Kush Jones 1200

Breaking And Entering: How DJ Kush Jones’ Past Informs His Future

Breaking And Entering summer host Paul Gorrie chats to Bronx footwork artist Kush Jones. Kush explains how music has always played a massive role in his life, including getting started in high school…

'What to Expect When You're Immigrating' by Nash

The Rap: What To Expect When You’re Immigrating With Nash

On this week's summer edition of The Rap, fill-in hosts Jim Malo and Bez Zewdie are joined by Sri Lankan-born, Melbourne-based multidisciplinary designer Nash, who’s just released his first book called What

Chook Race 1200

Matt From Chook Race Shares His Formative Five

Matt from Chook Race gives us his Formative Five. Starting with songs that he saw performed live and inspired him to take a shot with music, he takes us on a journey of…

Thrifty Household Book Cover

Breakfasters: Thrifty Living Tips With The CWA

Spilt coffee on yourself? Splashed a bit of beetroot on your t-shirt? Not sure what to do with too many lemons? The Country Women’s Association (CWA) have over 1000 solutions to common problems…

Beach Umbrella Stock Image

Busting Sunburn Myths On Breakfasters

It’s the middle of summer in Australia and for many that means spending time by the water. For a lot of people, it also means sunburn. Despite leading research in this area, Australia…

Midnight Sister by Nicky Giraffe

International Pop Underground: Midnight Sister's Music Summons Movies & Mystique

Midnight Sister's debut LP, 2017's Saturn Over Sunset, felt like some lost classic from the moment it came out. Matching the adrogynous vocals of Juliana Giraffe to the giddy, woody orchestrations of…

Dr Kathomi Gatwiri - 1200

The Rap: ‘The Invisibility Of Microaggressions’ With Dr Gatwiri

"The perpetrator [...] performs it as a 'joke' or 'compliment' [...] then the burden of interpretation is on the recipient. Because of the constant patterns of gaslighting, you end up doubting your experiences"…

Mari Rhywen Roshi 1200

The Grapevine: Zen And The Art Of Fighting The Climate Crisis

The Contemplative Rebels are a group that use mediation to bring awareness to the ongoing climate crisis. Part of the Extinction Rebellion movement and taking cues from Buddhist teachings, the group uses silence…

Indigenous Flag

Vocal Minority: Indigenous Education With Jacqui Katona

"We're seeing now an extraordinarily, politically conservative approach to people who are not seen to be acceptable in Australia's racial heirarchy - which still exists. People like asylum seekers and Aboriginal people are…

Thalia Eastman

The Mission: Thalia Eastman On The Factors Preventing Aboriginal Women From Reporting Domestic Violence

It is estimated that 90 percent of domestic violence suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women goes unreported to authorities. Palawa woman Thalia Eastman is a University of Melbourne researcher who has…

Charley Pride

The Mission: A Tribute To Charley Pride

Host of The Mission Daniel James pays tribute to country music legend Charley Pride and explains his significance to First Nations communities across the country.

The Avalanches We Will Always Love You

The Avalanches Explain Their Space Odyssey On Breaking And Entering

Ann Druyan met her now husband Carl Sagan, an American astronomer, when they were curating the Voyager Golden Records, which are onboard the Voyager spacecraft – the first spacecraft launched with no set…

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Rolling Blackouts C.F. Go Full Steam Ahead On Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, like many others, had shows cancelled this year due to the pandemic and had to figure out new ways to keep making music “through strange forms of recording”. Their…

The Kills Little Bastards Album Close Up

Neon Sunset: Alison Mosshart Looks Back On 20 Years of The Kills

Over their 20 years of existence, The Kills have always pushed against their self-imposed limitations. Their new collection, Little Bastards, brings together singles, live cuts and covers from their first decade together…

Magic Dirt 2020 Vinyl Re-issue

The Australian Mood: Raul Sanchez On What Magic Dirt Is Doing Today

To mark the 20 year anniversary of What Are The Rock Stars Doing Today – a classic album from Magic Dirt – the band are reissuing the record on vinyl. Raul Sanchez joins…

Blues Portrait

Son Of Crawdaddy: Blues Portrait ー A Profile Of The Australian Blues Scene

Local artist Pauline Bailey speaks about her book Blues PortraitA Profile Of The Australian Blues Scene, released last year. Pauline talks to host Max Crawdaddy about the 46 blues musicians she…

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MF DOOM 1200

A Beat Orgy Tribute To MF DOOM

On the first day of this new year, news broke that acclaimed British-American rapper and producer MF DOOM, known for his clever wordplay, myriad collaborations, and supervillain stage persona, had passed away on…

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IPU 2020 LPs

The International Pop Underground's Top 36 LPs Of 2020

The 21st Annual IPU Albums-of-the-Year Countdown.

Bruce Pascoe Author Photo

The Mission: Bruce Pascoe On His 2020

Author and Yuin man Bruce Pascoe joins host Daniel James to talk about his year ー from fighting bushfires, to being the centre of attacks from right-wing cultural warriors, to the release of…

Malesh P

Get Down: Malesh P On His New Single “U Got Me”

The winner of the Get Down funkiest hip hop track of 2020, Malesh P, joins Chris to chat about his new single. After taking some time off music this year, Malesh P is…