Jill Gallagher Promo Image

The Mission: Talking Treaties and The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria

In the inaugural episode of The Mission, host Daniel James is joined by Jill Gallagher AO, proud Gunditjmara woman and the first Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner. Jill has a long and distinguished…

Sounds Like

SleepTalker: Understand the Somatic Qualities of Binaural Sound with Musician Megan Alice Clune and Bec Fary

Sydney-based artist, composer and muso, Megan Alice Clune, has always been driven by the idea of ‘putting something in the world that makes it a nicer and kinder place’. As she tells SleepTalker

Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole on The Rap

The Rap: Kaumakaiwa Kanaka’ole Shares the Spirit of Their Work in Music and Dance

Hawaiian musician and performer Kaumakaiwa Kanaka’ole, in town for Yiramboi Festival, joined Areej Nur on The Rap with plenty of humour to talk about their artistry, as well as a commitment to continuing…

Eva Lubulwa in the Studio

Highly Recommended and Highly Melanated

This week we welcome Eva Lubulwa back to the Triple R airwaves with the new music program Highly Melanated. You might remember Eva from POCNESS but this time around Eva is serving…

Jungle on Dropout Boogie

Don’t Be an Indie Hero: How Jungle Ditched the Mould to Follow Their Own Tune

London soul RnB collective Jungle have been around for a long time. From the early 2000s they were playing around, trying to become the next indie hero. However, they were making music they…

Peter Singer Promo Photo

Peter Singer’s Guide to Flexible Veganism and Effective Altruism on Uncommon Sense

Is it right to eat meat? Should we give to charity? World renowned philosopher and bioethicist Peter Singer joins Uncommon Sense to discuss these issues in detail. Peter is a utilitarian, which means…

Westernport Group

Why Residents of Western Port Are Lobbying Against AGL’s Proposed Floating Gas Terminal

‘It’s senseless. The locals absolutely don’t want it.’ Energy company AGL have proposed plans to regasify imported liquefied natural gas, and pump it through a pipeline from Westernport Bay to Pakenham for distribution…

Joel Bray Daddy Promo Image

Breakfasters: Daddy Brings the Audience into Joel Bray’s Life

‘That sugar rush when you think it’s a great idea to eat half a bag of lollies, then five minutes later you regret it. I think sex can be a lot like that…

Candy Bowers Australian Booty

Breakfasters: Candy Bowers Is Using her Non-Unicorn Powers for Positive Change

No topic is off limits when Candy Bowers takes to the road with her show Australian Booty, not least ‘what’s it like growing up with a big fat booty in Australia’. Candy chats…

Donita Sparks

Respect the Rock: L7’s Donita Sparks Rocks on with Nicole TadPole

Blackheart Records, the legendary label started by Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna, have just dropped the seventh album from LA foursome L7. Scatter the Rats, released yesterday (aka 3 May), ‘has enough…

Live in Studio
Cut Copy on Breaking and Entering

Breaking And Entering: Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford Takes Over the Decks

He may now be based in Berlin but Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford still loves coming back home to Melbourne where ‘there’s a whole new generation of people making electronic music’, which is a…

Simona at Triple R

The Golden Age of Piracy: DJ Simona, Child of the ’80s, Shares Five Songs that Sunk Deep into Her Bloodstream

After years of begging Australian electropop artist Simona Castricum, Formative Five host Tristen Harris finally got his way.

Simona shares the five most formative and influential songs to her career. It’s revealed that…

Freeplay Festival 2019 Artwork

Byte Into IT: A Megabyte of Information from Freeplay Independent Games Festival Director Chad Toprak and Awards Judge Cherie Davidson

Freeplay Independent Games Festival Director Chad Toprak and festival awards judge Cherie Davidson join the Byte Into IT crew to chat all things surrounding the festival, which begins May 7th.

The festival celebrates…

Melina Marchetta on Backstory

Backstory: How Melina Marchetta Uses Her Real Life to Create Characters

The author of Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta joins Melissa Cranenburgh on Backstory to discuss the release on her latest novel The Place on Dalhousie.

The book is an exploration of community and…

Thantologist Peter Roberts on Uncommon Sense

From Music into Silence: Returning to One’s Source

It was a work by 13th century Persian poet Rumi that provided the inspiration for Geelong businessman Peter Roberts to pack up his family and move to America to study the art of…

Luke Pearson on The Rap

IndigenousX: It’s Indigenous from Top to Bottom!

The Rap’s Areej speaks to Luke Pearson, founder and CEO of IndegenousX, a rotating Twitter account that gives voice and perspective from a constantly shifting Indigenous cast of users. Luke discusses how…

Charlie Lewis Headshot

Breakfasters: Whither Peter Dutton’s Seat of Dickson?

On 19 May the federal election cometh; which begs the question on many punters’ minds: what’s going to happen in Dickson, the seat held by Peter Dutton for the last 18 years? Crikey

Mimi Tang

Einstein A Go-Go: Combating Peanut Allergies Is Getting a Bit Gutsy

Professor Mimi Tang from the Department of Allergy and Immunology at the Royal Children’s Hospital joins Einstein A Go-Go for a chat about immunology and how it could help in the fight against…

LSD Lights

Radiotherapy: Taking a Psychedelic Approach for Medicinal Purposes

Martin Williams is a postdoctoral research fellow in structural biology and medicinal chemistry at Monash University and is talking with Radiotherapy about the application of psychedelic drugs for medicinal purposes. While working on…

Julia Shapiro on Maps

Maps: Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro Is Flying Solo with Her Debut Album, Perfect Version

Coming out of a tumultuous year and having experienced somewhat of a mini existential crisis, Chastity Belt’s own Julia Shapiro is now bouncing back and going solo with her music. Joining Maps for…