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david mccomb

The Australian Mood: Jonathan Alley Joins Neil Rogers To Take Us On A Musical Journey With The Triffids

Former RRR Under The Sun presenter Jonathan Alley joins Neil Rogers to talk through the journey that led to making  ‘Love in Bright Landscapes’, his music documentary about the rock band ‘The Triffids’…

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Clem Bastow

Breakfasters: Clem Bastow discusses her debut book "Late Bloomer: How an Autism Diagnosis Changed My Life"

Clem Bastow grew up feeling like she’d missed a key memo on human behaviour. She found the unspoken rules of social engagement confusing, arbitrary and often stressful. Friendships were hard, relationships harder, and…

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Melissa Manning

Backstory: Melissa Manning on her short story collection, Smokehouse

Winner of the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for fiction, 'Smokehouse' is a collection of interlinked short stories all set in a small-town community in Southern Tasmania. Author Melissa Manning's book follows a fundamental…

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Gillian Armstrong on Primal Screen

Primal Screen: Gillian Armstrong Takes A Look Back On Her Brilliant Career

Director and Australian film industry trailblazer Gillian Armstrong chats with Primal Screen’s Flick Ford and Cerise Howard, reflecting on her diverse filmography, the art of film-making and the development of the Australian film…

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Chelsea Watego

The Glasshouse: Chelsea Watego on her ground-breaking collection of essays "Another Day in the Colony"

Chelsea Watego, is a Munanjahli and South Sea Islander woman born and raised on Yuggera country. She is professor of Indigenous Health at Queensland University of Technology. She speaks about the challenges of…

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The Grapevine: Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert on Surviving 804 Days Imprisoned in Iran

Melbourne academic, Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert, was held in Iranian prisons for 804 days, after being falsely accused of spying. Released in November 2020, Kylie joins Dylan Bird and Kulja Coulston to tell of…

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Maria Tumarkin

Breakfasters: Maria Tumarkin Discusses The Devastation In Ukraine

Ukrainian-Jewish-Australian writer and cultural historian Maria Tumarkin joins Breakfasters for a moving conversation about the invasion of Ukraine and her upcoming show When Women Speak of War.

Created in collaboration with FOJAM…

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Caroline Layt

Queer View Mirror: Caroline Layt joins the show to discuss the treatment of transwomen in sport

Transgender Sports Woman Caroline Layt started her sporting career at a “hyper-masculine” boys school but went on to become a star female athlete and she talks about what sport means to her and…

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Kimberly Humphrey

Radiotherapy: Dr Kimberly Humphrey on How Climate Change is Impacting Australia’s Health

Climate change is changing Australia’s health outcomes on every level, with many impacts being hidden. Dr Kimberly Humphrey, Deputy Chair, Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), joins Radiotherapy to outline how this is…

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Our carson

Neon Sunset: Our Carlson

Epileptic Dance Musican Our Carson talks about being interviewed in unusual places and living small town life in Blackwood, Victoria.

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Punter to Punter

Punter To Punter Live At The Aberdeen Hotel

In honour of legendary RRR broadcaster Mitchell Faircloth who passed away in April 2022, RRR has dug up a vintage Live To Air performance of Punter to Punter.

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Generic Mic

The Whittle Family Country Show live at Melbourne Uni 1982

Following the passing of legendary RRR broadcaster Mitchell Faircloth in April 2022, Dave Graney is joined on Banana Lounge Broadcasting by his Punter To Punter co-host Dr Turf aka John Rothfield, to reflect…

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The Strokes Archival 1200

The Strokes Live

The Strokes' live performance at the Laundry for Triple R back in 2001!

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Scott Warman

Einstein A Go-Go: Professor Felice Jacka on How What We Eat Influences How We Feel

Despite the increasing awareness of the importance of both good mental health and eating well, very rarely are the two discussed together. Professor Felice Jacka is the Director of the Food and Mood…

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Alice Pung

The Glasshouse: Alice Pung on her latest novel, One Hundred Days

Alice Pung’s latest novel, One Hundred Days, is a mother–daughter drama exploring the faultlines between love and control. The award-winning author joins Beth AQ on The Glasshouse to discuss the novel, how the…

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Beat Orgy-Ed Kuepper-Jim-White

Beat Orgy: Guest Programmers Ed Kuepper and Jim White

Ed Keupper (The Saints, Laughing Clowns) and Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White) guest program Beat Orgy with two hours of eclectic mix from expansive jazz to R&B hits.

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Lucy Dacus

Golden Age of Piracy: Formative Five with Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus says she wishes she were more mysterious but that she keeps “saying things that are very personal.” The singer/songwriter continues in this vein by joining Tristen to share her Formative Five…

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St Etienne

International Pop Underground: St Etienne-I've Been Trying To Tell You.

Sarah Cracknell of St. Etienne joins Anthony to discuss their lastest album, I've Been Trying To Tell You. Built around samples from the turn of the century (2000's), I've Been Trying To Tell

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Antony Loewenstein

Breakfasters: Antony Loewenstein on The Taliban Seizing Power In Afghanistan

Antony Loewenstein joins the Breakfasters to discuss the legacy of the War on Terror: 20 years of failed policy, corruption and violence in Afghanistan.

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John Safran.

Breakfasters: John Safran's Puff Piece- How Philip Morris Set Vaping Alight (and burned down the English language)

John Safran joins the Breakfasters to discuss his new book Puff Peice. Exploring Phillip Morris' efforts to contort the english language, bend reality and sell deadly nicotine products around the world.