Ausecuma Beats

Ausecuma Beats On The Good, The Dub & The Global

Systa BB chats with Boubacar Gaye, bandleader and master djembe player of Melbourne nine-piece ensemble Ausecuma Beats. Boubacar discusses how they’ve stayed creative during the pandemic lockdown, how the idea for their name…

Green Child Promo Image

The Grapevine: Mikey Young Chats The Green Child, Eddy Current And The “Lockdown Sound”

Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control) calls into The Grapevine to chat about the new Green Child album Shimmering Basset, his collaborative project with former Grass Widow vocalist Raven Mahon…

Rick Morton On Money Book Cover

Breakfasters: Rick Morton On Money

“Money is like gravity. It distorts time and space.”

Rick Morton is an award-winning journalist whose memoir, One Hundred Years Of Dirt, was shortlisted for multiple literary prizes. But growing up in…

Mystifying Melbourne Program Image

Mystifying Melbourne: The DeathTech Research Bringing New Life To Cemeteries

Aisha chats with Melbourne University anthropologist Dr Hannah Gould about the DeathTech research of bringing new life to cemeteries. They discuss augmented realities, QR codes on gravestones, and eco-friendly burials.

The Rap feature image

The Rap: Gita Jackson On The Cool Zone, Radical Politics And The US

“This is the moment in time that you are going to tell your children about – what did you do?” Gita Jackson is talking about “The Cool Zone”. The New York-based writer for…

Larundel book cover

Radiotherapy: Remembering Larundel Psychiatric Hospital

Standing in the outskirts of Melbourne, Larundel Psychiatric Hospital exemplified the attitudes and approaches towards psychiatric treatment in the 20th century. But with the move towards acute psychiatric wards and hospital treatments, Larundel…

Sam Amidon

International Pop Underground: Sam Amidon's Ongoing, Eclectic Exploration Of Folksongs

Sam Amidon's new seventh album is self-titled. The 39-year-old American folksinger decided on this name by way of a simple rationale: "A few of the songs on these record are songs that I…

Smart Arts

SmartArts: Creative Industries Minister Announces Survey To Shape State Strategy

Earlier in October, Danny Pearson MP became Victoria’s new Minister for Creative Industries. He joins Richard to announce the “rebooting” of the ‘Creative State’ strategy, the details of which will help shape the…

Barton Lynch Surfing Festival promo image

Radio Marinara: Barton Lynch’s Online Surfing Festival

BL Blast Off is a family-friendly surfing festival, aimed at introducing young surfers to competition in a fun and constructive environment. The event was founded by World surfing champion Barton Lynch as a…

The Rap feature image

The Rap: The Abandonment Of Temporary Migrants During The Pandemic

Neha Madhok, national co-director of Democracy in Colour, chats about the Migrant Worker Justice Initiative “As If We Aren’t Humans: The Abandonment Of Temporary Migrants In Australia During Covid-19” on The Rap. Many…

Generic Space Image

Einstein A Go-Go: How to Astronaut With Terry Virts

Terry Virts is a former NASA astronaut who’s commanded the International Space Station and knows a thing or two about isolation … but in space! Dr Shane chats with Terry about what cinema…

Mary Lattimore on good fortune cropped

Good Fortune: Harps, Loops and Memory with Mary Lattimore

Jazz has a chat with Los Angeles-based harpist Mary Lattimore about her new LP Silver Ladders, out now through Ghostly Records. Mary discusses working with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead, the auspiciousness of coastal…

Kendrick Lamar

Read the Room: The Politics Of Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is the West Coast hip hop artist who became one of the best to ever do it, following a meteoric rise in the 2010s. An incredible lyricist, he has an ear…

Laura Jane Grace - Formative Five

The Golden Age Of Piracy: Laura Jane Grace Shares Her Formative Five

The Against Me! singer joins Tristen Harris to discuss the five tracks that influenced her the most.

'Social commentary, racism & covid' report - All Together Now & Asian Australian Alliance

Read the Room: Racism during COVID-19

"With free speech, comes a lot of responsibility, and a lot of media outlets and journsalists need to understand that" - Erin Chew

This past week, News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt wrote an…

Djab Wurrung 1200

The Mission: Sissy Austin On The Destruction Of A Sacred Tree On Djab Wurrung Country

Djab Wurrung woman Sissy Austin wrote the piece “The destruction of a sacred tree on Djab Wurrung country has broken our hearts” for The Guardian. She joins fill-in host Paul Gorrie (co-host…

Chloe Alison Escott promo image October 2020

Breaking And Entering: The Native Cats’ Chloe Alison Escott On Her New Solo Album

Chloe Alison Escott, of cult post-punk duo The Native Cats, joins Lauren and Simon to discuss her new solo album Stars Under Contract. In the tradition of Rush to Relax and Nebraska

Bigsound 2020

Local And/Or General: The Lowdown On BIGSOUND50

BIGSOUND was always going to happen – even in 2020. This year, the festival is all systems go with a bit of a twist: it will be completely online and totally free. 


Jennifer Loveless Promo Image

Jennifer Loveless Chats New Video On Full Circle

When DJs began live streaming sets during lockdown, Jennifer Loveless didn’t see this as “the right way to go about making something that [is] meant to be experienced”. So, she decided to make…

Feminist Writers Festival 2020 Lineup

Backstory: A Guide To The Feminist Writers Festival 2020

The Feminist Writers Festival (FWF) 2020 kicks off on November 14 to tackle four big questions for contemporary feminism. Nikki Anderson, FWF Program Director, joins Backstory to chat about the upcoming festival.