Bonnie Dalton

The Grapevine: An Update From The Victorian Government’s Music Industry Liaison Bonnie Dalton

Back in May, the Victorian government announced a new position, music industry liaison, to help guide their approach to supporting the state’s music economy and culture during the pandemic. The position is held…

Tanya Talaga's All Our Relations book cover

The Glasshouse: Tanya Talaga On The Indigenous Youth Suicide Crisis

Beth AQ talks to award-winning Ojibwe author, journalist and truth-teller Tanya Talaga about her new book All Our Relations: Indigenous trauma in the shadow of colonialism. This interview explores the research process…

Jefa Greenaway

Walk The Line: Indigenous Place-Making In Design With Jefa Greenaway

Jefa Greenaway from Greenaway Architects and Melbourne University joins presenter Kerrie O'Brien on pop-up show Walk The Line to discuss Indigenous design across several projects in Melbourne. In particular, he discusses the new…

Dr Zoë Thomas

Einstein A Go-Go: Answering the Riddle Of The Ice

Dr Shane talks to Dr Zoë Thomas from UNSW about the fascinating role the sea ice surrounding Antarctica plays in capturing atmospheric carbon and trapping it. Dr Thomas, who’s currently studying core samples…

Sam Brickel Full Circle

Sam Brickel on Full Circle

Sam Brickel joins Millú for a chat ahead of the release of his EP 'Speaking Through Machines' on Harold's new digital only affair: Steeplenet. Catch the interview as well as a 45 minute…

Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson

The Rap: Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson Discusses ‘Talkin’ Up To The White Woman’ 20 Years On

Aileen Moreton-Robinson is a Goenpul woman of the Quandamooka people and is professor of Indigneous research at RMIT University. This year, she was appointed a member of the American Academy of Arts and…

University Library stock image

Uncommon Sense: Exploring the Effects Of University Funding Cuts

The federal government recently announced a series of funding reforms to Australia’s universities. These reforms have been particularly worrying for students of undergraduate humanities courses, which will cost around double the price that…

Special Program
Small FRY presenter photo 1200

The First Episode Of Mooncake

Mooncake is a brand new show on Triple R, celebrating diverse sounds from around Asia and all Asian diasporas, hosted by Small FRY. In this first episode, we hear music from Taiwan, the…

Poppongene 3

Maps: A Chinwag With Poppongene

Sometimes, according to Melbourne multi-disciplinary pop musician Sophie Treloar, you just have to get the music out. The artist, better known as Poppongene, chats to Maps’ Fee B-Squared about her new EP…

Malcolm McLaren book cover

Under The Sun: Biographer Paul Gorman Tells Us About The Life And Times of Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren shot to prominence in the early ’70s as the manager and promoter of the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols, and is widely credited as having started the punk movement…

Bananagun 2020

Neon Sunset: Nick Van Bakel Tells Us The True Story of Bananagun

Bananagun multi-instrumentalist and chief songwriter Nick Van Bakel extracts inspiration from all kinds of places on his band’s ostentatiously titled debut album The True Story of Bananagun. “I just like stuff that…

Debut program
Represented program image

Represented - 29 June 2020

The first of our new overnight pop-up shows!

Over-representing the under-represented in Australian music

Sophie Cunningham

Sophie Cunningham Discusses Her Latest Meanjin Essay On Breakfasters

Award-winning writer Sophie Cunningham joins Breakfasters to chat about her latest essay for Meanjin. In her piece, “If You Choose To Stay, We May Not Be Able To Save You”, Sophie meditates on…

Five Below album cover

New and Groovy: A Virtual Launch For Award-Winning Local Jazz Ensemble Five Below

Andrea Keller is a pianist, composer and bandleader of the award-winning ensemble Five Below. The band is a big rhythm section comprising of piano, guitar, drums and two basses, which bring Andrea’s compositions…

Coal Curse Quartlery Essay

The Grapevine: Judith Brett Explains Australia’s ‘Coal Curse’

Judith Brett’s new Quarterly Essay, ‘The Coal Curse: Resources, Climate, And Australia’s Future’analyses how Australia’s economic and political trajectory has been characterised by its status as a quarry nation. She…

Dennis Eggington

Dennis Eggington, CEO Of The Aboriginal Legal Service Western Australia, Joins The Mission

Dennis Eggington tells host of The Mission Daniel James about the plight of justice for Aboriginal people in Western Australia. He also talks about the reform of unpaid parking fine laws in the…

Adam Hills on Breakfasters

Adam Hills Catches Up With Breakfasters

Comedian Adam Hills is used to burning the candle at both ends, but, after bringing his family back to Australia before lockdown was imposed, he’s been coping surprisingly well. “I’m a homebody,” he…

Raise The Age Logo

Breakfasters: Why The Human Rights Law Centre Are Joining The #RaiseTheAge Campaign

Shahleena Musk, a Senior Lawyer with the Human Rights Law Centre, joins Breakfasters to discuss a new campaign, #raisetheage, aimed at raising the minimum age of legal responsibility in Australia from 10 to…

Muriel Bamblett

Breakfasters: How To Host A Morning Tea for Culture With VACCA

The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) is a state-wide organisation that offers support to young people and families with a particular focus on assisting safe and culturally thriving Aboriginal communities. Last year…

Special Program
Interview with the vampire

Primal Screen’s Vampire Special

The film buffs at Primal Screen devote this week's episode to revisiting their favourite vampire flicks from the 1990s: Neil Jordan’s ’94 adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire, Abel Ferrara’s…