Shannon and the Clams - lockers

Shannon and The Clams Open Up on Neon Sunset

Shannon and The Clams are a garage punk quartet that take all the best parts of doo-wop and R&B to create exciting and infectious music. Vocalist Shannon Shaw joins Neon Sunset to chat…

Amy Hetherington on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Unveiling Where the Crazies Hide in Darwin

‘Mango Madness’ is what happens at this time of year in Darwin. It’s humid, sweaty and people are more likely to run through the streets naked. These are the observations of comedian and…

Eve Ellenbogen on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: How to Avoid (or Invite) Crowd Participation with Comic Eve Ellenbogen

Eve Ellenbogen launched her comedy career in South Korea, playing to small audiences in small bars. It was then a total shock for her to bomb spectacularly back in NYC’s Times Square. Lucky…

Evelyn Ida Morris - Yellow Flowers

Breaking and Entering: Why it’s Time to Say Goodbye to Pikelet with Evelyn Ida Morris

Evelyn Ida Morris has been playing music as Pikelet for more than ten years, and during that time we’ve been blessed with a front row seat to their personal growth. Whether discovering feminism…

Stephanie Lake - Skeleton Tree

SmartArts: Stephanie Lake’s Skeleton Tree Explores Grief and Loss Through Dance

Richard Watts chats to Stephanie Lake about her latest work, Skeleton Tree, described by Richard as her ‘most powerfully realised work’. Drawing inspiration from rituals of grief and the music that is…


Byte Into IT: Ever Felt Like Hugging Your Food? Exercising Self-control with Naomi Kakoschke

There are lots of apps that claim to make us healthy, but how many are backed by scientific research? Naomi Kakoschke from Monash University shares some of her research into approach avoidance technology…

Amos Roach on The Rap

The Rap: How Amos Roach Is Bringing People Together Every Week through Music and Food

Music is on the menu (permanently) at Charcoal Lane with Amos Roach, the son of prolific indigenous singer-songwriter Archie Roach, as he takes the lid off a weekly residency happening every Wednesday night…

Choice Words on Backstory

Backstory: Choice Words, Reproductive Rights and Abortion

Women’s reproductive rights are still varied throughout Australia, with little discussion, information and education available to women about abortions. A new book, Choice Words, hopes to shed light on abortion through a collection…

Neighbuzz Hosts on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Recapping Ramsay Street on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Neighbours has been a staple for many years, providing a daily dose of drama to audiences in Australia and abroad. Kate and Vaya stop by Banana Lounge Broadcasting to chat about their award-winning…

Carolyn Rasmussen on Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: What You Don’t Know About Doris and Maurice Blackburn

Historian Carolyn Rasmussen joins Uncommon Sense host Amy Mullins to talk about her latest work The Blackburns: Private Lives, Public Ambitions. The book tells the story of the relationship between Australian political…


Breakfasters: How Street Artist Rone Breathed Life into a Decaying Beauty

For over twenty years Burnham Beeches, a glorious 1930s mansion nestled up in the Dandenong Ranges forest, has lain neglected and decaying, its glamour a thing of the past. Enter Melbourne street artist…

Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy

The Rap: Why People Are Protesting to Protect Three Thousand Sacred Trees in Ararat

On March 19, police forces arrived in Ararat with the equipment and intentions to remove trees that have cultural significance for the traditional owners of the land, the Djab Wurrung people. Their arrival…

Jay Rock on Double Bounce

Jay Rock Discusses Working with the Industry’s ‘Top Dawgs’ on Double Bounce

Jay Rock is a Grammy-winning American rapper and producer at Top Dawg Entertainment, working alongside Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and many others. He sits down with Vaughan Quinn ahead of his show at…

Dr Amy Bater on Einstein a Go-Go

Einstein A Go-Go: Don’t Fear the Reaper with Programmed Cell Death

Dr. Amy Baxter from La Trobe University’s Department of Biochemistry and Genetics joins Einstein A Go-Go to talk about programmed cell death in the human body. Programmed cell death or ‘apoptosis’ as it’s…

Paxy & Newy on Kick Like a Girl

Kick Like a Girl: Melbourne’s Paxy and Newy Share Their Hopes for What Lies Beyond Round Seven

Joining Kick Like a Girl as special co-host is ‘supercoach’ and digital producer for Fox Sports Paige Cardona. After returning to the world of footy, Paige is now playing for Diamond Creek, having…

Tiana Khasi

Good Fortune: Cooking up Tiana Khasi’s Anthem for Empowerment

‘My great-grandmother said, “Slow cooking is good cooking.”’ Brisbane soul artist Tiana Khasi breaks down the recipe for her latest single ‘They Call Me’, a song about women reclaiming power over the narratives…

Guy Rundle on The Grapevine

The Grapevine: Christchurch, Brexit and ‘the Existential Act of Violence’ with Guy Rundle

‘The existential act of violence is the way to assert yourself when the world is trying to crush everything you believe in.’ Guy Rundle is one of the most unique, irreverent and incisive…

Live at Triple R
Neko Case Live During Twang

Twang: Neko Case Brings the Fire to the Performance Space

Legendary songwriter Neko Case joins Denise for a lovely conversation as well as a live show in the Performance Space. Neko speaks about the fire that affected her property in Vermont, joking about…

Toxic City Symposium

Breakfasters: How to Design a More Sustainable Future

Toxic City? is a symposium focused on reducing the impact on the systems of global warming. Happening as part of Melbourne Design Week, Toxic City? aims to provoke conversation about building forward-thinking cities…

Live in Studio
Paul Gorrie

Tomorrow Never Knows: How a Tinder Date Led to Paul Gorrie Becoming a DJ

Paul Gorrie is a Gunai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta man based in Melbourne. He is a DJ, playwright, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Paul chats to Emerald about his recent experience playing drums at Golden Plains…