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Listen to Zero G – 20 March 2023 - Episode #1433: Slash-It's Quarry01:00:0020 March 2023

Megan takes a stab at a teen slasher double feature, starting with interactive horror game The Quarry, the spiritual successor to 2015's Until Dawn. Then we head to the bright lights big city with the latest in the Scream franchise, Scream VI.

Playlist for Zero G – 20 March 2023 - Episode #1433: Slash-It's Quarry
  • Halloween Main Theme (From Halloween Kills OST)John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies
  • The Quarry (Main Theme)Ian Livingstone
  • Nik Ammar, Lucy Underhill, and Michael OrchardThorn in My Side
  • Scream VI SuiteBrian Tyler and Sven Faulconer
  • Red Right HandNick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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