chanel beads

Constellations: The Smoky World Of Chanel Beads

Shane Lavers from NYC experimental pop group Chanel Beads phones into Constellations to talk to Caitilin about the group's debut album Your Day Will Come.

Shane and Caitlin deep dive into the release…

Rhath + Krishan

Culture Shock: 'Rhath' on his New EP "Plaster And Salt"

Local rapper "Rhath" drops into the studio to discuss his new EP "Plaster And Salt", being a kid of the internet, race politics, and conscious rap in Australia.

Nic Maclellan

Uncommon Sense: Nic Maclellan Explains The Kanak Fight For Independence And Violent Protests In New Caledonia

Regular guest Nic Maclellan speaks with Amy about the history and context behind the latest political protests and riots for Kanak independence, which began in New Caledonia on May 13. He also explains…


Uncommon Sense: How Ceridwen Dovey Uses Fables And Fiction To Bring Real Space Objects To Life

Acclaimed writer and anthropologist Ceridwen Dovey joins Amy Mullins for a chat about her brand new short story collection, Only The Astronauts (Penguin Random House).

Bringing real space objects to life through fiction…

Feature Segment
john grant

The Golden Age of Piracy: John Grant's Formative Five

American singer/songwriter and ex-Czars frontman John Grant phones into The Golden Age of Piracy to share with Tristen Harris his "Formative Five", the five songs that have most influenced his musical career.


Special Program
Andy Le

Mooncake Guest Mix: Andy Le's Return to the Airwaves with Sendai and Party Girl Mixes

Mooncake guest mixes from Andy Le, who recently returned from living in Sendai, Japan. The first mix is an assortment of music from Japan, predominantly from Sendai, featuring yumbo, Maher Shalal Hash Baz…

Nicholas Currie

Banksia: Nicholas Currie on installation as part of West Space exhibition 'Stranger than fiction'

Artist Nicholas Currie joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk all about their installation as part of the upcoming Stranger than fiction exhibition at West Space.

Stranger than fiction brings together artists based…


Indigenuity: Bradley Kerr on First Nations Architecture

Bradley Kerr is a Quandamooka man and an architect, and director of architecture firm Winsor Kerr. He recently won the Australian Institute of Architect's Emerging Architect Prize, where he is also on the…


How High The Moon: Invoking Dream States With Bad Ambulance

Dan Dare is joined in the studio by Naarm-Melbourne based audio nerd, multi-instrumentalist and producer Bad Ambulance aka Jack Palmer.

Jack explains to Dan how he creates music with a visual and sensory…


Future Perfect: Joëlle Gergis on Australia’s Highway To Climate Hell

Dylan is joined on the line by award-winning climate scientist and writer Dr Joëlle Gergis, to discuss her new Quarterly Essay: Highway To Hell: Climate Change and Australia’s Future.

How truly at risk…


Neon Sunset: Objects of Projection, Collectives and Radical Rock with Kim Gordon

Annaliese is joined on Neon Sunset by the one-and-only Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame.

Kim talks through her roots as a visual artist going back into the late 1970s, her new visual…


Breakfasters: Dr Binoy Kampmark With an Update on Gaza

For this week's Global Affairs segment, Dr Binoy Kampmark joins the team for an update on the current situation in Gaza, where a number of countries in the region are trying to broker…


Queer View Mirror: Dr Leigh Boucher on Gender, Sexuality, and Citizenship in Australia

Dr Leigh Boucher is a historian from Macquarie University, and he joins Gemma, Sam, and Hamish to discuss his new (co-authored) book Personal Politics: Sexuality, Gender, and the Remaking of Citizenship in Australia

don glori

Get Down: Don't Forget To Have Fun With Don Glori

London Based, Narrm/Melbourne producer, bassist and multi-instrumentalist Don Glori (aka Gordon Li) has unearthed his new album ‘Don’t Forget To Have Fun’ via Deep Matter / Bedroom Suck Records. 

Gordon phones into Get

Live on Location
jlin, milly and dan dare

Day Tripper Outside Broadcast: Backstage with Footwork Innovator Jlin

Shortly before taking to the Melbourne Town Hall stage at RISING's Day Tripper event, Indiana footwork producer Jlin joined Dan Dare and Millú backstage during Triple R's outside broadcast of the event.


DRMNGNOW / Neil Morris

Banksia: DRMNGNOW reflects on release NGARWU and creating on Yorta Yorta Woka

Neil Morris AKA DRMNGNOW joins Vanessa Morris on Banksia off the back of recently released single Ngarwu - the first DRMNGNOW release in over three years.

Meaning listen in Yorta Yorta language, Neil…


Banksia: Ghenoa Gela discusses performance GURR ERA OP at RISING

Award-winning choreographer and performer Ghenoa Gela joins Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk all about performance GURR ERA OP.

GURR ERA OP which means “the face of the sea” in Meriam Mir and…


The Score: Exploring The Impacts Of Colonialism In Fiji Through Fiction

Samira is joined in the studio by Fijian author and political analyst Edward Narain and Associate Professor Tarryn Philips from La Trobe University.

Together Edward and Tarryn have published Sugar, a fictional work…

Sissy Austin

The Mission: Sissy Austin on Courage, Hardship, and Community

Gunditjmara, Keerraay Woorroong, Djab Wurrung woman Sissy Austin joins Daniel James to talk about the idea of courage. Sissy also talks about her involvement in rallying the Ballarat community in the wake of…

Darren Smith

The Mission: Darren Smith, CEO of Aboriginal Housing Victoria on the Housing Crisis Affecting Aboriginal People

The housing crisis in Australia is affecting those in poverty more severely than any other cohort. Darren Smith, CEO of Aboriginal Housing Victoria joins Daniel James to talk about what is and isn't…