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Radiothon On Now


Peter Wohlleben

Uncommon Sense: German Forester Peter Wohlleben Returns To Discuss The Power Of Trees & Ancient Forests

Amy's first ever interview for Uncommon Sense was with Peter Wohlleben about his debut book, The Hidden Life of Trees. Now, the German forester, conservationist, and best-selling author returns to discuss his latest…

Dylan Bird with Swoop Luke and Antoun Issa

The Grapevine: Premiership Pies? 'Swoop Luke' and Antoun Issa's Guide to a Big Week for the Black & White

Collingwood mega-fans 'Swoop Luke' and Antoun Issa join Dylan ahead of the team's appearance at the AFL Grand Final. They chat about their connections to the club, work with the 'Collingwood Pride' supporters…

charlie hill

Press Colour: Reframing Memory Through Music With Charlie Hill

Meanjin/Brisbane based drummer and producer Charlie Hill rounds off a huge 2023 with a new solo EP "Yore", released on fellow Brisbane local Sampology's label Middle Name Records, following on from a fantastic…

yussef dayes

Get Down: Yussef Dayes Takes Jazz Back

Hot on the heels of the release of his debut solo studio album "Black Classical Music", South London multi-instrumentalist, producer and drummer Yussef Dayes chats to Chris Gill on Get Down ahead of…

Live in Studio

Breaking and Entering: TENGGER Live From The Triple R Greenroom

South Korean family band TENGGER perform a majestic live set from the Triple R Greenroom for Breaking and Entering.

Penelope Antena by Cyril Mathonier

International Pop Underground: Belgium's Penelope Antena Finds Strength in Solitude but Feels Lonely in the French Music Scene

Penelope Antena grew up —largely in Belgium, sometimes in France— as the daughter of two musicians; forever surrounded by instruments and gear. She always made music, and had a long history in bands…

Special Program
ZK king

Mooncake Guest Mix: ZK king Brings Fuzzy Feels For Her Friends

ZK king is the musical project of Jamie Marina Lau, producer, singer-songwriter and novelist. In her fuzzy and meditative Mooncake guest mix shouting out to family and friends whom she loves and is…

Kiri Tawhai

Banksia: Kiri Tawhai on Little Malop Street Project and Yookapa Exhibition

Proud Noongar, Ngapuhi and NgatiTuwharetoa woman, mentor, curator and artist Kiri Tawhai joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to discuss the opening of the Little Malop Street Redevelopment Project at the Geelong Arts Centre.

Michael Jalaru Torres - Vessel

Banksia: Michael Jalaru Torres on Vessel Series At Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Photographer and Djugun and Yawuru man with tribal connections to the Jabirr Jabirr and Gooniyandi people, Michael Jalaru Torres, joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk about his photography series Vessel the first…


Breakfasters: Evrim Yazgin on How Ancient Koala Fossils Fill a Gap in Australian Marsupial History

Science writer Evrim Yazgin returns to Breakfasters to tell us about the latest on ancient koala fossils. Discoveries of molars of Lumakoala blackae at the Pwerte Marnte Marnte fossil site in Australia’s Northern…

Ian Hamm

The Mission: Yorta Yorta man and Member of the Stolen Generation, Ian Hamm

Intergenerational trauma among First Nations people has once become a contested area under the guise of debate on the referendum for the Voice. Ian Hamm is a Yorta Yorta man, board member of…

agatha christie

Primal Screen: Stuey Richards on Agatha Christie, Gothic History, and a Review of 'Haunting in Venice'

Primal Screen regular and former host, Stuey Richards, who is also a Lecturer in Screen Studies at the University South Australia joins Flick to chat about his new book on Agatha Christie and…

shaun ryder

Far and Wide: Shaun Ryder Bares All Ahead Of The Happy Mondays Tour

In a rare interview, Happy Mondays' frontman Shaun Ryder bares all to Steve Wide in a suitably high-octane exchange. Ryder dissects some classic songs from the Mondays' back catalogue, as well as sharing…


Radiotherapy: Alice Terrill Talks Antibiotics

Alice Terrill from Monash University comes in to tell us about her research, which seeks to rationalise antibiotic dosing regimens using different laboratory techniques, combined with modelling to characterise bacterial responses to antibiotics…

Spice World press colour

Press Colour: The Transient Life Of Spice World

Western Australian via Melbourne DIY jangle collective Spice World swing by the studio to chat to Sam Cummins about their 2023 underground hit record "There's No I In Spice World" and preview a…


Breakfasters: Katya de Becerra on New Horror Anthology 'This Fresh Hell'

Writer, editor, and educator Katya de Becerra joins the Breakfasters crew to tell us about new horror anthology, This Fresh Hell, which aims to subvert classic (and at times, problematic) horror tropes…

Nerita Waight

The Mission: CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, Nerita Waight on Bail Law Reform in Victoria

Yorta Yorta woman and the CEO of VALS Nerita Waight joins host of the Mission Daniel James to talk about bail law reform in Victoria. The pair also discuss the role a police…

Dr Tamar Hopkins

The Mission: Dr Tamar Hopkins on Racial Profiling by Victoria Police During the 2020 Lockdowns

Dr Tamar Hopkins was the lead researcher on the report, Policing COVID-19 in Victoria: Exploring the Impact of Perceived Race in the Issuing of COVID-19 Fines During 2020. She joins the host of…

Jada Weazel

Banksia: Jada Weazel On Debut EP 'No Peace'

First Nations artist Jada Weazel joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to discuss new and debut EP No Peace - a five track release which features singles Hands of Addiction and Skin.

Now based…

Colleen Raven Strangeways

Banksia: Colleen Raven Strangways On Photography Series at Ballarat Foto Biennale

Photographer and Arabana, Mudbura, Gurindji, Warlpiri woman, Colleen Raven Strangways joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk about photography practice and series UV Songlines: Illuminating ancestral roots at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.