A Dalight Connection - Whose Gonna Love Em

Interview: Kamarra Bell-Wykes on A Daylight Connection double bill at Malthouse

Yagera Butchulla writer and director Kamarra Bel-Wykes joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to discuss a double bill by First Nations theatre company A Daylight Connection at Malthouse featuring critically acclaimed productions Whose Gonna


Eat It: Cam Hines on Seaweed, Sustainability, and Southern Seagreens

Cam Hines co-founded Mountain Goat Beer, but has departed brewery life for seaweed life. He joins Cam and Matt to talk about his new venture, Southern Seagreens, whose primary focus is to grow…

Feature Segment
Peter Eglington

Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Attention Scan Guided Meditation

Sophie Miles offers a guided meditation for listeners in these heartbreaking times. Take time to sit and ask the question 'How can I help?'.

dr rob brander

Radio Marinara: Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book

Coastal scientist at UNSW, Dr Rob Brander OAM, aka Dr Rip, comes onto Radio Marinara to talk about his new book, Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book: Everything you need to know about surf,

question 7

Breakfasters: Richard Flanagan on New Book 'Question 7'

Award-winning author Richard Flanagan joins the Breakfasters crew to talk about his new book, Question 7, a blend of memoir and history. They talk about Richard's life, his family, the relationship between…


The Score: Mading Jock's Morning Safari

Mading Jock, the host of Triple R’s latest overnight program Morning Safari, hopped into the RRR studios for a hang-out with Samira Farah.

The two talked through Mading’s journey into radio, stand-up…


The Golden Age Of Piracy: Doug Martsch from Built To Spill’s Formative Five

Indie rock titans Built to Spill recently took over The Northcote Social Club for a sold out residency as part of the Eighty-Six Festival.

Guitarist, vocalist and only permanent member of the band…

Sign Libra by Sergey Ananyev

International Pop Underground: Sign Libra Grew Up On New-Age Music in Post-Soviet Latvia

Born in Riga in 1988, in the waning days of the USSR, Agata Melnikova grew up in Post-Soviet Latvia digging deep into her parents record collection.

It was filled with new-age music, synthesiser…

Electric Chair

Teenage Hate: Strap In to the Scorched Punk Sounds of Electric Chair

On the eve of their debut Australian tour, Tim chats to the Olympia, Washington band about 80s US hardcore and the luxury of living in a more liberal US city.

Alien Nosejob

Velvet Haze: Alien Nosejob Interview & Guest Selection

Jake Robertson from Alien Nosejob drops into the studio for a chat about his new album, 'The Derivative Sounds of... Or... A Dog Always Returns To It's Vomit'. Plus a guest selection of…


Banksia: Hip-hop artist Flewnt on latest single 'Souwess'

Boorloo-based Noongar Wongi hip hop artist Flewnt joins Vanessa Morris on Banksia to talk all about their latest single ‘Souwess’ which has been described as a sunny and soulful love-note to his country…

OK EG square

Full Circle: Heads-down Techno Hypnotism with OK EG

OK EG is Matt Wilson and Lauren Squire - an electronic duo from Melbourne with a growing discography of forward-thinking techno releases. Their latest release, Rivulets - out now on Amsterdam based label…

seven ups

Stolen Moments: The Seven Ups Takeover Stolen Moments

Ahead of their album launch, Naarm/Melbourne heavy groove combo The Seven Ups join John Bailey for the entirety of Stolen Moments. Press play and let the sonic force of The Seven Ups envelop…


Indigenuity: Kent Morris of The Torch on ‘Future Dreaming … Visions of the Future’

A conversation with Barkindji artist, curator and Creative Director of the not-for-profit organisation The Torch, Kent Morris. Kent details his experience of working within the organisation and their programs for providing cultural and…


Good Static: Ramsey takes over Good Static

Ramsey is a prolific Palestinian DJ, curator, broadcaster, and promoter based in Naarm/Melbourne. He joins Paul Gorrie for a special takeover of Good Static.

“The next hour focuses on Palestine, the sound


SmartArts: The Enduring Legacy of Blade Runner

Director Ridley Scott’s science fiction epic Blade Runner is considered one of the most influential science fiction films of all time.

Based on the work of author Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner’s themes…

porpoise spit

Maps: A Short History Of Porpoise Spit

Naarm/Melbourne quartet Porpoise Spit have finally released their long-awaited debut album, Don’t Quit, filled with their distinctively stirring brand of anthemic indie rock.

Mill and Elly from the band drop by Maps to…

Special Program

Mooncake Guest Mix: Yeo Serves Up A Heavy Dose of Pop and K-pop In Guest Mix

Naarm-based producer, musician and multi-instrumentalist Yeo serves up a heavy dose of pop and k-pop in his Mooncake guest mix including his latest single CALL IT lifted from newly released album TIRED



Uncommon Sense: Nasser Mashni, President of the Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) on Palestinian Solidarity

Fill-in host Kirby talks to Nasser Mashni, President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) about local Palestinian solidarity.

Nasser discusses that for 16 years, Israel has held a land, sea, and air…


Uncommon Sense: Could Cloud Computing Have A Future Under The Ocean?

Most of our online data lives in the ‘cloud’, but what if it lived under the sea?

That’s the question that Professor Paul Haskell-Dowland from Edith Cowan University asked in a new piece…