Narnie Award 2019

Banana Lounge Broadcasting: ‘Narnie Award’ Winners The Lost Ragas in Conversation

It’s the end of the year, and as everybody knows, it’s time for Dave Graney to hand out his annual Narnie Award (that’s Aussie-speak for ‘banana’, you out-of-towners). Boy howdy, this year’s winners…

Leah Purcell on The Mission

The Mission: Leah Purcell Discusses Reimagining and Rewriting Henry Lawson

Goa-Gunggari-Wakka Wakka Murri woman Leah Purcell is a writer, director, actor and novelist who reimagined Henry Lawson’s classic short story The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson as a play in 2016…

We Are Here Book

The Grapevine: Stories on Place from People Who Have Experienced Homelessness

A few years ago, former Big Issue editor Meg Mundell hosted writing workshops for people who have experienced homelessness. These workshops provided people who have couch-surfed, slept rough or in refuges with the…

Scott and Charlene's Wedding on Out on the Patio

Out On The Patio: Scott And Charlene’s Wedding Talk Footy and Play Songs from Their New EP

Melbourne band Scott and Charlene’s Wedding are the perfect sonic distillation of local pop culture. Their music has been described as “Australiana revival”, “Aussie indie”, and “dole-wave”.

Largely the solo project of Adelaide-born…

Pete Menchetti on Neon Sunset

Neon Sunset: How to Run an Indie Punk Rock Label with Slovenly Recordings Founder Pete Menchetti

Pete “Sticker Guy” Menchetti formed Slovenly Recordings in 2002 in Reno, Nevada, and has been delivering ‘the best in psyched out garage punk shit rock for crazy kids all over the planet’ unapologetically…

Mental As Anything 1998 Signed Poster

1998 Mental As Anything Interview on The Australian Mood

Mental As Anything frontman Greedy Smith passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago.

We revisit Neil Rogers' longform interview with Greedy Smith and bandmate Peter O'Doherty from 21 years ago (August 27 1998), at…

Feature Segment
Ghost's First Show Tape

The Ghost's First-Ever Broadcast!

Our last addition to the archives for 2019 is (a portion of) The Ghost's first-ever broadcast on Triple R – a Saturday night graveyard shift in Dec 1981! Enjoy.

Molisi Tuinauvai Tribute on Get Down

Get Down: A Tribute to Molisi Tuinauvai

Molisi Tuinauvai, a vocalist on tracks by Sampa, Thando, Kaiit, Mayfield and more, recently passed away. Jamie and Shannon from Fulton Street, Thando and Josh Tavares – all Mo’s collaborators and friends –…

Baker Boy Breakfasters Live

Music Is the Best Medicine: Baker Boy Live on Breakfasters

Baker Boy has had a massive year to say the least. He chats to Breakfasters about the stand-out moments and what he does to relax. Between being Young Australian of the Year, being…

Double Bounce Decade List

End of Decade Special: Double Bounce through the Best of the Twenty-Tens

It’s the end of the decade and that means it’s time for a recap. Everything is fair game. Double bouncing through the decade, Vaughan celebrates the many new names and faces that have…

On the Beach Book Cover

Zero-G: Rediscovering Nevil Shute’s Post-Apocalyptic Classic, On the Beach

Still resonating down the decades, Nevil Shute’s 1957 novel On the Beach is a frightening study of the end of the world. Written after Shute immigrated to Australia from the UK, On the

Sydney Smoke 2019

Breakfasters: Understanding the Risks of Smoke Inhalation from the NSW Bushfires

The ongoing bushfires in NSW continue to rip through the country with devastating effects on the land as well as air quality in surrounding areas. In fact, Canberra’s air quality has recently been…

Georgia Maq Solo

Maps: Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq Gives the Run-Down on Her New Solo Album

Georgia Maq, aka the voice of Melbourne’s own Camp Cope, recently dropped a surprise solo album--surprising in the sense that it was unannounced, and in the sense that it’s a sharp departure from…

Llyod Cole 2010

Far and Wide: Lloyd Cole Keeps It Contemporary and Retrospective at Once

Steve Wide catches up with Lloyd Cole about his ‘full circle’ return to Melbourne, cycling through songs to include on the set-list that fans may have missed seeing performed last time.

Steve quizzes…

Empty Classroom Stock Shot

Breakfasters: Why 50,000 Young People in Australia Detach From Education

Breakfasters talks to Dr Jim Watterston, Dean of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, about the ‘at least 50,000 young Australians’ missing from our school. Jim is co-author of ‘Those Who Disappear: The Australian…

Dark Emu Book Cover

The Mission: Journalist Rick Morton on Dark Emu and Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt’s column in The Herald Sun recently sought to undermine author Bruce Pascoe and the factual integrity of his book Dark Emu. Bolt’s supposed ‘fact-check’ of Pascoe’s work left many, including…

Eddy Current on Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering: The Return on Eddy Current Suppression Ring

On Lauren and Simon’s final show of the year, the Breaking and Entering co-hosts interview Mikey and Brendan from Eddy Current Suppression Ring. The much-loved pair of musos tell us about making All

Sasami on Good Fortune

Good Fortune: How to Be a Musical Badarse with Multi-Instrumentalist Sasami

Over the last decade LA-based Sasami Ashworth, known as Sasami, has been making music in almost every way you can, playing keys, bass and guitar with Cherry Glazerr until last year. She’s also…

New Einstein Studio Photo

Dr. Shane Interviews 22 PhD Students in 20 Minutes on Einstein A Go-Go

Dr. Shane grills 22 PhD students in under 20 minutes on the penultimate Einstein A Go-Go show for the decade.

From geology, microbiology, psychopharmacology, and physiology **breath**, to epigenetics, hipster immune cells, and…

Great Melbourne Telescope

Breakfasters: Curator Matthew Churchward on The Dramatic Life of The Great Melbourne Telescope

The Great Melbourne Telescope is about to celebrate it’s 150-year anniversary, but it hasn’t been easy getting there. Once the largest fully steerable telescope in the world, it's been disassembled, reassembled, moved interstate…