Live in Studio
Simona on Breakfasters

What to Expect from Simona Castricum’s ‘Panopticon’ at Midsumma on Summer Breakfasters

Simona Castricum joins Summer Breakfasters to discuss her upcoming performance at Midsumma: Panopticon. A part of the Body program, it’s a multimedia performance traversing the intersection between architecture, music and the body…

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

‘It’s Time to Mobilise.’ Standing Up for Indigenous Victorians on The Rap

Tommy Lovett was wrongfully arrested by police in 2016. During the arrest the 18-year-old suffered ‘deep bruising, cuts over his body, swelling and abrasions on his forehead and prominent welts surrounding his eyes…

Remi and Sensible J on Out on the Patio

Out On The Patio: Hip Hop at the Zoo

Monique welcomes local hip-hop legends REMI and Sensible J, who wax philosophical about their eight years working together, refining and choosing the songs for their upcoming LP, and their upcoming show with Sampa…

Faster Horses fashion episode

Faster Horses: The State of Fashion Design in Melbourne

In celebration of Paris Fashion Week, Faster Horses co-hosts Jess Lilley and Beci Orpin focus on – what else – fashion! In this episode they discuss ethical transparency in the manufacturing of…

Imogen Thomas

Summer Breakfasters: We Are What We Eat

It’s no secret that we’re fascinated by the myriad aspects of food. For many of us, it isn’t just sustenance, it’s a mirror that reflects who we are. But what we eat –…

Skate Kitchen

Islands in the Screen: What to Watch at Your Sleepover This Weekend

Melbourne-based writer, critic and foodie Sonya Nair joins Hayley Inch to give you the wrap on girl-gang skate film Skate Kitchen, and some classic food films, like 1994’s Eat Drink Man Woman, that’ll…

Mixed Signals panel

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Talking About ‘Culture’

With January 26th just a few days away, lots of people are discussing cultural sensitivity and identity. In this honest and informative discussion Mixed Signals host HNYMLK is joined by guests including Elle…

Carolyn Whitzman and Ben Eltham

Uncommon Sense: For Women to Be Safe in Public Spaces, We Need to Get Serious

Professor in Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne Carolyn Whitzman joins Uncommon Sense fill-in host Ben Eltham to discuss the very real issue of women’s safety in public spaces. The murder of…

Pride Cup

Kick Like a Girl: The AFL Supported Marriage Equality, So Why Aren’t They on Board with Gender Equality?

Kick Like a Girl host Kate O’Halloran talks about some of the important issues trans people face within both community and elite-level sports – particularly within the AFL and AFLW leagues – with…

Lou Ridsdale and Sophie Miles on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Banana Lounge Broadcasting: Lou Ridsdale Teaches Us How to Heal Through Gardening

Lou Ridsdale has come a long way from her days as a music publicist, and a production manager for Meredith Music Festival. Instead of digging through record crates and promoting new artists, Lou…

False News on Social Media Survey

The Grapevine: Don’t Let Truth Get in the Way of a Good Candidate

Most voters would abandon ship if they knew their chosen candidate was spewing lies… or would they? Associate Professor from the University of Western Australia Ullrich Ecker phones in to The Grapevine to…

Feature Segment
Jazz Feldy for Debut Episode

Welcoming Good Fortune Into Our Lives

New Year, New Show! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new presenter Jazz Feldy and invite you to listen to the inaugural episode of Good Fortune. Says Jazz, ‘The idea…

Feature Segment
Drmngnow for Still Here Two-Hour Special

Survival Day Special Edition on Still Here

Neil Morris presents a two-hour special edition of Still Here ahead of Survival Day. We learn what this month means for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through Neil, and his guests Noongar musician…

Dapper Exhibition

SmartArts: Dapper, a New Exhibition about ‘The Dapper Queer’, Explores Queer Histories and Gender Fluidity at Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre

Angela Bailey, curator of Triple R’s State Library exhibition (and photographic artist, activist and former Midsumma Festival director), has brought together a new showcase of artworks: Dapper at Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre.


Camille on Double Bounce with Alex Watts

Double Bounce: How Camille Uses Her Voice to Build Textures and Renew Culture

Multi-platinum selling French artist Camille drops in after her So Frenchy So Chic performance before heading off on the rest of her tour. She chats about the all-female line-up at the festival, the…

Chyloe Kurdas with Kate O'Halloran on Kick Like a Girl

Kick Like a Girl: Why Focussing on the Scoreboard Misses the Point

Chyloe Kurdas is the former head of female football development, a Fox Footy commentator, GWS recruiter, and this week’s Kick like a Girl guest. From grassroots activism, navigating media engagement, and creating change…

Speak Up I Can't Hear You Art

Breakfasters: Reasons to Attend ‘Speak Up! I Can’t Hear You’

Switchboard is a peer-driven organisation dedicated to providing support and resources to the LGBTQI+ community. Switchboard’s CEO, Joe Ball, drops into the studio to chat about Switchboard’s upcoming panel discussion ‘Speak Up! I…

Papaphilia on Factoids

Papaphilia Breaks Down Power Dynamics in the Electronic Scene on Factoid Presents: Doxa

‘My head is always full of the bigger picture.’ Papaphilia, aka Fjorn Butler, joins the folks from Factoid on the final episode of summer program Doxa to chat about how her relationship with…

Thornbury Picture House window

Running an Independent Cinema in the Era of Streaming on Summer Stock

From working London’s ritzy odeons to organising pop-up screenings in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, Gus Berger knows great cinema is fit to be shown anywhere. The owner/operator of Thornbury Picture House joins Summer Stock

Hugh Mackay

How to Combat Social Isolation with Hugh Mackay on The Grapevine

Renowned Australian social researcher Hugh Mackay chats with Donna Morabito, summer fill-in host for The Grapevine, about the growing feelings of alienation and loneliness that are creeping up in our everyday lives.