghost in My Suitcase is a theatre production based on the award-winning children’s book by Gabrielle Wang. It’s the story of a young girl who travels to China and discovers her grandmother’s…

Live in Studio
Sonny and the Sunsets on Breakfasters

Sonny & the Sunsets Play Live on Breakfasters

Ahead of Sonny Daze Fest at the Curtin, Sonny & the Sunsets join the Breakfasters, spruik their east coast tour, discuss their love of Melbourne bands and serenade us with one of their…

Nuclear Weapons Testing

The Legacy of Nuclear Testing on Uncommon Sense

On Uncommon Sense, fill-in host Toby Halligan speaks to Swinburne PhD candidate and co-founder of ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons) Dimity Hawkins, who has authored a report on the everlasting…

Holly Throsby on Backstory

Holly Throsby on Backstory

Mel Cranenburgh speaks to musician and author Holly Throsby about her second novel Cedar Valley, a mystery set in a small New South Wales country town. Featuring quirky small town characters, a…

Feature Segment
Magpie Swooping Kookaburra

The Birdman Cometh on Breakfasters

The Breakfasters Fakefasters – Tom, Nat and Areej – welcome Sean ‘The Birdman’ Dooley into the studio for another exciting episode of ‘Feature Creatures’. Among topics discussed are the psychology of swooping magpies…

Maeve Marsden

Michelle Bennett Reviews ‘Queerstories’ on Breakfasters

Queerstories is a contemporary collection of stories from some of Australia’s best LGBTQIA+ writers. Inspired by the speaking event of the same name, the new book—edited by Maeve Marsden—focuses on queer experiences other…

Cyclists in Melbourne

How to Prevent Cycling Deaths on The Grapevine

Cycling deaths have doubled in the past year and are currently well above the average. With decreased speed limits and more bike lanes than ever, what’s the deal? Ahead of Ride2Work Day, Kulja…

Simone LeAmon

Curator Simone LeAmon Discusses NGV's First Interior Design Exhibition on Breakfasters

Simone LeAmon is the curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victoria. She joins this week’s Breakfaster fill-in team of Tom Tumble, Areej Nur and Nat Harris to give…

Margaret Roadknight on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Margret RoadKnight Contemplates Woody Guthrie on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Australian interpretive singer Margret RoadKnight joins Banana Lounge Broadcasting presenter Dave Graney to discuss the life and work of American folk singer Woody Guthrie leading up to her performance in Woody: Songs of

Reef Restoration Foundation

Radio Marinara Discusses Steps for the Great Barrier Reef’s Future

Stewart Christie joins Bron and Dr Beach to discuss the work he has been involved in to help ensure the Great Barrier Reef’s future survival. As CEO of the Cairns-based not-for-profit Reef Restoration…

Live in Studio
Radiotherapy LTA Courtyard

Mental Health Live to Air on Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy broadcasts from the Triple R Performance Space for Mental Health Month along with a live studio audience and jam-packed with special guests.

Bestselling author Jill Stark joins the Radiotherapy team to discuss…

Jamal Khashoggi

Breakfasters Discuss the Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

‘Utter villainy.’ To chat about the suspected torture and execution of dissident Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, resident political expert Toby Halligan joins Breakfasters to tell us about the world’s warming political waters, taking…

Live in Studio
Tangents on Stolen Moments

Tangents Perform Live on Stolen Moments

Sydney-based experimental rock and electronic quintet Tangents joins Stolen Moments for a 25-minute improvised set live in the studio as well as a lovely chat with John Bailey. Tangents speak about the unique…

Indi Clarke on Breakfasters

Indi Clarke joins Breakfasters

Despite Aboriginal people only representing 0.8 per cent of Victoria’s population, Indigenous kids make up 19.5 per cent of children under the state’s youth justice supervision. The recently released Ngaga-dji Report, commissioned by…

Bench Press

Bench Press’ Formative Five on The Golden Age of Piracy

Lewis and Jordan from Bench Press join Tristen to offer up a few of the songs that made them. Go with them on a journey through ‘80s new wave, experimental synth-pop, straight-up rock…

Lachlan Denton and Emma Russack on Breaking and Entering

Valuing Sincerity with Lachlan Denton and Emma Russack on Breaking and Entering

When Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton write songs together something inexplicable happens. ‘I don’t know how to explain it,’ says Lachlan. ‘The way we make music and the way we’re comfortable to express…

Climate Council

Finally Some Good Environment News on Breakfasters

To round out the week of bad news on climate change, the Breakfasters offer some much-needed positivity. Alix Pearce, director of the Cities Power Partnership joins Sarah, Geraldine and Chris Johnston (filling in…