A New Normal

The Grapevine: The Benefits Of Electrifying Your Car

Electric cars are seen by many as the one of the solutions to climate change ­– a switch that people can make on an individual level that will have global impacts. But the…

Michael Beach Press Pic 2021

Neon Sunset: Michael Beach On His New Album Dream Violence

Melbourne-based muso Michael Beach has just released his new album Dream Violence. From a Tassie holiday, he calls into Neon Sunset to chat about the process behind his fourth record: from recording…

Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: The Complexities Of Aged Care With Rick Morton

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its final report to the federal government recently, outlining recommendations after two years of hearings, workshops and public submissions. Senior reporter for The

Sue-Anne Hunter 1200

The Mission: Wurundjeri Woman Sue-Anne Hunter On The March For Justice Movement And The Opportunities To Leverage The Movement To Improve Outcomes For Aboriginal Women

The remarkable scenes across the county as tens of thousands on women and men rallied across the country to rally against the ongoing oppression of women as part of the March for Justice…

Neil Richards

Neil Richards On The Australian Mood

In tragic news, Neil Richards has passed away since this interview went to air. We are sending all our love to Neil's family and friends at this time.

Neil Richards was an Australian…

Fenn Wilson

Fenn Wilson Joins Under The Sun

The lockdowns in Victoria last year gave a lot of people a lot of time – some were able to channel that into productivity, others needed to slow down to take care of…

JAB Promo Image 2021

Stylin’: JAB On Changing Perceptions On Percussion

From his time spent as a percussionist touring with the likes of Theo Parrish, Floating Points and Chance the Rapper, Junior Alli-Balogun was inspired to create the kind of club-ready jazz music he…

The Hold Steady Promo Image 2021

Off The Record: Holding Steady With Craig Finn

Brian has an illuminating chat with Craig Finn, singer-songwriter and frontman of Brooklyn, New York six-piece rock outfit The Hold Steady about the release of their eighth studio LP, Open Door Policy

Bitch Diesel at Triple R LTA in 2018

Bitch Diesel Share Their Formative Five

Melbourne locals Bitch Diesel join Tristen to showcase some of the songs that have inspired them. The punk trio have been playing together almost five years – a year for each of their…

Wine Generic Stock Image

Eat It: A Very Extraordinary Vintage Indeed

Cam Smith has a chat with chef-turned-vintner Adam Foster of Syrahmi Wines about the weather: chiefly, how the weather pattern created by La Niña has affected this year’s vintage. The weather system, according…

Pam Burridge

Radio Marinara: Girls Can Surf With Pam Burridge

The new documentary Girls Can’t Surf depicts competitive surfing culture in the 1980s and 1990s – rearranging competition times so women had worse waves or putting their competition on at lunch so the…

Priscilla Atkins

The Mission: Co-Chair Of The National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Legal Service Priscilla Atkins On The Ongoing Horror That Is Black Deaths in Custody

More than 450 Aboriginal people have died in custody since the Royal Commission's final report was published 30 years ago. On average, that’s about one Aboriginal death in custody every three weeks over…

Mystifying Melbourne Program Image

Mystifying Melbourne: Educational Taxidermy Practice 'Rest In Pieces'

Taxidermy has ceased to be taught in Australia from the '70s until now. Since 2014 Natalie Delaney-John has been breathing life back in the 'dying arts.' Aisha and Melbourne based artist and taxidermist…

Lael Neale by Guy Blakeslee

International Pop Underground: Lael Neale's Quiet Pursuit of Simplicity, Purity & Truth

Lael Neale's first 'proper' LP, Acquainted With Night, is an album whose making and themes percolate with isolation. Which makes it an album that feels in tune to recent pandemic history.


Sarah Mary Chadwick Publicity Image 2021

Out On The Patio: Painting, Gossip Girl And Technical Difficulties With Sarah Mary Chadwick

Guest hosts Ben and Guy from Chapter Music chat to Sarah Mary Chadwick about her new album, Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby. Sarah explains how her newest release ties off her…

Special Program
Pamcy Artist Photo

Mooncake: Pamcy’s Philippines Playlist

Mooncake brings us Filipino electronic tunes this week with its second-ever guest mix, compiled by Manila-based electronic music producer Pamcy. Discover sounds from the likes of LUSTBASS, crwn, UDD and The Vince Noir…

Perfume Genius Promo Image 2021

Breaking and Entering: Perfume Genius On Using Remixes As Therapy

Mike Hadreas’s ever-morphing pop project Perfume Genius released his fifth album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately last year. Like each album before it, Set My Heart builds and expands on the Perfume…

Teenage Hate program image

Teenage Hate: The Uncommon Weather Of Glenn Donaldson

Throughout his lengthy career, San Francisco’s Glenn Donaldson has lived many musical lives in such bands as Skygreen Leopards, the Giant Skyflower Band, and the Jewelled Antler Collective, among many others. However, it’s…

Blisstake Publicity Image

Good Fortune: A Happy Blisstake

Jessi and Al from Melbourne electro-pop duo Blisstake chat with Jazz Feldy ahead of their launch at the Gaso this Thursday for their debut 7”, Beauty / Girl. They spill the beans…

Aunty Geraldine Atkinson

The Mission: Aunty Geraldine Atkinson On The Historic Announcement Of The Establishment Of The Yoo-rrook Justice Commission

Aunty Geraldine Atkinson is a proud Bangerang/Wiradjuri woman and co-Chair of the First People Assembly of Victoria. She Joins Mission host Daniel James to discuss the establishment of the a truth-telling process through…