Archival Revival 1200
Listen to Archival Revival – 22 October 202001:00:0022 October 2020

Kate Kingsmill heads back to The Clouds' rooftop performance from 1994!

The Sydney indie-pop outfit delivered an awesome set, spanning songs from their first four records. The Clouds are still headed up by Jodi Phillis and Trish Young. 

Kate speaks to Jodi about her memories of that era, Oz music in the 90s, musician burnout, feminism and being female in music, life now and much more!

Playlist for Archival Revival – 22 October 2020
  • HieronymousThe Clouds
  • Bower of Bliss (live version)The Clouds
  • Here Now (live version)The Clouds
  • D (live version)The Clouds
  • Colourblind (live version)The Clouds
  • Never Say Forever (live version)The Clouds
  • Down From The Sky (live version)The Clouds
  • Too Cool (live version)The Clouds
  • Anything (live version)The Clouds
  • Edge (live version)The Clouds
  • Say It (live version)The Clouds
  • ImmortaClouds
  • Mabel's BookshopThe Clouds

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