Hugo Weaving on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Hugo Weaving Tells Us About His Favourite Film Set, Masterchef, and His New Film

Hugo Weaving is one of Australia’s most renowned actors, having played iconic roles such as Agent Smith in The Matrix and Elrond in The Lord Of The Rings franchise. But his co-star, Andrew…

Marios sign

Mystifying Melbourne: The Magic That Is Marios

The Marios (Maccarone and De Pasquale) have been serving up iconic Italian fare in their eponymous restaurant in the heart of Fitzroy since 1986. Mario Mac joins Aisha Pachoud to chat about how…

Bread stock image

Breakfasters: Michael Harden Explains How To Make The Perfect Loaf Of Bread At Home

Squishy white or seedy and dense? Food Interlude segment presenter Michael Harden joins Breakfasters to talk about social media’s latest craze: bread-making. The food critic says that the trend makes some sense –…

Yarra Valley

Backstory: The Yarra Valley Writers Festival Goes Online

With guests including Tony Birch, Clare Bowditch, Christos Tsiolkas, and many more, the Yarra Valley Writers Festival this weekend was set to be an illuminative cultural date in regional Victoria, until... well, you…

Spillover book cover

Uncommon Sense: David Quammen Explains How Animal Infections ‘Spillover’ Into Humans

David Quammen is an American science writer and journalist whose 2012 book Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic analyses how zoonotic viruses, like Ebola and SARS, spread from reservoir animal hosts…

Special Program
Death In Brunswick Still

Primal Screen: Made In Melbourne Special

With all the cinemas closed, watching movies from home is all the rage at the moment. With that in mind, how about revisiting some classic films made right here in Melbourne? Primal Screen

Fitzroy Football Ground

Breakfasters: The Death Of The Fitzroy Football Club

Founded in 1897, the Fitzroy Football Club were one of the founding clubs of the VFL. With a dedicated following and a winning record, Fitzroy was a trailblazer in the lead-up to what…

Special Program
Tony Allen

The Good, The Dub And The Global: A Tony Allen Special

“There aren’t many musicians who can claim they created a new music style – and that would be Tony Allen with Fela Kuti.” Systa BB brings us two full hours of programming that…

Biggsy and Turnbull phone composite photo

Tony Biggs Interviews Malcolm Turnbull – The Extended Version

On The Blower’s Tony Biggs goes head-to-head with Malcolm Turnbull in this longform, wide-ranging discussion. Biggsy asks the former Prime Minister (who recently published his book A Bigger Picture) about a…

Steve Wynn Dream Syndicate

Off The Record: The Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn On Their New Record And How He Got The Band Back Together

Steve Wynn of LA neo-psych outfit The Dream Syndicate phones in from Jackson Heights, New York, which has become the epicentre of coronavirus cases and deaths in the US. “We’re right in the…

Karate Boogaloo Promo Pic 2020

Stolen Moments: Karate Boogaloo Takeover

Four-piece Melbourne funk lords Karate Boogaloo were supposed to join John in the studio to talk about their new album, Carn The Boogers, but then a pandemic happened.

So instead, they’ve taken…

The Good Bits illustration

Backstory: How The Good Bits Is Providing Stories For Pleasure

Warning: mature content.

Siobhan Fitzgerald recently launched The Good Bits, a website that takes all the best bits out of romance novels and puts them in one place. It’s a “good sex story”…

Sampa, Areej and Ntombi 1200 2

The Rap: Sampa The Great On Giving Artists Time To Deal With The Pandemic

How do artists navigate being creative in isolation? Sampa The Great rings Areej Nur to chat about the importance of taking time to be alone, the short film she just dropped, and to…

Smart Arts

SmartArts: Breaking Down The Victorian Government’s $16.8M Arts Survival Package

The Victorian government recently announced a $16.8M arts survival package for the creative industries, which have been hit hard as a result of coronavirus, due to the closures of theatres, galleries, live music…

Nonna Knows Best Cover

Breakfasters: Embracing The Nonna Life

Author, Hill of Content bookseller and burgeoning nonna in her own right Jaclyn Crupi pays the Breakfasters a visit via phone to chat up her new book Nonna Knows Best: The Italian Art

Helen Bidou

Breakfasters: Excelling In Iso With Helen Bidou

You just can’t keep Helen Bidou, our “most emotionally unstable comedian”, down – not even in isolation! Helen’s been busy, you see: mastering musical instruments, crushing languages, renovating kitchens – and that’s just…

Claire G Coleman

The Rap: Discussing COVID And Colonialism With Claire G. Coleman

Claire G. Coleman is a Noongar woman, writer and poet who recently penned an essay for the Koorie Heritage Trust Voices series, entitled 'COVID and Colonialism'She joins Areej on The Rap 

Uncanny Valley

Good Fortune: Dr Sandra Uitdenbogerd And Caroline Pegram Explain How They Used AI To Create A Eurovision Song

Eurovision might have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus, but a team of computer scientists from RMIT and the University of NSW are entering the Eurovision AI Song Contest, with a…

Seal Tooth

Radio Marinara: The Ancient Seal Tooth Found In Victoria That Changed What We Know About Local Seals

In 1998, a beachcomber in Portland, Victoria discovered a bit of tooth that turned out to be a three million year old fossilised seal tooth. The discovery ended up changing our understanding of…

JobScammer logo pattern

Breakfasters: Why The Victorian Trades Hall Council Has Launched JobScammer

The Victorian Trades Hall Council has launched JobScammer, a website where people can report “dodgy bosses” who are taking advantage of the current crisis to swindle employees. Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary Luke…