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Femi and Made Kuti on Get Down

Get Down: The Legacy+ Of Femi And Made Kuti

Get Down’s Chris Gill welcomes Fela Kuti's son Femi and grandson Made to the show to discuss their new album 'Legacy+'

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Judith Lucy Amazon

Judith Lucy joins Breakfasters to chat about anything but her new book

Judith Lucy opens this interview with the information that she's deeply bored by talking about her new book 'Turns Out, I'm Fine' but she eventually opens up about the "excruciatingly honest" new work.

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Monica Dux

Lapsed: author Monica Dux and the Breakfasters share their experiences being culturally Catholic

Feminist, author and lapsed Catholic Monica Dux re-examines her decision to leave the religion that she was raised in and writes a book, 'Lapsed', about her journey.

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Veronica Gorrie

Frank and Fearless: Gunai/Kurnai author Veronica Gorrie joins The Mission to discuss her new book 'Black and Blue'

Black and Blue is the memoir of Gunai/Kurnai woman and former police officer Veronica Gorrie. She joins Daniel James on The Mission to discuss fighting institutionalised racism on the force.

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Neil Richards

Life's work: Neil Richards joins Australian Mood to share his new album 'Ancient Loyalties'

Neil Richards (vale) was an Australian folk singer who, at the time of this interview, had just released his first album 'Ancient Loyalties' which he recorded over almost forty years.

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Bill Bowtell

Viral policy: Professor Bill Bowtell discusses the intersection of science and politics on Radiotherapy

Adjunct Professor Bill Bowtell AO, Australia's foremost health policy strategist and author of 'Unmasked: The Politics of Pandemics', explores how nature creates viruses, but politics creates pandemics.

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Kitty Flanagan in FISK

Family affair: Actor, writer, and comedian Kitty Flanagan talks about brand her new ABC series FISK

Kitty Flanagan joins Breakfasters to talk about FISK - a new comedy series set in a law office - which she created with a little help from her friends.

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Priscilla Atkins

National disgrace: Priscilla Atkins joins The Mission to talk about black deaths in custody

Co-Chair of the National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Legal Service Priscilla Atkins joins Daniel James on The Mission to talk about the ongoing horror that is black deaths in custody.

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Pam Burridge

Radio Marinara: Girls Can Surf With Pam Burridge

The new documentary Girls Can’t Surf depicts competitive surfing culture in the 1980s and 1990s. Legendary Australian surfer Pam Burridge chats to Bron about her experience.

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Iliad - The Siege of Troy

Theatre tragic: Sigrid Thornton joins Breakfasters to discuss her performance in 'Homer’s Iliad - The Seige of Troy'

Screen and stage legend Sigrid Thornton joins Breakfasters to talk about her eight-hour long performance in 'Homer’s Iliad - The Seige of Troy'.

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Dropbear Book Cover

Dropbear: poet Evelyn Araluen Joins The Glasshouse to interrogate the tropes of an unreconciled nation

Evelyn Araluen joins Beth AQ to chat about her poetry and prose collection, 'Dropbear', which explores Australian cultural tropes such as Blinky Bill within the context of Australia's violent dispossession of Indigenous nations.

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Archie Roach 2021 Promo Image

Fine wine: Archie Roach talks to Neil Morris on Still Here about his memoir, tour and album 'Tell Me Why'

Still Here host Neil Morris talks with Archie Roach about his memoir, tour and album Tell Me Why'.

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Alison Croggon

Backstory: Alison Croggon on Hew Book and the Art of the Essay

Award-winning novelist, poet, playwright, editor and critic Alison Croggon delves into her new book Monsters in a long-form interview with Mel. The book takes the form of both memoir and essay, confronting a…

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Call Of The Reed Warbler

Uncommon sense: Charles Massy discusses the role that regenerative agriculture can play in some of the world's most pressing issues

Regenerative farmer and author Charles Massy joins Uncommon Sense to discuss the ideas presented in his recently updated and re-released book, 'Call Of The Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture, A New Earth'.

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Yu Su on Good Fortune 1200

Good Fortune: On Nature And Intuition With Electronic Artist Yu Su

Jazz Feldy chats with Chinese-born, Vancouver-based DJ, producer, and sound artist Yu Su about her debut LP 'Yellow River Blue', and how her ambient sounds reflect her surroundings.

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Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: Richard Beasley on the Murray-Darling Basin and His New Book

Barrister Richard Beasley SC discusses why he is angry about the death of the Murray-Darling Basin. His new book is called, Dead in the Water: A very angry book about our greatest environmental

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Sonia Bible on Primal Screen

Primal Screen: Re-examining The Witch Of Kings Cross With Sonia Bible

Sonia Bible joins Primal Screen to talk about her new film 'The Witch of Kings Cross' which is a representation of Rosaleen Norton's life and controversial artistic practice.

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The Rap Final Square

Farewell party: Namila Benson and Samira Farah join Areej Nur for the final episode of The Rap

Areej, Namila and Samira give The Rap the farewell party it deserves with some great turnes, a few tears, reflections on how far they've come, and a look to the future.

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Vanessa Morris and Daniel James Share The Spirit 2021 - 1200

Join Daniel James and Vanessa Morris for the Invasion Day broadcast 2021

Daniel James and Vanessa Morris bring you highlights from the Share the Spirit Festival, selected speeches from Melbourne's Invasion Day rally and heaps of deadly tunes.

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Rob Brooks

Byte Into IT: Rob Brooks On His New Book

Rob Brooks tells us about his book Artificial Intimacy, providing a fresh and original view of the very near future of human relationships.