Deborah Glass

Uncommon Sense: Find Out What The Victorian Ombudsman Does

Ever wondered what it is an Ombudsman does? Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass joins Amy to talk about her role and how, if done properly, the VO is likely to be “a bit of…

Ron S Peno

Vital Bits: The Return Of Ron S. Peno

Melbourne music legend Ron S. Peno joins Vital Bits for an extended chat about the music and moods that inspired his latest album, Do The Understanding.

Last year, despite a global pandemic…

Lucy Dacus

The Dark Room: Lucy Dacus Talks TikTok, Journaling And Boygenius Group Chats

Ahead of her Australian tour, Lucy Dacus joins Chelsea on the The Dark Room.

Dialling in from the US, Lucy talks to Chelsea about last year’s vulnerable Home Video album and how…

Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander Talks To Eat It About 'Tuscan Cookbook' Movie

The legendary Stephanie Alexander joins Cam and Matt on Eat It to talk about the forthcoming feature film based on her and Maggie Beer’s best-selling Tuscan Cookbook.

Released in 1997, Tuscan Cookbook

Jim White and Annaliese

Jim White Guest Programs Neon Sunset

To mark his time as RISING’s Artist In Residence, Jim White joins Annaliese Redlich on Neon Sunset for an hour of guest selections.

Digging deep into the music that both inspired him as…

Baxter Dury 2022

Baxter Dury Shares His Formative Five

Balearic crooner, glamorous punk and acerbic poet Baxter Dury joins Tristen on The Golden Age of Piracy to share his Formative Five, on the fly.

Over the course of an hour, Dury shares…

Sampa The Great

Sampa The Great On The Distant Sky

Sampa The Great makes her Australian return this month, bringing the rapper’s long-awaited An Afro Future stage show down under.

Before stepping onstage for her first extraordinary performance at RISING, Sampa joins…

Marcus Stewart

Marcus Stewart Joins The Grapevine To Talk Treaty And Reconciliation Week

Marking the start of Reconciliation Week, The Grapevine are joined by First People’s Assembly of Victoria, Assembly Co-Chair and Nira illim bulluk man of the Taungurung Nation, Marcus Stewart.

Marcus speaks to Kulja…

William "Bill" Onus

Indigenuity: Director Alec Morgan On New Film ABLAZE

Multi–award winning director Alec Morgan joins Krystal on Indigenuity to talk about his new film ABLAZE, which tells the extraordinary story of the first Aboriginal filmmaker, Yorta Yorta and Wiradjuri man Bill Onus.

Mya Cubitt

Radiotherapy: Dr Mya Cubitt On Why Our Emergency Departments Are At Crisis Point

Our hospital emergency departments are currently buckling under immense pressures. To address the unprecedented crisis facing the country’s health care system, the Radiotherapy team are joined by Emergency and Acute Medical Unit Physician…

Live in Studio

Kutcha Edwards on Breakfasters Live!

On the first day of Reconcilation Week, Kutcha Edwards guests on the newly returned Breakfasters Live. Listen back to his stunning performance, ahead of his 'Circling Time - Songs & Stories' shows, which…

ana roxanne

Good Fortune: Ana Roxanne's Singular Approach to Ambient Music

Ahead of her Australian debut live performance, American ambient musician Ana Roxanne chats to Jazz Feldy about her unique approach to ambient music that she uses as a tool to explore identity, race…

Andrew Pask

Einstein A-Go-Go: How A Melbourne Scientist Plans To De-Extinct The Thylacine

The very last Tasmanian Tiger tragically perished at the Hobart Zoo in 1936, when it’s keeper accidently left it outside. Eight decades on from its extinction, Melbourne-based scientists may have the key to…

Porridge Radio by Matilda Hill-Jenkins

International Pop Underground: Porridge Radio Get Existential On Their New Album

"There's a lot of themes in there that I'm just taking the time to understand, about myself and life," Porridge Radio songwriter Dana Margolin tells Anthony Carew of the project's newly-released third LP…

Sean O'Beirne

Sean O’Beirne Talks Helen Garner On Breakfasters

As part of Black Inc.'s Writers on Writers series, Melbourne author Sean O’Beirne reflects on the life and writing of Helen Garner in a brilliant new essay.

He joins Breakfasters to talk about…

Jim White and Ed Kuepper Kate Kingsmill

Ed Kuepper and Jim White On The Distant Sky

They booked a tour before they had even played together, and now they’re collaborating at RISING Festival for the second time. Ahead of their June 8 show, Ed Kuepper and Jim White join…

Diatom Deli by Corey King

International Pop Underground: Diatom Deli's Ambient-Folk Jams Are Filled with Feeling

"My music is an exact reflection of who I am, and what I'm experiencing in the world at that time," offers Delisa Paloma-Sisk, the Tennessee-born, New Mexico-based artist who records as Diatom Deli.

Emma Peel Breakfasters

Emma Peel Drops In On Breakfasters To Talk PBS Radio Festival

With the PBS Radio Festival officially kicking off on Monday, broadcaster extraordinaire Emma Peel (Switched On, Saturdays 1pm-3pm) drops by the 3RRR studios to chat to the Breakfasters about this year’s…

Shouse 2022

The Grapevine: The Shouse That Lithuania Built – How A Local Dance Duo Made It Big In Europe

After spending the last year celebrating the unexpected not-so-overnight success of their single ‘Love Tonight’ playing across the festival stages and radio stations of Europe, Shouse – the local duo comprised of Jack…

Stella Mozgawa Maps 2022

Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa Joins Maps To Talk New Albums, Imposter Syndrome And Zac Hanson

To mark the release of Warpaint’s long-awaited new album Radiate Like This, Fee B-Squared is joined on Maps by drummer/musician and producer Stella Mozgawa.

Over the course of the pair’s conversation, Stella…