Breaking and Entering: An Interview with Drugdealer

Michael Collins, aka Drugdealer, doesn’t believe in the pursuit of originality. He says that while aesthetics are important, they’re really secondary to content and story.

‘It’s similar to when people have the same…

Kick Like a Girl LTA - Main Photo

Max Headroom: AFLW Takes Centre Stage with a Very Special Edition of Kick Like A Girl

Kate O'Halloran leads an all-star cast to present a wrap up of the 2019 AFLW season live from RRR’s Performance Space.

She’s joined by Kirby Fenwick (writer and the creator of the AFLW…

Deb Conway and Will Zygier on Off the Record

Off The Record: Deb Conway and Willy Zygier Release Their Tenth Album and There’s ‘A Lot To Celebrate’

Deborah Conway met Willy Zygier in October 1991 when she needed a guitarist to tour her debut solo album String of Pearls. They began a personal and professional relationship that has flourished…

Michelle Law on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Michelle Law Continues to Challenge Racial Stereotypes in Australian Comedy

Playwright and author Michelle Law joins the Breakfasters to tell us about her hilarious play Single Asian Female that’s featuring in Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Michelle’s show is a huge success with a…

Baker Boy on Out on the Patio

Out on the Patio: How to Stop Hiding in Your Room, Tour with 50 Cent, and Win Aussie of the Year Like Baker Boy Did

Danzal Baker, otherwise known as Baker Boy, has been making waves in the Australian hip hop scene and is a huge inspiration to all.

He is one of Australia’s first artists to rap…

Laura Stevenson

The International Pop Underground: Laura Stevenson Shares the Cold Facts on Her Fifth Album The Big Freeze

‘I have trouble speaking in-between songs, but, whenever I’m closing my eyes and playing, I feel good, because I’m comfortable.’

Laura Stevenson phones in to chat with Anthony Carew about her fifth solo…

Louis Roots on Byte Into IT

Byte Into IT: Be There or Beer Square? Local Gamers Bar SK Give Us the Lowdown (Cheat Sheet) to Their New Monthly Series

It’s simple. ‘If people are engaged, they don’t drink.’ This is one of the guiding philosophies behind Bar SK’s monthly exhibition series showcasing up-and-coming game developers and local breweries. The first Thursday of…

Feature Segment
Greening the Apocalypse

Greening the Apocalypse Bids Us Farewell

Missed the glorious final episode of Greening The Apocalypse this week?

Adam Grubb, Sarah Coles and Bushy hit the airwaves together for one last hurrah on Tuesday night. We sure will miss these…

Big Joanie Good Fortune

Big Joanie on Good Fortune: Diverse Punk’s Not Dead

Stephanie Phillips, lead singer and guitarist of UK black feminist punk band Big Joanie, chats with Jazz about the London trio’s debut LP Sistahs, the importance of representation in DIY punk, and…

Federal Budget

Breakfasters: Ben Eltham Breaks Down the Budget

The government has recently declared that it is in a budget surplus and that it plans to return money to middle income earners. Ben Eltham, regular Uncommon Sense federal politics guru and New

Khalid Warsame

The Rap: ‘Growing Up African in Australia’ with Khalid Warsame

Khalid Warsame is an essayist, writer and budding furniture maker. His latest work has been published in the new anthology, ‘Growing up African in Australia’, which is a collection of stories and works…

Live at Triple R
Fee Maps April Amnesty

Maps: April Amnesty Kicks Off With A Bang Live From Our Performance Space

It’s that special time of year where we reprieve those who haven’t yet become part of our wonderful radio community. That’s right, April Amnesty is back with open arms, welcoming slowpokes and newbies…

Centrelink sign

The Grapevine: Centrelink’s Robo-Debt is Proving to be the Giant Thorn in Everybody’s Side

This week on The Grapevine, Economic and Social Rights Program Manager Joel Townsend from Victorian Legal Aid drops in to discuss Centrelink’s controversial ‘robo-debt’ system. Introduced by the government back in 2016, robo-debt…

Chelsea Wilson Stylin

Disco with Depth: Chelsea Wilson Digs It Up on Stylin’

‘Nile Rogers talks about Chic, that they wanted to have disco with depth, and I thought “yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do”.’ Chelsea Wilson shares stories and insights on the creative process…

Ray Ahn Hard Ons

Livewire: How the Hard Ons Found Their Voice

‘After constantly getting into fights my Mum and Dad are like for god sake just give him an Australian name and money so he can buy meat pies.’ Ray Ahn is the bassist…

Breakfasters with Uncle Larry Walsh and Isobel Morphy-Walsh

Striving For Cleaner Waterways on Breakfasters

‘What we’re seeing going on with the Murray-Darling, it’s coming to affect the cities as well. We want to start talking about that and creating art and discourse before it gets here.’ Wominjeka…

Santilla Chingaipe

The Glasshouse: How Films Can Amplify African Voices According to Santilla Chingaipe

Journalist and filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe joins Beth AQ to celebrate the inaugural South African Film Festival of Australia (SAFFA), an event that ‘gives a window into the diversity of the African communities across…

Matthew Ford on Max Headroom

Max Headroom: Tenth Court Records Founder Explains Why Adelaide Might Be ‘The Rock Music Capital of Australia’

Matthew Ford founded Tenth Court Records in 2014 when he and his brother couldn’t get anyone else to release their band Thigh Master’s 7” vinyl release, Head of the Witch. Their humble…

Erica Dunn on Out on the Patio

Out On The Patio: In Harmony with Erica Dunn

In a brief moment of rest and relaxation, Erica Dunn of Harmony, Palm Springs, Mod Con and Tropical Fuck Storm (TFS) joins Monique Sebire ‘fresh and full of life’ to discuss some recent…

Rebecca Huntly on Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: Hung, Drawn and Quartered with Rebecca Huntley’s Essay Tackling Australia’s Rising Political Temperature

‘You don’t ask for what you think you can get – you ask for what you want.’ Social researcher and writer Rebecca Huntley tackles the rising political temperature of the nation in her…