Other ways to listen

By far the easiest way is to use our app for your Apple or Android phone or tablet. Install the app, tap the white triangle and you'll be listening to us live.

Get it on Google Play

If you're having difficulty using the app, you can always send a message to appadmin@rrr.org.au and we'll see if we can help.


The links below should allow you to select one of our streams to play in your web browser or preferred media player.

HIGH QUALITY LIVE STREAM (browser / media player)

TRADITIONAL LIVE STREAM (browser / media player)

LOW BITRATE LIVE STREAM (browser / media player)

More Information

The high quality stream format is 128kbps AAC (56 MB/hour) and is playable on a range of freely available players.

The traditional format is 128kbps MP3 (also 56 MB/hour). It is playable on the broadest range of browsers and media players.

The low bitrate format is 32kbps AAC (14 MB/hour). It may be ideal if you have limited available bandwidth or a small data cap.