Archival Revival 1200

Kate Kingsmill revisits the blistering set McLusky delivered to a sold out crowd at the Corner Hotel back in 2003!
The post-hardcore trio from Cardiff, Wales, were touring the country in support of their 2nd album, 'McLusky Do Dallas', and the show was proudly presented by Triple R!

Playlist for Archival Revival – 10 September 2020
  • Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues (live version)Mclusky
  • What We've Learned (live version)Mclusky
  • Collagen Rock (live version)Mclusky
  • You Should Be Ashamed, Seamus (live version)Mclusky
  • To Hell With Good Intentions (live version)Mclusky
  • Undress For Success (live version)Mclusky
  • Alan Is A Cowboy Killer (live version)Mclusky
  • 1956 And All That (live version)Mclusky
  • Who You Know (live version)Mclusky
  • That Man Will Not HangMclusky
  • Fuck This BandMclusky

About this program

Kate Kingsmill brings you a Live to Air from the Triple R archives, every Thursday night, from 7-8pm, while Max Headroom is on hiatus.