Felix Pastorious on Get Down v2

Becoming a Bass Guru with Felix Pastorius on Get Down

‘Most artists […] do what they love regardless of anyone’s opinion.’

Felix Pastorius is the son of legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius and a bass legend in his own right. He dropped in on…

Mr Burns a Post-Electric Play

SmartArts: Why Mr Burns, A Post-Electric Play Is Richard Watts’ ‘Stand-Out Independent Production of the Year So Far’

In The Truth about Stories: A Native Narrative, Thomas King, a writer of Cherokee and Greek/German-American descent, astutely observes that ‘we’ collectively are no more than the stories we tell about ourselves and…

Rutger Bregman on Uncommon Sense

‘People Have Much More Power Than They Realise’: How to Fix the World with Rutger Bregman on Uncommon Sense (from 2017)

If you haven’t heard of Rutger Bregman you can think of him as a kind of Robin Hood for the Influencer Age: taking from the rich and giving to the poor, one dissenting…

Chris Wilson at 2016 April After Dark

Max Headroom: Revisit the Magnificence that Was Beloved Rockin' Bluesman Chris Wilson

Max Crawdaddy and Neil Rogers pay tribute to the legendary Chris Wilson, sharing two rare live recordings from 1995 and 1998 that showcase his brilliance as a singer, songwriter, harp and sax player…

Period Emoji

Byte Into IT: A Time to Talk, Accept, Celebrate and Bleed Together – or, How an Emoji Can Change the Stigma Around Menstruating

How many ways can you say ‘period’ without saying it?

Hayley Cull, the Advocacy and Community Engagement Director at Plan International Australia, dials in to chat with Byte into IT on the development…

Laura Jean on Out on the Patio

Out on the Patio: How Laura Jean Turns ‘Crude and Sloppy’ Lyrics into a Beautiful Artform

After recently immersing herself in pop music, Australian singer Laura Jean tells Out on the Patio how she adapted a different state of mind to work with this genre (a departure from her…


The Rap: Why Sophiegrophy Never Uses a Set List

Melbourne rapper Sophiegrophy loves a mosh pit. She joins The Rap to chat about her latest single ‘Bag’ and how she never uses a set list when performing. She says it’s impossible to…

Friendships Band

Ready to Dive Deeper: Friendships on Double Bounce

Duo Nick and Misha from art project Friendships join Vaughan Quinn to talk about their latest audio-visual concept. After their last project, Nullarbor, the pair was burnt out and needed a break…

Carly Findlay on The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse: Hidden Disabilities with Appearance Activist Carly Findlay

Beth AQ speaks to writer, speaker and appearance activist Carly Findlay, who’s just released her memoir, Say Hello. Carly, who has a rare skin condition called Ichthyosis, talks about growing up with…

Matters Journal 3

Backstory: How to Edit a Magazine about Stories, People and Ideas Doing Good with Matters Journal’s Megan Anderson

Matters Journal, an eclectic literary nonfiction print publication that tells interconnected stories about design, art, the environment, and technology, is one year young and three issues in. Editor Megan Anderson visits Mel…

Maarja Nuut & Ruum

How Maarja Nuut & Ruum Are Synthesising Estonian Tradition and Electronica

Maarja Nuut & Ruum is an unconventional Estonian duo whose music explores influences, new and old, through meditative layers of sound. One half of the duo, Maarja Nuut, called in to chat with…

Richard Vegas on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Why Exposing Tricks Kills the Magic with Illusionist Richard Vegas

From Jungian synchronicity to sixth senses, there are plenty of ways that we give meaning to strange things that happen in our lives. Richard Vegas is a magician, illusionist and mentalist who’s using…

Muriel Bamblett - VACCA

Grapevine: How Closing the Gap Refresh Can Finally Reach Its Targets

CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, Muriel Bamblett joins Dylan and Kulja to discuss the Closing the Gap Refresh and how it differs from its predecessor. Muriel also goes in-depth on…

Erin Hoare and Kate O'Halloran

Kick Like a Girl: Round 3 Reviews with Geelong Cats Player Erin Hoare

Erin Hoare of the AFLW Geelong Cats joins Kick Like a Girl host Kate O’Halloran to review Round 3 of the AFLW season. Despite the Cats’ loss against the Crows over the weekend…

Cyber security

Unpacking the Many, Many Problems with Data Encryption Laws on Uncommon Sense

In August of last year, a bill was presented to the Federal Parliament proposing to grant law enforcement agencies access to encrypted data by compelling tech companies to create vulnerabilities in their systems…

Julia Jacklin - Crushing

Maps: Julia Jacklin Braver Than Ever with Her New Album, Crushing

With the launch of her second album Crushing not far away, Julia Jacklin drops in for a chat this week with Maps host Fee B-Squared. On the things she’s learnt over the…

Pink Mitsubishi

Einstein A Go-Go: Getting the Specs on X at Music Festivals

Unpacking the ethical, legal and political quandaries surrounding pill testing, Dr. Kathryn Snow from the University of Melbourne joins Einstein A Go-Go.

Live in Studio
Allysha Joy

Stylin’: Allysha Joy Lays Down Some Smooth R&B in this Live Performance

Allysha Joy, vocalist in hip-hop group 30/70 and R&B artist in her own right, joins Ennio on Stylin’. She plays a sparse set in the studio with nothing but her mellow organ and…

Kate Reid on Eat It - Square

The Things You Butter Know About Croissants on Eat It

Kate Reid started her early life as an aerodynamicist for Formula One. She has now taken her engineering knowledge and magic to Lune Croissanterie in Fitzroy, where her team have crafted some of…

Claire G Coleman

It’s Just a Little Crush on Breakfasters

Writer and author Claire G. Coleman joins Breakfasters to talk about Crush – an evening of storytelling, born from a childhood infatuation that never went away. Happening as part of the Wheeler Centre…