Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy

Still Here: How Sacred Birthing Trees in Victoria are Facing Death

There is a sacred birthing tree, just outside of Ararat in rural Victoria, where over 50 generations of Indigenous Australians have been brought into the world. This tree is over 800 years old…

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TISM and Stephen Walker 2001

The Ghost and TISM (2001)

In late 2001, Humphrey B. Flaubert and Ron Hitler Barassi from legendary Melbourne band TISM join Stephen in the studio for an utterly ridiculous studio takeover and hilarious quiz!

Emma Russack on Out on the Patio

‘Space From My Own Name’: Emma Russack on Walking Away From Her Solo Work

Choosing to walk away, take a knee, a sabbatical – whatever you want to call it, is not always an easy choice. However, ask Emma Russack about her impending hiatus and she’ll say…

Parsnip on Double Bounce

How ‘The Colour of Pomegranates’ Inspired Parsnips Latest Music Video

Caroline and Stella from ‘twisted nursery-rhyme’ four-piece Parsnip drop in to Double Bounce to talk their new record When The Tree Bears Fruit and how Peep Show should replace all Friends episodes.


Owen Jones and Amy Mullins

Owen Jones on the Downfall of Theresa May and a Looming No-Deal Brexit

Amy Mullins is joined by Guardian columnist and author Owen Jones, who garnered attention after saying he had ‘less than no sympathy’ for Theresa May after her emotional resignation speech in May.


The Chills Doco Promo Image

Under The Sun: Seeing Yourself in a Doco is Not Very Chill

‘I didn’t realise quite how weird I was until I saw the movie.’ Martin Phillipps of The Chills, who were a formative influence on the ‘Dunedin Sound’, reflects upon the unique experience of…

Adele Ferguson on The Grapevine

The Grapevine: Bad Banks and Financial Disservices

‘Truth telling is increasingly dangerous in Australia.’ The Royal Commission into the Financial Services Sector exposed the unscrupulous behaviour of banks in Australia and the impotence of regulators to police them. But importantly…

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Damien Lovelock

‘Rock in Peace’: LiveWire Remembers Damien Lovelock

Damien Lovelock – lead singer of The Celibate Rifles, sports broadcaster and writer – passed away over the weekend. LiveWire’s Pauly, Nereader and Pat play a selection of live recordings and interview…

David Byrne

The Ghost Interviews David Byrne (1992)

Stephen 'The Ghost' Walker dives deep with Talking Heads frontman David Byrne on May 5 1992, when Byrne was touring Australia in support of his second solo album Uh-Oh.

They discuss the…

Sampa the Great and Ennio Styles

Stylin’: Sampa the Great on Creating Her First Live Score

Ennio Styles chats to Sampa the Great about the contemporary music scene in Africa; her upcoming collaboration with Zambian artists; and her first live score, happening on Saturday 3 August as part the…

My Dearworthy Darling Publicity Image

SmartArts: Alison Croggon on Her First Play, ‘My Dearworthy Darling’

A woman in Medieval England experiences visions that leave her branded hysterical and shunned by the patriarchs of the day. A modern woman enters a period of complete mental collapse under the pressure…

Swervedriver 2019 Publicity Image

LiveWire: Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin Looks Back on 30 Years of Psychedelic Shoegaze

Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin reckons there’s too many anniversaries in rock n’ roll these days. Bad news for the band then that they’re coming up on 30 years playing and six albums since their…

Public Opinion Afro Orchestra on The Good, The Dub and The Global

Remembering Fela Kuti, the Pioneer of Afrobeat

A celebration of the father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, is taking place at Max Watt’s House of Music, with Melbourne’s own Public Opinion Afro Orchestra joining forces with Fela’s eldest son Femi Kuti…

Alex McClintock on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Alex McClintock Writes Up His ‘Sweet Science’ Boxing Obsession

Breakfasters talks to sports writer and former amateur boxer Alex McClintock about his own personal foray into amateur boxing, and a more recent longer trek into the history of the so-called ‘sweet science’…

Gena Rose Bruce on Maps

Maps: Gena Rose Bruce Shares the Journey of Her Debut Album

Fee B Squared has to repair her shattered heart ‘in the most beautiful of ways’ after listening to Gena Rose Bruce’s debut album, and she’s not afraid to talk about it. Fee and…

Chef Stock Image

Eat It: Hospitality Wage Theft Explained

Eat It asks industry veteran Tony Eldred from Eldred Hospitality whether Australia has reached a watershed moment regarding wage theft in hospitality. Tony reckons we haven’t. ‘There’s more to come,’ he says.


Purple Mountains

Facing Up to Yourself: David Berman Joins International Pop Underground

‘I couldn’t handle not speaking up and saying, “I’m related to this person who’s someone who I consider a great danger.”’ David Berman, formerly of The Silver Jews, is out of retirement. After…

Jess Ribeiro and Simon Winkler

Breaking and Entering: Finding Humour in the Darkness with Jess Ribeiro

‘Over the past three years I’ve walked through fire.’ For Jess Ribeiro, the creation of her new album LOVE HATE was both a physical and an emotional journey. Recorded in Germany and New…

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Still Here All Three Hosts

Paul, Rachael and Neil Co-host Still Here

For the very first time, all three hosts of Still Here – Paul Gorrie, Rachael Hocking and Neil Morris – broadcast together! Stream this epiosde to hear some of their favourite tracks from…

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Radio Marinara

Radio Marinara Celebrates 1000 Episodes

Holy moly, the wet and salty Radio Marinara crew have now officially broadcast 1000 shows! Have a listen back to this landmark episode and learn all about the history of the program, plus…