Ferment for Good Book Cover

Chow Down: Sharon Flynn Walks Us Through Fermenting

Summer presenter Kerrie O’Brien talks to fermenting expert Sharon Flynn (author of Ferment For Good) about how long humans have been fermenting food and drink to create delicious flavours.

Sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles…


Maps: Mclusky Frontman Andy Falkous on Crowds, Melbourne, and Eating Crisps Backstage

Ahead of their second show at The Corner, Mclusky “head honcho” Andy “Falco” Falkous phones in from Brisbane to chat with fill-in host Kate Kingsmill about all manner of things, including listening to…

Amanda Palmer on Under the Sun

Under The Sun: Amanda Palmer Joins Jonathan Alley for a Two-Hour Takeover and Plays the Ukulele Live

Seven years after the release of her second solo album, Amanda Palmer is back with a personal new record and accompanying one-woman show, both titled There Will Be No Intermission.

The Dresden Doll…

Jess Lilley Headshot 2020

Faster Horses: Looking at a New NGV Exhibition and Questions of Sustainability in Fashion

Jess Lilley brings local design to the forefront in her summer program Faster Horses, which will run throughout January. In her inaugural episode for this year, Jess takes a look at the…

Saturday Laughternoon Logo

Breakfasters: Where You Can Catch Janet A Macleod’s Hilarity this Summer

Janet A Macleod, aka the “fairy godmother of Melbourne comedy” and former Triple R host, joins the fill-in Breakfastersteam to give us the run-down on her forthcoming show, Saturday Laughternoon, which will…

Madeline Hayman-Reber

The Mission: NITV's Madeline Hayman-Reber Discusses the Impact of Bushfires on First Nations Communities

Award-winning NITV journalist and proud Gomeroi woman Madeline Hayman-Reber joins Declan Furber Gillick, aka Gizmo D, filling in for Daniel James on The Mission, to discuss her coverage of First Nations communities…

John Shipton

Anti Future: Julian Assange’s Father John Shipton in Conversation

The Anti Future team have a rare, longform conversation with Julian Assange’s father John Shipton. They discuss: the conditions of HM Prison Belmarsh in the UK, where Assange is currently being held; the…

Dr Raihan Ismail final

Summer Breakfasters: Explainer on US-Iran tensions

Dr Raihan Ismail from ANU joins Summer Breakfasters with Toby Halligan, Monique Sebire and Nicole Karidis to provide some important insights into the escalating tensions between Iran and the United States following the…

Kangaroo Island Backfire

Uncommon Sense: Journalist Royce Kurmelovs on the Politics of the Bushfires and Transitioning Industries

Guardian journalist Royce Kurmelovs explains how “austerity politics has collided with the long arc of climate change in a way that is clearly visible on the ground” with Uncommon Sense fill-in host Ben…

Kate O'Halloran at AFLW Live to Air

What Do You Do: Kate O’Halloran Discusses her Sports Journalism Career

Kate O’Halloran has carved a life for herself out of sport. The captain of the boys cricket team growing up, Kate went on to play at a state level before switching her attention…

Neil Morris feature image

Neil Morris Discusses the Bushfires and Fundraising for First Nations Peoples

Neil Morris from DRMNGNOW and co-host of Still Here on Triple R discusses the fundraiser he’s organised to help First Nations peoples in the wake of the bushfires with Rachel Short. “Indigenous survival…

Sarah Rees

FIERCE: Exploring Meaningful Responses to the Bushfires

How do we respond in a meaningful way to the bushfires? FIERCE host Tracee Hutchison offers some “heart, empathy and a bit of strategic thinking” with three guests: Sarah Rees who has worked…

Olmo Salvatore

Olmo Salvatore's ode to the decade

Summer Breakfasters co-host Olmo Salvatore takes us on a trip down memory lane with his poem 'Decadent Retrospective':

It’s 2010 and our population has passed 22 mill

Ruddy didn’t watch his back as…

Ninchfest 2020 on Respect the Rock

Respect the Rock: Hear about Ninchfest 2020 with Thomas Watson and Bitch Diesel

Ninchfest is back in 2020 (proudly presented by RRR) on Saturday 11 January at St Andrews Beach Recreation Club in Victoria, just an hour and a half outside of Melbourne.

Phoebe Taylor and…

Gaiman Ocean at the End of the Lane Cover

Zero G: Illustrator Elise Hurst Discusses Working on Neil Gaiman's 'Ocean at the End of the Lane'

Six years after its initial publication and recent theatrical adaptation, Neil Gaiman's dark fable The Ocean at the End of the Lane has been re-released as an illustrated special edition hardcover. Prolific Melbourne-based…

Bedroom Suck Logo

Celebrating 10 Years of Bedroom Suck on Local and/or General

Bedroom Suck Records is turning 10 this year. To celebrate this momentous achievement, Joe Alexander stops by Local and/or General to chat all things BSR. The label came from humble beginnings, starting off…

Flying Lotus Album Cover

Get Down: Why Flying Lotus Wants to Inspire Wonderment

Last time Flying Lotus was in Melbourne was five years ago, touring as part of Laneway. Since then he’s gone from strength to strength, pushing boundaries and blurring lines. He chats to Chris…

Special Program
International Pop Underground program image

The International Pop Undergrounds Top 47 LPs of the 2010s!

Extra-Special 3-Hour IPU Albums-of-the-Decade Countdown

Dr Jen in Antarctica

Einstein A Go-Go: Dr Jen Reports on Antarctica

Dr Jen is freshly back from Antarctica! The Einstein A Go-Go team member and “Weird Science” Breakfasters segment host tells us about her three weeks travelling around the Antarctic Peninsula as part of…

Feature Segment
Stethoscope Generic

The Radiotherapy Rundown of the Decade’s Most Important Health Advances

From the rise of confirmation bias fuelled by search engine algorithms to figuring out whether fat or carbs are our mortal enemies, and from advances in immunotherapy to codeine rescheduling, this has been…