Springtime Publicity Image 2021

Out On The Patio: Gareth Liddiard Chats New Project Springtime

Gareth Liddiard joins Mon during Out On The Patio to chat about his new project Springtime, a collaboration with Jim White of the Dirty Three and Chris Abrahams of The Necks. Quite a…

Christos Tsiolkas Publicity Image 2021

Breakfasters: Christos Tsiolkas On New Novel ‘7 ½’

It's been a rough two years. Climate disasters, a global pandemic and political turmoil everywhere you turn. But Christos Tsiolkas returns with another novel to remind us to seek beauty amid doom. Joining…

Billy Bragg

Off the Record: Billy Bragg On His New Record

Billy Bragg joins Brian Wise on Off The Record for a candid and wide-ranging chat about his new record, The Million Things That Never Happened. Bragg was due to come to Australia…

The Merindas Publicity Image 2021

Still Here: The Merindas Chat New Music And Summer Plans

Off the back of their brand-new EP Complicated, Candice and Kristel from electropop duo The Merindas call into Still Here to chat about the release. With the planned touring and promoting of…

The Australian Mood feature image

The Australian Mood: Yothu Yindi Biographer Matt Garrick

Northern Territory writer and journalist Matt Garrick chats to Neil Rogers about his new book on the legendary band Yothu Yindi, titled Writing In The Sand (ABC Books). As their authorised biographer, Matt…

Makthaverskan by Tobias Bauer

International Pop Underground: On Their 4th LP, Sweden's Mighty Makthaverskan Play With Colour

On their fourth album, Sweden's Makthaverskan sought to make some changes. Since forming, as teenagers, in Gothenberg in 2008, the band had perfected their sound, built on jangly guitars, a sense of yearning…

Lee-Anne Carter

The Mission: Lee-Anne Carter Discusses The Raise The Age Campaign

In Victoria and across Australia, children as young as ten years of age are still being sent to prison. Wiradjuri and Noongar woman Lee-Anne Carter, the Statewide Community Justice Programs Leader at the…

Sean Kelly Publicity Image

The Grapevine: Who Is Our Prime Minister? Sean Kelly Explains

“We are all OK. Australia is great. Australia is great as it is and it can remain the way it is now forever after into the future.” This is the message Australia's Prime…

Dr Chelsea Watego

The Mission: Dr Chelsea Watego On Her Debut Book, Another Day In The Colony

Munanjahli and South Sea Islander woman Dr Chelsea Watego joins host of The Mission Daniel James. The pair have an in-depth conversation about her collection of essays in her debut book, Another Day

Hand to Earth Trio Publicity Image

The Good, The Dub & The Global: The Extraordinary Experiences Behind The Australian Art Orchestra

Formed in 1994, the Australian Art Orchestra explores contemporary music cultures predominantly through improvisation. As Systa BB says, their music is about conversations – and their collaborations reflect contemporary Australia, having teamed up…

Kate Benyon Painting

SmartArts: The Archie 100 Is “Not About The Winners”

The Archibald Prize, one of Australia’s most well-known art awards, is celebrating 100 years – and the exhibition Archie 100: A Century of the Archibald Prize is on now at Geelong Gallery. Curator…

Old Vintage Melbourne Book Cover

Mystifying Melbourne: Old Vintage Melbourne

"It's the closest thing we have to a time machine." Chris Macheras joins host Aisha Pachoud to chat about his new book Old Vintage Melbourne. Chris started an Instagram page during lockdown…

Jeff Sparrow square headshot 2020

The Grapevine: Jeff Sparrow Discusses Facebook And More

Trying to get your head around Facebook’s restriction of Australian news? Jeff Sparrow – former Breakfaster and Lecturer in the Centre for Advancing Journalism at Melbourne University – dives into the many issues…

Special Program
Rachel Lime

Mooncake Guest Mix: Rachel Lime Celebrates Asian Artists Across Place And Time

Korean-American musician and producer Rachel Lime celebrates Asian artists across place and time. In her guest mix sharing what she's been listening to and what inspires her; from 80's experimental pop artists like…

Cong Josie Promo Image

Neon Sunset: Cong Josie’s Hyperreal Rock’n’roll

“Everything was overwhelming, and I was really blocked, then all of a sudden this valve release of Cong Josie came out of the genie bottle.”

Drawing on Australian horror, early rock’n’roll and romantic…

Milan Ring on Window Seat 1200

Window Seat: Milan Ring On Finding Flow And An Authentic Sound

Sydney creative Milan Ring is gearing up to release her debut album in December, and has been on a hot streak of releases over the past year. What makes this even more impressive…

Michelle De Kretser

Backstory: Not Your Average Scary Monster With Michelle De Kretser

“The past is no longer a guide to the future.” 

These monsters aren’t the kind that hide under your bed. They are much bigger, much scarier and much more dangerous. Michelle de Kretser…

Banoffee by Phebe Schmidt

International Pop Underground: COVID Turned Banoffee's Life Upside Down, So She Made an LP

In February 2020, Banoffee —32-year-old Melburnian musician Martha Brown— released her debut LP, Look At Us Now Dad. It was the end result of years of labour: from cutting her teeth on…

ÌFÉ by Trenity Thomas

International Pop Underground: ÌFÉ's Afro-Caribbean Jams Summon Religious Ritual, Radical Politics

ÌFÉ is the recording project for Otura Mun, an African-American musician who spent 21 years living in Puerto Rico. As well as making music, Mun is a babalawo, a priest of the Yoruba…

Mr Twin Sister by Hannah Kristina Metz

International Pop Underground: NYC’s Mr Twin Sister Made An Upbeat LP In Lockdown

When New York City quartet Mr Twin Sister were touring behind their 2018 LP Salt, singer Andrea Estella had a challenge for the rest of the band: their next album should be…