Dog in lap

Uncommon Sense: The Science Behind Human–Canine Friendships

Kate Leaver is a journalist and author who has just released her book Good Dogwhich delves into the curious and special bond that has evolved between canines and humans. Kate chats…

Josh Earl

The Grapevine: Comedian Josh Earl Explains How He’s Adapted His Live Shows For Lockdown

Comedian, podcaster and former Breakfaster Josh Earl has, like many artists, been forced to rejig his live show as a result of the ongoing coronavirus restrictions. After having dates and shows cancelled, Josh…

Special Program
Stolen Orgy

A Four-Hour Special Edition Of “Stolen Orgy” For April Amnesty

Stolen Moments and Beat Orgy merge this week for April Amnesty in a very special edition of “Stolen Orgy” (the crossover spectacular that usually only happens for Radiothon).

From Joy Division to Blondie…

Allysha Joy promo pic 2020

Get Down: Allysha Joy Tells Chris Gill About Monash’s MLive Live Streamed Concert Series

Allysha Joy tells Chris Gill she’s “doing what she can and trying to stay on top” during her pandemic hometime. She says she’s been making a lot of music “especially with a surge…

Mwanje single cover square

Highly Melanated: Mwanjé In Conversation

Singer/songwriter Mwanjé joins Highly Melanated’s Eva Lubulwa for a profound and wide-ranging conversation, covering identity, music and much more.

Judith Lucy Headshot

Judith Lucy Chats Stand-Up And The Importance Of An Audience On Breakfasters

Judith Lucy, broadcaster, best-selling author and comedy superstar of the stage and screen, joins Breakfasters to chat about her upcoming stand-up special Judith Lucy Vs Men. Her stand-up show toured nation-wide for…

Birds Eye View podcast

The Glasshouse: Exploring A New Podcast About Women Imprisoned At Darwin Correctional Centre

Beth AQ has an eye-opening chat with Johanna Bell, executive producer of Birds Eye View, a new podcast that documents the lives of the women incarcerated at Darwin Correctional Centre. An example…

Dead Band

Dawn Of DEAD On Requiem For A Scream

Heavy swamp metal Castlemaine duo DEAD have just released their new LP, Raving Drooling, a rollicking and thick brew of sludgy bass and relentless percussion. Mia gets the lowdown from drummer Jem…

Climate Kids Strike

Breakfasters: How Students Can Fight For Climate Justice During Lockdown

Ella Simons from School Strike for Climate phones in to discuss how students can remain politically active in the fight for climate justice during the COVID-19 pandemic. She explains the particular activities that…

Gnocchi stock image

Eat It: Russell “Gnocchi Man” Bald Shares His Tips For Cooking Perfect Homemade Gnocchi

Chef and hospitality consultant Russell Bald shares his top tips for making gnocchi at home, and finally settles the debate over what it should be classified as. “It’s not a pasta,” Russell tells…

The Breadmakers

The Australian Mood: The Breadmakers’ Scott Lacey On Their New Release

Scott Lacey, drummer and vocalist from rhythm ’n’ blues ravers The Breadmakers, joins The Australian Mood’s Neil Rogers and reassures him that the release of their first album in over a decade…

The Story Of The Road

Breakfasters: Filmmaker Jac Tonks Tells Us The Story Of The Great Ocean Road

September 19th 2019 marked 100 years since construction began on Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road. To honour the historic date and the people who made it happen, filmmaker Jac Tonks made a documentary…

Lucinda Williams

Off The Record: Lucinda Williams Explains What Influenced Her New Album ‘Good Souls Better Angels’

Legendary American rock, country, and folk singer Lucinda Williams has made an astonishing 15 albums over her 40-year career. On her latest album, Good Souls Better Angels, the 67-year-old draws influence from…

Lizzie O'Shea Publicity Image

Breakfasters: Understanding The Government’s Planned Coronavirus Contact Tracing App

Author, lawyer and Chair of Digital Rights Watch Lizzie O’Shea discusses the government’s planned contact tracing app to deal with the spread of coronavirus.

Photo: Tania Jovanovic 

Special Program
Big Data Stock Photo

Max Headroom: How Surveillance Capitalism Works

You might not have heard the phrase “surveillance capitalism”, but if you’ve used the internet, you’re part of it. For years Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook offered free services in exchange…

Special Program
Stephen Walker at his Roast

Skull Cave 8th February 2013

An archival episode of the Skull Cave for you to enjoy, as we celebrate the life and legacy of Stephen Walker on what would have been his 70th birthday today, 17th April.

Annika Kristensen

Beyond The Gallery Walls: ACCA Talks Digital Art On SmartArts

It’s been fascinating to watch the ways different art galleries and art museums have responded to the closures created by COVID-19. Many galleries have allowed people access to their digital archives, however the…

SLV La Trobe Reading Room

Breakfasters: Visiting The State Library Of Victoria Online

Boasting more than 7000 visitors a day, the State Library of Victoria is Australia’s oldest and busiest public library. Sadly, just after undergoing an $88.1 million facelift, the much-loved institution was forced to…

Special Program
Emu Stars

SleepTalker: Gamilaraay Astrophysicist Karlie Alinta Noon Explores The Milky Way

Karlie Alinta Noon is a Gamilaraay woman and astrophysicist. Despite having a hard time with primary and secondary school, Karlie went on to become the first Indigenous woman in Australia to graduate with…

The Mission Program Image

The Mission: Apryl Watson Reflects On The Inquisition Into Tanya Day’s Death

Yorta Yorta woman Tanya Day’s tragic and preventable death in December 2017 was referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions following the coroner’s request for an inquisition into criminal negligence. Last week, after…