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The Grapevine: Music Victoria On The New Our Soundtrack Our Stories Campaign

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on tours, live performances and production schedules, it’s safe to say those artists who are working hard to forge their own path are doing it tough. Our Soundtrack…


Far And Wide: CHVRCHES On How Horror Films Inspire New Album Screen Violence

Time is flying particularly fast for synth-pop band CHVRCHES, who are quickly approaching a few milestones in their career. This year, they’re celebrating 10 years of the band and in 2023, they’ll be…

Billy Gibbons

Off The Record: ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons On His “Unexpected” New Solo Album Hardware

Billy Gibbons, the legendary rock musician best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of ZZ Top, joins Brian Wise to chat about his new solo album Hardware. Dialling in from Las…

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Maps: Inside The New Courtney Barnett Doco Anonymous Club

“It’s not easy to just sit in a room and talk out loud about your thoughts [which] are usually reserved for your head.”

Ahead of the premiere of his new Courtney Barnett documentary…

Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Backstory: The Other Half Of Michael Mohammed Ahmad

From a child to a teenager to an adult, Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s latest novel The Other Half of You completes his three coming-of-age novels, largely inspired by his own experience growing up as…

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Get Down: Being Your Best Self With Thando

In 2018, Zimbabwean Australian singer Thando got to work creating Soul music that would deconstruct and overcome negative stereotypes and false narratives around Black youth in Australia. After careful consideration and passionate collaboration…

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Breaking And Entering: The Goon Sax On The Making Of Mirror II

The Goon Sax are an indie pop band consisting of three high school friends – Riley Jones, James Harrison and Louis Forster. They’ve been releasing records through legendary Melbourne indie label Chapter Music…

The Cholorformist Book Cover

Einstein A Go-Go: Going Inside (And Under) The History Of Anaesthesia

Writer, historian and anaesthetist Christine Ball calls in to Einstein A Go-Go to chat about her new book The Chloroformist: The Historical Biography of Joseph Clover. Written after she found a mysterious…

Son Volt

Off The Record: How Shoulder Surgery And Vintage Amps Shaped The New Son Volt Album

Formed from the ashes of the influential country group Uncle Tupelo by singer and guitarist Jay Farrar, Son Volt have been releasing records at a constant clip since their 1995 debut Trace

Rodney Crowell

Off The Record: Rodney Crowell On Triage, His Most Personal Record Ever

Country musician Rodney Crowell has had a storied career. With five number-one singles in the country charts, two Grammy Awards, and having sung with other icons such as Emmylou Harris, it’s safe to…

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Kuya James

Mooncake Guest Mix: Kuya James In His Filipino Feels

Kuya James is a Filipino/Dutch/Australian producer and DJ from Darwin/Larrakia Land. In this Mooncake guest mix, he revisits nostalgic songs from the '60s and '70s, gives us a sneak peak to unreleased tracks…

Clairo by Adrian Nieto

International Pop Underground: Clairo's Sweet 2nd LP Creates "'70s Disney Magic"

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Claire Cottrill —the songwriter who records as Clairo— was back home in Atlanta, where she was born, spending time with her family. And, unexpectedly, a…


International Pop Underground: Über-Producer Jack Antonoff Blesses Bleachers with "Unearned Hope"

When not serving as one of contemporary pop's most in-demand, prolific, and praised producers —his CV including work with Lorde, Lana del Rey, Clairo, St. Vincent, and Taylor Swift— Jack Antonoff records as…

Quoll 2

Uncommon Sense: Where Did All The Quolls Go?

Spotted, small, charismatic and curious, the quoll is a nocturnal marsupial native to Australia. You can find four different quoll species on this vast continent… Before the twentieth century, these 'native cats' were…


The Golden Age of Piracy: The Descendents' Bill Stevenson's Formative Five

Bill Stevenson from punk rock band The Descendents takes a walk down memory lane with Tristen for his Formative Five.

This is something that Bill has been doing a bit recently with the…


The Score: Getting Into The Kitchen With Nathan Lyons

“The cook doesn’t have to clean,” -- Wiradjuri man Nathan Lyons not only has innumerable tasty recipes at hand but also some pretty great parenting advice. His hate for doing the dishes as…


Represented: How creative collective SOUL ALPHABET are platforming underrepresented talent

"This biggest thing that needs to happen is that people need to stop assuming the reason why there's not enough [Bla(c)k and Brown] DJs or producers, or writers is because...they're just not out…

TORRES by Shervin Lainez

International Pop Underground: If You Want To Get To Know Torres, Listen To Her Albums

"I feel like, if you've listened to all of my albums, you've basically known me at every stage of my young adult life," says Mackenzie Scott, the 30-year-old American songwriter who records as…

Bill Bowtell

Uncommon Sense: Bill Bowtell on Pandemic Politics in Australia and Why 'Zero COVID' Matters

Bill Bowtell, strategic health policy adviser, joins host Amy Mullins for an in-depth conversation about pandemic policy and politics, particularly in Victoria, New South Wales, and more broadly across Australia. He also tells…


O’Tomorrow: Vale Peter Rehberg, Experimental Music Pioneer and Editions Mego Boss

Patrick O’Brien pays tribute to Peter Rehberg, the Austrian-born and Berlin-based electric composer who has sadly passed away at the age of 53. 

Peter - who also made music under the name Pita…