Archival Revival 1200

Kate Kingsmill digs out First Aid Kit's sublime set from 2010, when they played for subscribers in the Triple R performance space.

The Swedish folk duo, consisting of sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg, had only just released their debut album 'The Big Black and the Blue' and were visiting Australia for the first time.

Playlist for Archival Revival – 13 August 2020
  • Fireworks (live version)First Aid Kit
  • Hard Believer (live version)First Aid Kit
  • Tangerine (live version)First Aid Kit
  • Heavy Storm (live version)First Aid Kit
  • Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (fleet foxes live cover)First Aid Kit
  • You're Not Coming Home Tonight (live version)First Aid Kit
  • The Lion's Roar (live version)First Aid Kit
  • I Met Up With The King (live version)First Aid Kit
  • Emmylou (live version)First Aid Kit
  • Still Feeling Blue (Gram Parsons live cover)First Aid Kit
  • When I grow upFirst Aid Kit
  • America (Simon & Garfunkel cover)First Aid Kit
  • Love Interruption (Jack White cover)First Aid Kit
  • Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)First Aid Kit

About this program

Kate Kingsmill brings you a Live to Air from the Triple R archives, every Thursday night, from 7-8pm, while Max Headroom is on hiatus.