Time For Dreams

Breaking And Entering: The Cold And Dramatic World Of Time For Dreams

Amanda Roff from local duo Time For Dreams join Lauren and Simon on Breaking And Entering to chat about their new record Life of the Inhabitant

Amanda discusses how the cold, dramatic…

Aida Victoria

Off The Record: Adia Victoria’s New Southern Gothic

When discussing her new record A Southern Gothic, South Carolinian singer Adia Victoria says “the gothic is the manifestation of fear… I necessarily embody what they call the Other.” This theme of…

Charlotte Wood

Breakfasters: How To Cultivate Creativity With Charlotte Wood

Cultivating creativity often seems like a daunting – if not impossible – task. Charlotte Wood, multi-award winning novelist, joins Breakfasters to discuss how to adopt a creative life. Charlotte’s latest book, The Luminous

Yullola by Ahad Subzwari

International Pop Underground: YULLOLA Draws Influence from Alienation, Anime, Black Holes, Folklore & Hindustani Classical Music

YULLOLA's first single was called Jasper Lotti. In it, the semi-mysterious American musician (civilian name: Ashwini Natarajan) sings a repeated refrain, "I'm blurring into you." It evokes the hazy artistic identities of…

Caleb Landry Jones by Jade Mainade

International Pop Underground: Caleb Landry Jones's Manic Music Suits His Short Attention Span

When Caleb Landry Jones was growing up in suburban Texas, he began learning the drums. "I took some drum lessons, but I never practiced," the 31-year-old recalls. "It was a real waste of…

Reb Fountain by Marissa Findlay

International Pop Underground: New Zealand's Reb Fountain On Having A Breakout In Lockdown

When Reb Fountain released her self-titled LP in 2020, she was, for those outside New Zealand, a 'new artist', freshly signed to the legendary label Flying Nun, issuing what was billed as her…

Kedr Livanskiy by Masha Demianova

International Pop Underground: Kedr Livanskiy's Electronic Music is Etched with Russian Folklore

Born in Moscow in 1990, Kedr Livanskiy arrived on Earth in the middle of a liminal time for her homeland. "It was a really weird time, when the Soviet Empire crashed, and we…

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Stylin 1000 Square

Stylin’ 1000

Ennio Styles celebrates 1000 episodes of Stylin’! Kick back and enjoy this very special edition of the show.

Learn more about the history of the program and the special free Stylin' 1000

HTRK Square

Breaking And Entering: The Romance Of Radio With HTRK

HTRK are well known in Melbourne for their hushed, highly emotional music that’s packed full of heartbreak and noir-ish themes. The group are back with a new slow-burning, downtempo new record, Rhinestones

Tirzah by Lillie Eiger

International Pop Underground: London’s Tirzah On Music, Motherhood & Keeping Things Downtempo

Given Tirzah's moody electronic music carries with it a sense of mystery, it's not surprising that the artist —33-year-old Londoner Tirzah Mastin— doesn't think of her songs as a form of communication, or…

Emmylou Harris

Off The Record: Emmylou Harris In Conversation

Iconic American country singer Emmylou Harris joins Brian Wise to chat about International Dog Day, Woofstock and her love for both dogs and cats – and that’s just the first five minutes. 


Karinda Taylor

The Mission: Karinda Taylor, CEO Of First Peoples' Health And Wellbeing, On The Vaccine Rollout In Aboriginal Communities In Melbourne's Hotspots

Wamba Wamba woman and CEO of First Peoples' Health and Wellbeing Karinda Taylor joins host of The Mission Daniel James. The two discuss ongoing efforts being undertaken to increase vaccination rates in Aboriginal…

Alan Clarke

The Mission: Journalist and Director of the Bowraville Murders, Allan Clarke

Director Allan Clarke, a Muruwari and Gomeroi man, joins host of the Mission Daniel James to discuss The Bowraville Murders. A program that investigates one of Australia’s most prominent unsolved murder cases –…


Good Fortune: Meet Punko, The Solo Project Of Liv Jansz

After being a fixture of the local scene for a decade, Melbourne-via-Newcastle muso Liv Jansz has struck out on her own as Punko, her synth-driven bedroom pop project. Drawing on her experiences playing…

Lisa & Brand New Cherry Flavor Screenshot

Primal Screen: The Making Of Brand New Cherry Flavor With Showrunners Nick Antosca And Lenore Zion

“How do you feel about an orifice?” This is the sort of question tossed around the writers’ room of the truly original Brand New Cherry Flavor, a dream-like noir-horror in the tradition of…

Demons 1964

Breakfasters: A History Of The Melbourne Demons

Melbourne football historian and Demons tragic Adam Woolcock has released a new (and coincidentally very well-timed) book, The Last Hurrah: Melbourne Premiers 1964. The book focuses on the 1964 season, which culminated…

Eastern Market Murder

Mystifying Melbourne: The New Melbourne True Crime AR Game

Fortune tellers, phrenology and the circus all come into play in the latest augmented reality game from True Crime Games: Eastern Market Murder. Developers Emma Ramsay and Andy Yong and their historical researcher…


Good Static: UK Rapper Deema On His New EP Rainbow

UK rapper Deema chats to Good Static about his new release Rainbow. Charting his progress from UK Grime to a sound that was “a bit weird and different”, Deema chats to Paul…

Rhianna Patrick

The Score: Opening The Conversation With Rhianna Patrick And Blak Nation

Broadcaster and journalist Rhianna Patrick is bringing Blak Nation back. Inspired by the Black Nation newspaper created by the late Ross Watson during the 1980s in Brisbane, Rhianna has launched Blak Nation

Gabrielle Chan Author Photo

Uncommon Sense: ‘Why You Should Give A F*ck About Farming’ With Gabrielle Chan

Gabrielle Chan joins the program to discuss her new book, Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming, which presents an in-depth analysis of farming practices and policy in Australia. Gabrielle and…