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Episode 1306

21 Pods

We continue our retrospective on CHADWICK BOSEMAN, this time looking at his portrayal of civil rights advocate Thurgood Marshall in MARSHALL; and fighting crime in NYC as a streetwise detective in…


Episode 1305

The Black Podther

We pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman with a look back at the stunning BLACK PANTHER; and check out his turn as a Vietnam GI in Spike Lee's DA 5 BLOODS…


Episode 1304

The Poddy Of The Lake

We continue in our quest to lift spirits with some rousing genre speeches; and travel down a forest path with Netflix's CURSED, a new take on familiar Arthurian…


Episode 1302

Apocalypse How? (Redux)

Only fools would double down on apocalyptic media during a pandemic... and, well...here we are! We pick our way through the aftermath of the television series: WAR OF THE WORLDS…


Episode 1301

Cinema Podadiso

More Zero G picks from the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) program, zeroing in on tech doco CODED BIAS, grim sci-fi ATLANTIS, and heartfelt animation BOMBAY ROSE. With presenters Rob Jan…


Episode 1300

Podemic Productions Presents…

Winter! Which means Melbourne International Film Festival time. This year MIFF 68.5 is online only, and we pick the genre eyes out of the program, so you don't have to…


Episode 1299

My Name Is Nopoddy

A tribute to composer Ennio Morricone, with a focus on some of his more genre-influenced outings - a farewell in true Zero G style. With presenters Rob Jan &amp…


Episode 1298

The Spoddit of '76

A L E X A N D E R! We all know his name, thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda's HAMILTON, which we take a look at today, in all…


Episode 1297

Pod Quixote

Oy! We set out on an epic adventure with odd but compelling THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE; and celebrate the return of comics. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…


Episode 1296

Time To Pod

We zoom through the ice on 1001 carriages with the TV series SNOWPIERCER; and try to survive dystopic Korea with TIME TO HUNT. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…

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