West Writers on Glasshouse

How Examining the Craft of Writing Helps Us Understand Writing Across Cultures

The Glasshouse’s Beth AQ is joined by Nadia Niaz and Saaro Umar to discuss the West Writers Forum, taking place at the Footscray Community Arts Centre from 31 August to 1 September…

Feature Segment
Stephen Walker Book Launch Photo 2006

Radiothon Skull Cave (2008)

Listen back to one of The Ghost's Radiothon shows from 2008! 'It only takes a second for us to take down your particulars,' as he would say...

HTRK Venus in Leo

Breaking and Entering: HTRK Reach for the Stars With Venus in Leo

HTRK’s Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang join Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler to talk about Venus in Leo, the band’s first release in five years.

As Jonnine points out, the fact that…

Live in Studio
Cable Ties on Breakfasters for Radiothon

Breakfasters: The Cable Ties Premiere New Single Live

Cable Ties join Breakfasters live in the studio and threaten to ‘hold the listeners to ransom’ before they play their new release, ‘Sandcastles’.

Jenny and Nick tell Sarah, Gez and Daniel about how…

Nestor Torres on New and Groovy

How Nestor Torres Is Harnessing Humanity’s Common Thread Through Jazz

Jazz flute maestro Nestor Torres drops in to New & Groovy ahead of four nights of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and classically-influenced music at Birds Basement Jazz Club, between 14th and 18th August.


Lucashenko Preview

Learning ‘How to Let the Art Flow Out’ with Award-Winning Writer Melissa Lucashenko

Author and essayist Melissa Lucashenko was recently awarded the 2019 Miles Franklin award for her seventh novel, Too Much Lip. Melissa joins host of The Mission Daniel James to discuss her process as…

Omar Musa on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: The Universality of Muhammad Ali

Omar Musa, the award-winning poet, author and rapper from Queanbeyan, NSW, discusses Since Ali Died, his new one-man show at Arts Centre Fairfax Studio, on Breakfasters. Omar talks about its adaptation…

Big Issue Fiction Edition on Backstory

Backstory: How The Big Issue Put Together their ‘Bloody Good’ Fiction Edition

Celebrating The Big Issue’s 15th Fiction Edition, deputy editor Kathrine Smyrk chats to Backstory host Mel about the curating of another bumper issue of short stories penned by established and emerging writers.

Peter Asher and Albert Lee on BLB

Absolute Icons Peter Asher and Albert Lee Share Their Rich History and Play Some Live Tunes

Peter Asher (one half of pop duo Peter and Gordon) and Albert Lee (UK guitar legend) are in the country to play shows together throughout August. From Joe Cocker to Buddy Holly, these…

Morgana Filmmakers on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Learn the Story of Feminist Pornography Icon Morgana Muses

Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess are the directors of Morgana, a film that’s screening a MIFF and tells the true story of Morgana Muses, an Albury housewife who became an icon of feminist…

Seeker Lover Keeper on Maps

Maps: Seeker Lover Keeper Show Us How a Supergroup Gets It Done

Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann, and Holly Throsby from Seeker Lover Keeper tell Fee B Squared how to bring it back for their new album Wild Seeds before dropping some cheeky self-effacement and eventually…

Live at Triple R
The Teskey Brothers LTA Segment Shot

Warrandyte’s Teskey Brothers: Live in the Triple R Performance Space

Max Crawdaddy introduces the Teskey Brothers, playing live in the Triple R Performance Space on 7 August 2019. They play tracks from their Triple R Album of the Week Run Home Slow.

Wagons by WILK

Off The Record: The Cellar of Sound, The Tower of Song & The Wagon of Warble

‘I’m more excited than ever before.’ Henry Wagons returns with his first album in five years, Songs from the Aftermath. From performing brain surgery to rearing children to cowriting around the world, Henry…

Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy

Still Here: How Sacred Birthing Trees in Victoria are Facing Death

There is a sacred birthing tree, just outside of Ararat in rural Victoria, where over 50 generations of Indigenous Australians have been brought into the world. This tree is over 800 years old…

Feature Segment
TISM and Stephen Walker 2001

The Ghost and TISM (2001)

In late 2001, Humphrey B. Flaubert and Ron Hitler Barassi from legendary Melbourne band TISM join Stephen in the studio for an utterly ridiculous studio takeover and hilarious quiz!

Emma Russack on Out on the Patio

‘Space From My Own Name’: Emma Russack on Walking Away From Her Solo Work

Choosing to walk away, take a knee, a sabbatical – whatever you want to call it, is not always an easy choice. However, ask Emma Russack about her impending hiatus and she’ll say…

Parsnip on Double Bounce

How ‘The Colour of Pomegranates’ Inspired Parsnips Latest Music Video

Caroline and Stella from ‘twisted nursery-rhyme’ four-piece Parsnip drop in to Double Bounce to talk their new record When The Tree Bears Fruit and how Peep Show should replace all Friends episodes.


Owen Jones and Amy Mullins

Owen Jones on the Downfall of Theresa May and a Looming No-Deal Brexit

Amy Mullins is joined by Guardian columnist and author Owen Jones, who garnered attention after saying he had ‘less than no sympathy’ for Theresa May after her emotional resignation speech in May.


The Chills Doco Promo Image

Under The Sun: Seeing Yourself in a Doco is Not Very Chill

‘I didn’t realise quite how weird I was until I saw the movie.’ Martin Phillipps of The Chills, who were a formative influence on the ‘Dunedin Sound’, reflects upon the unique experience of…

Adele Ferguson on The Grapevine

The Grapevine: Bad Banks and Financial Disservices

‘Truth telling is increasingly dangerous in Australia.’ The Royal Commission into the Financial Services Sector exposed the unscrupulous behaviour of banks in Australia and the impotence of regulators to police them. But importantly…