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Zero G – 23 May 2022 - Episode #1394: All At Once, Everything Is Everywhere!

SHE-HULK smashes out a trailer, the genre beats of Eurovision, and Ncuti Gatwa; WHO is the new DOCTOR!

Zero G – 16 May 2022 - Episode #1393: Stranger Things

We gaze with the Mystic Eye Of Agamotto at Sam Raimi's DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS and farewell
U.S American Artist and Writer, George Perez.

Zero G – 9 May 2022 - Episode #1392: Only Murders At The After Party

It's a murder mystery double header! We get clued up on the DISNEY+ series ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING and the APPLETV+ series THE AFTERPARTY.

Zero G – 2 May 2022 - Episode #1391: Moonatics

Marveling at the inspired lunacy that is the new DISNEY + series, MOON KNIGHT!

Zero G – 25 April 2022 - Episode #1390: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

DOCTOR WHO - LEGEND OF THE SEA DEVILS buckles all the swashes on the ABC, and we climb Dominique Rocher's surreal mini-series, THE ROPE on SBS ON DEMAND.

Zero G – 18 April 2022 - Episode #1389: Tri Topping Sara

Melbourne Museum is a site for saurian eyes with its new Triceratops fossil exhibition and we launder the multiverse in the movie EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE.

Zero G – 11 April 2022 - Episode #1388: Know Where Your Trowel Is

This week we dig the new Time Team (on YouTube), open the genre envelope on the Oscars, and have a giggle at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Zero G – 4 April 2022 - Episode #1387: Dinner Date

This week we panda to the charming animated movie TURNING RED (Disney+) and digest the horror feature FRESH (DIsney+)

Zero G – 28 March 2022 - Episode #1386: Free Guy With Every Game

After a brisk round-up of genre telly news we fight the Dude Boss Battle of Shawn Levy's video game movie FREE GUY, and take a pikka at Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

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Zero G – 21 March 2022 - Episode #1385: Zee Gee

Ghoul's in! We rampage through the hallways of South Korean zombie series, ALL OF US ARE DEAD, and Picard, any card, with Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

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Zero G – 14 March 2022 - Episode #1384: Monique, Robot Fighter

We hi(Union)jack the new Marvel Captain Carter comic book, and tinker with Jean-Pierre Jeunet's A.I comedy, BIGBUG, streaming on NETFLIX.

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Zero G – 7 March 2022 - Episode #1383: The SFateful 8

We explore the light and shade of Marvel-inspired CLOAK AND DAGGER (Disney+) and the sci-fi South Korean anthology sereis, SF8 (SBS).

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Zero G – 28 February 2022 - Episode #1382: What's The Matter, Katana Got Your Tongue?

Unsheathing two Samurai films: Jim Jarmusch's classic GHOST DOG: WAY OF THE SAMURAI and Takashi Miike's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL.

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Zero G – 21 February 2022 - Episode #1381: Fett First

We sand down the two DISNEY + streaming offerings THE BOOK OF BOBBA FETT and Wes Anderson's THE FRENCH DISPATCH.

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Zero G – 14 February 2022 - Episode #1380: Mauseum Piece

Today, on Zero-G, Megan and Rob retrospectively review Art Spiegelman's iconic 1980's anthropomorphic graphic novel about the Holocaust, MAUS.

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Zero G – 7 February 2022 - Episode #1379: S.H.I.E.L.D Be Right

As all supervillains are wont to do, Rob monologues about those cursed do-gooders of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (Streaming on Disney +)

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Zero G – 31 January 2022 - Episode #1378: Disco Encanto

We start in a post-war alternate crime bog with video game DISCO ELYSIUM, but finish with the enchanting technicolor animated film ENCANTO.

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Zero G – 24 January 2022 - Episode #1377:Beltalowdown

Rob expands upon the sixth and final season of one of the finest Science Fiction space series on television, THE EXPANSE (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

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Zero G – 17 January 2022 - Episode #1376: Life is Strange Down the Rabbit Hole

Megan runs the ship solo, and covers narrative video game LIFE IS STRANGE: TRUE COLOURS and the darkly weird Frankenstein/Mean Girls vibe of Mona Awad's novel BUNNY.

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Zero G – 10 January 2022 - Episode #1375: The Da Finchy Code

DON'T LOOK UP from reading the BOOK OF BOBA FETT or you'll be FINCHed!!

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Zero G – 3 January 2022- Episode #1374: Sand Spiders

More DUNE walking, we take a thwip with SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, and a quick round up of...Thingies!

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Zero G – 27 December 2021 - Episode #1373: A Sietch In Time Saves Kynes

Like sands through an hourglass... this is the Zero G DUNE hour! We discuss the much anticipated Denis Villeneuve film, as we zig zag our way across the cast list, history, and characters.

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Zero G – 20 December 2021 - Episode #1372: Merry Fluxmas

Focusing on the Flux, New Doctor Who's 13th Season, and Marvel's Hawkeye keeps hitting the mark.

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Zero G – 13 December 2021 - Episode #1371: Duneatics

We spice up our overview of the Duneiverse with a look a Frank Herbert's original 1965 novel contrasted with several adaptations into other media

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Zero G – 6 December 2021 - Episode #1370: Who's That Knocking?

We take aim with new Marvel TV series HAWKEYE; and check out slow-burn series INVASION.

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Zero G – 29 November 2021 - Episode #1369: Whits On First

Doctor Who, we dive into the Disney+ Day Marvelous content reveals and we farewell actor Dean Stockwell.

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Zero G – 22 November 2021 - Episode #1368: Eternal Combustion Engine

We expand our universes with a close look at Chloe Zhao's mythical, expansive and ambitious ETERNALS, the latest film offering in the MCU.

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Zero G – 15 November 2021 - Episode #1367: It Never Gawaines But It Pours

We slash into THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP and go a-questing with THE GREEN KNIGHT

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Zero G – 8 November 2021- Episode #1366: The LeJan Of Kung Fu

We finally get to see SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS; and also take a look at the DOCTOR WHO Halloween episode.

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Zero G – 1 November 2021 - Episode #1365: I Am Iron Jan

We boot up the ARC Reactor to catch up with Tony Stark's latest adventures in the Marvel Comics Universe.

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Zero G – 25 October 2021 - Episode #1364: Minerseries

We mine SBS's new historical crime mini-series, NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN, and salute Captain Kirk/William spaceeeeeee!

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Zero G – 18 October 2021 - Episode #1363: Anyone for Squidditch?

We play around with South Korean series SQUID GAME (Netflix) - no spoilers though! And check back in with the world of WHAT IF?

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Zero G – 11 October 2021 - Episode #1362: Seldon Seen

VIGIL on Binge, the 2021 ONLINE SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL, and the epic Apple TV + series, FOUNDATION.

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Zero G – 4 October 2021 - Episode #1361: We All Live in a Crime-Scene Taped Submarine

We check in at the precinct to farewell BROOKLYN NINE NINE; and then go to the Scottish seas with a murder mystery aboard the HMS VIGIL.

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Zero G – 27 September 2021 - Episode #1360: Take The Fifth

Binge streaming AVENUE 5 and Y-THE LAST MAN.

Zero G – 20 September 2021 - Episode #1359: Deca-G

We crack open some classics with Japanese cult mystery novel THE DECAGON MURDERS; and Philip José Farmer's epic RIVERWORLD saga.

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Zero G – 13 September 2021 - Episode #1358: Spacelane Nine Nine!


2018 space Sci-Fi Film, HIGH LIFE.

Zero G – 6 September 2021 - Episode #1357: Wampiry Wireless

We take off with a look at FOR ALL MANKIND (S2); then turn back the clock (a lot) with the game TWELVE MINUTES; before heading into the night with the series WHAT WE…

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Zero G – 30 August 2021 - #1356: Astra Zee-Gee & Set Pfizers to Stun

It's Your Station! This year's Radiothon is another chaotic Zero G endeavour - mwa haha! We give away notional space stations to subscribers who sign up during the hour, and celebrate the wonderful…

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Zero G – 23 August 2021 - Episode #1355: Wearing More Than One What

This week we ponder WHAT IF? with Marvel's new multiverse bending series; and warp to a future dystopia with action vehicle THE TOMORROW WAR.

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