Celeste Liddle

The Mission: Celeste Liddle on the Impact that Permit Systems Have on Public Protests

Arrente woman Celeste Liddle joins host of the Mission Daniel James to talk about the proposal by Victoria Police to introduce a permit system for protests.

carlton towers

Breakfasters: Dr Priya Kunjan on the Victorian Government's Plans to Demolish Public Housing Towers

Dr Priya Kunjan is a research fellow at RMIT University investigating precarious housing. They join the Breakfasters to give a breakdown and update of the Victorian government's plans to demolish public housing towers…


Uncommon Sense: So, Who Owns The Moon Anyway?

Amy Mullins is joined by Professor of Philosophy A. C. Grayling for a deep examination of his new book, Who Owns The Moon? In Defence of Humanity’s Common Interests in Space.

With rare…

Ziggy Ramo on Banksia

Banksia: Ziggy Ramo on Upcoming Release 'Human? A Lie That Has Been Killing Us Since 1788'

Proud Wik and Solomon Islander artist Ziggy Ramo joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia ahead of the release of book, album and exhibition - Human? A lie that has been killing us since 1788.

ben bowen

Indigenuity: Ben Bowen, CEO of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Krystal is joined by Ben Bowen, who is the CEO of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which was recently awarded the 2024 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This global award was created by the Swedish…


Off The Record: Martha Wainwright On Songwriting, Performing And Finding The Time

Legendary Canadian musician Martha Wainwright is back on the road and touring again after a lengthy break due to the pandemic.

She joins Brian Wise for a special conversation about her recent return…

RiTchie Press Photo

Culture Shock: 'RiTchie' on moving on from 'Injury Reserve' with his debut solo record "Triple Digits [112]"

'RiTchie' (of Injury Reserve, & By Storm) phones in from Phoenix, Arizona to discuss his debut solo record "Triple Digits [112]" and bridging the gap between what is and isn't considered political.


The Golden Age Of Piracy: Simone Pace of Blonde Redhead’s Formative Five

Tristen hops on the line with Simone Pace, one third of legendary dream pop band Blonde Redhead, ahead of their upcoming Australian tour and set for RISING festival.

Simone’s picks are an adventurous…


Double Bounce: Dirty Three Are RISING Once More

Vaughan is joined by the one and only Warren Ellis of beloved band Dirty Three, to discuss their first album in over a decade and kicking off a national tour with two special…

Jill Gallagher

The Mission: Jill Gallagher on Why First Nations People Should Be Exempt from Land Tax and Stamp Duty

Esteemed Aboriginal Leader, Gunditjmara koins host of the Mission, Daniel James to talk about upcoming Treaty negotioations in Victoroa. She floats the idea of an exemption for First Nations people from paying land…

Janty Blair

Banksia: Janty Blair on comedy practice and the Aboriginal Comedy All Stars

Proud Butchulla, Mununjhali and Woppaburra woman and comedian Janty Blair joined Vanessa Morris to talk all about their comedy practice and performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

After spending three decades as…

Jay Wymarra

Banksia: Jay Wymarra on launching comedy show AmaJayus

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comedian Jay Wymarra joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk about debut solo comedy show AmaJayus.

Jay discussed developing AmaJayus, which included collaborating with composer Tegan…


Breakfasters: Dr Rachel Coghlan on the Stories & Experiences of Health Practitioners in Gaza

Dr Rachel Coghlan is a humanitarian and palliative care practitioner, researcher, and advocate. She joins the Breakfasters to talk about her PhD research on palliative care in Gaza, her experiences there, and her…


Future Perfect: Gregor’s Guardian Angels

Naarm-Melbourne pop oddity Gregor hops into studio with Dylan Bird to talk about creativity, song-writing processes, brand new single ‘Angels’ and the imminent release of his new album Satanic Lullabies on Chapter Music.

James K

Full Circle: Experiments in Pop with James K

New York based musician and vocalist James K defies any one genre, drawing from industrial techno, glitch and pop to form her very own experimental sound and image. With releases out on AD93…

Antony Loewenstein

Uncommon Sense: Antony Loewenstein Provides An Update On The Israel-Gaza Conflict

Amy Mullins is joined by Jewish journalist, author and academic Antony Loewenstein, who worked in East Jerusalem from 2016-2020, to discuss the latest developments in the conflict in Israel-Gaza.

Photo credit: Supplied.


Indigenuity: Discovering Australia’s Oldest Known Pottery At Jiigurru

Krystal is joined by Dingaal Clan member and Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation Chairperson Kenneth McClean to talk about the exciting discovery of archaeological artefacts and pottery dating back over 2000s years on Jiigurru Island…


Frantic Items: Nia Archives The Emotional Junglist

With the release of her debut album Silence Is Loud, new wave junglist Nia Archives calls into Frantic Items from London. Having recently completed a sold out Australian tour, Nia defines the ideal…


The Score: What’s Up With Labor’s Controversial Deportation Bill?

Samira is joined by the ASRC’s Head of Systemic Change Jana Favero and human rights lawyer and refugee advocate Betia Shakiba to discuss the current climate of immigration and refugee politics in Australia.


Spin Cycle: Opening Up About Vacant Homes With Jordan Van Den Berg

Jordan Van Den Berg (aka PurplePingers – the mastermind behind joins Spin Cycle to dive into his work on the housing crisis, rental rights being a citizen journalist.

Jordan also digs into…