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Episode 1335

Justice League Pod 2

We check out Justice League: The Snyder Cut, and give our impressions on the what, where, how, and good golly why. We dissect the differences and give our thumbs…


Episode 1334

We add to the Noise about the new Douglas Liman movie, Chaos Walking, battle daikaiju with rogue mechas in the Netflix anime, Pacific Rim: The Black, and have a quick swoop by…


Episode 1333

Podding Me Boy, Is That The Bong Joon Choo-Choo

We hitch a ride on the SNOWPIERCER (SEASON 2 now on Netflix); and then hunker down (or try to) with the apocalyptic drama GREENLAND…


Episode 1332

Bippity Poddity Boop!

We hexamine the magically chaotic marvel that is WANDAVISION (Disney +). With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough, 'Zero G' explores Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical.

Website: http://www.rrr.org.au/program/zero-g/playlists
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeroGRadio…


Episode 1331

And Then There Were Pod

Megan McKeough celebrates International Women's Day by spotlighting the careers of some excellent directors who are being welcomed into the Marvel universe, including Olivia Wilde, Chloe Zhao, Cate…


Episode 1330

Sean Poddery - Part Two
Flying solo this week, Rob Jan continues exploring the genre films of the late Sir Sean Connery, delving into his science fiction adventures with the movies: Zardoz, Meteor…


Episode 1329

We clean up Earth's orbit aboard the good ship VICTORY in the South Korean space epic, SPACE SWEEPERS (On Netflix), and Megan leafs through actress and writer Sophie Anna Ward's book…


Episode 1328

The Pods of War

We head to Shanghai with MISS S, the Chinese adaptation of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries; farewell with aplomb the incomparable CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER; and head to a quaint English town…


Episode 1327

Lower Pods

We step into the Pixar supernatural fantasy SOUL (on Disney +), snap up the latest episode of WANDAVISION (ditto), and beam aboard the animated comedy series, STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS (Amazon…


Episode 1326

Podster Hunter

We farewell the iconic queen of the B movies, Julie Strain; slash our way through video game adaptation MONSTER HUNTER (grr, argh!); and do not adjust your TV sets... it's WANDAVISION…

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