Muriel Bamblett - VACCA

Grapevine: How Closing the Gap Refresh Can Finally Reach Its Targets

CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, Muriel Bamblett joins Dylan and Kulja to discuss the Closing the Gap Refresh and how it differs from its predecessor. Muriel also goes in-depth on…

Erin Hoare and Kate O'Halloran

Kick Like a Girl: Round 3 Reviews with Geelong Cats Player Erin Hoare

Erin Hoare of the AFLW Geelong Cats joins Kick Like a Girl host Kate O’Halloran to review Round 3 of the AFLW season. Despite the Cats’ loss against the Crows over the weekend…

Cyber security

Unpacking the Many, Many Problems with Data Encryption Laws on Uncommon Sense

In August of last year, a bill was presented to the Federal Parliament proposing to grant law enforcement agencies access to encrypted data by compelling tech companies to create vulnerabilities in their systems…

Julia Jacklin - Crushing

Maps: Julia Jacklin Braver Than Ever with Her New Album, Crushing

With the launch of her second album Crushing not far away, Julia Jacklin drops in for a chat this week with Maps host Fee B-Squared. On the things she’s learnt over the…

Pink Mitsubishi

Einstein A Go-Go: Getting the Specs on X at Music Festivals

Unpacking the ethical, legal and political quandaries surrounding pill testing, Dr. Kathryn Snow from the University of Melbourne joins Einstein A Go-Go.

Live in Studio
Allysha Joy

Stylin’: Allysha Joy Lays Down Some Smooth R&B in this Live Performance

Allysha Joy, vocalist in hip-hop group 30/70 and R&B artist in her own right, joins Ennio on Stylin’. She plays a sparse set in the studio with nothing but her mellow organ and…

Kate Reid on Eat It - Square

The Things You Butter Know About Croissants on Eat It

Kate Reid started her early life as an aerodynamicist for Formula One. She has now taken her engineering knowledge and magic to Lune Croissanterie in Fitzroy, where her team have crafted some of…

Claire G Coleman

It’s Just a Little Crush on Breakfasters

Writer and author Claire G. Coleman joins Breakfasters to talk about Crush – an evening of storytelling, born from a childhood infatuation that never went away. Happening as part of the Wheeler Centre…

Joan Jett

Joan Jett in Conversation with Annaliese Redlich: ‘We Could Wipe The Floor With a Lot of Male Bands’

In this hour-long conversation with Neon Sunset’s Annaliese Redlich, rock ’n’ roll legend Joan Jett goes deep into the details of her extraordinary musical journey – from her teen years, forming The…

David Field with Lisa Kovacevic

‘I’ve Seen that Face Before’: Iconic Aussie Actor/Director David Field Opens up about His Quietly Successful Career

David Field’s name might not be as instantly recognisable as say Eric Bana or Heath Ledger, but his face will be familiar to anyone who’s been watching Australian films over the last 30…

Kim Salmon on The Australian Mood

‘Getting the Band Back Together’: Kim Salmon Chats to Neil Rogers about The Beasts’ New Album, Still Here

When The Beasts of Bourbon reformed to perform a benefit gig for Beasts bassist Brian Hooper in April 2018, Kim Salmon and The New Scientists were quick to jump on board. The next…

Woman Holding Phone in Car

Byte Into IT: How Up Tracks the Amount of Money You’re Spending on Coffee

Dom Pym and Anson Parker, the creators of the fifth biggest banking platform in Australia, Up, join Byte Into IT to talk about the future benefits of digital banking.

We know how disconnected…

Martin Frawley on Out on the Patio

Out on the Patio: Martin Frawley’s Solo Album Explores Depression, Self-Destruction and Truth

After a recent split with Melbourne band Twerps, frontman Martin Frawley joins Monique on Out on the Patio to share his story on his new solo album.

His unaccompanied stuff is raw and…

Medical Transport

Breakfasters: Asylum Seekers on Manus and Nauru are Finally Getting the Urgent Medical Attention They Need

David Burke from the Human Rights Law Centre joins the Breakfasters to discuss the Australian government’s treatment of refugees facing severe medical conditions.

After people have been held in either Manus Island or…

Yellow Peril by Eugenia Lim

The Rap: Reimagining the Lucky Country with Paola Balla

Australia is known as the lucky country, but who exactly is it lucky for? Wemba-Wemba and Gunditjmara woman and artist, curator and PhD candidate Paola Balla stops by the Rap to chat about…

Teenage Fanclub on Double Bounce

Double Bounce: Teenage Fanclub, Not So Teenage Anymore

Norman Blake, frontman for Scottish alternative rock outfit Teenage Fanclub, is used to being on the road. He joins Vaughan to chat about how he lives the dream with a smile on his…

Diana Glenn on Breakfasters

The Sex Symbol and the Truth Seeker: MTC’s New Play on Breakfasters

If you haven’t heard of May West, you should have. The actor, singer, writer, sexual revolutionary and general force to be reckoned with took on Hollywood at the ripe age of 40 and…

Tim Flannery

Uncommon Sense: Why Migration Has Always Been the Essence of Europe

‘Where did Europe begin?’ This was the question Professor Tim Flannery asked himself when he first began researching for his latest book, Europe: A Natural History. The acclaimed writer and scientist phones in…


Local and/or General: Yi-Lynn Is The Musical Factotum We All Wish We Could Be

Local singer-songwriter Yi-Lynn drops by the studio to have a good chinwag with Jason on some pressing matters: Why are ‘Collapse’ and ‘The Search Continues’ such great songs? How does a young artist…

Bees Photo

Breakfasters: Why Honeybees Are the Best Students an Associate Professor Could Ask For

Associate Professor from RMIT Adrian Dyer stops by to chat with Breakfasters about some exciting research he’s been a part of, which looks at how honeybees can learn and process new information. Known…