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Episode 1359

The Fabulous River Pod

Megan covers Japanese cult mystery novel THE DECAGON MURDERS - a classic honkaku novel in the style of Golden Age murder mysteries. Meanwhile, Rob drifts upstream with Philip José…


Episode 1358

The Pod Life

Celebrating SPACE 1999 and STAR TREK Days, new TREK series, MARVEL'S WHAT IF?, WALKING DEAD S11, and looking at Clair Denis’ 2018 space Sci-Fi Film, HIGH LIFE. With presenters Rob…


Episode 1357


We take off with a look at the moody space alternate-history series FOR ALL MANKIND (S2) on AppleTV+; before turning back the clock (a lot) with time-loop crime game TWELVE MINUTES (available…


Episode 1355

The Tomorrow Pod

This week we ponder WHAT IF? with Marvel's new multiverse bending series on Disney+; and warp to a future dystopia with action vehicle THE TOMORROW WAR (Amazon Prime). We also…


Episode 1354

Hitting the console with the Apple TV + gaming satire series, MYTHIC QUEST while singing and dancing to the same streaming network's musical comedy SCHMIGADOON! With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…


Episode 1353


Zero G's MIFF 2021 picks!  Check out miff.com.au for the full program, ticket info & times - as well as details for the MIFF Play online platform where you can stream select…


Episode 1352

Pass The Pando Popcorn

The Melbourne International Film Festival is here! We pluck out our genre faves from a program bursting with the weird, wacky and wonderful. See this episode's long description for…


Episode 1351

Serial Podders

We stroll down the rest of the FEAR STREET trilogy (1978 & 1666) - following up from our look at 1994 a couple weeks ago (Netflix). We also zip through the…


Episode 1350

Natasha Podenuff

Beware the Widow's Bite! We surveil Cate Shortland's long awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, BLACK WIDOW. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough, 'Zero G' explores Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical.


Episode 1349

Blithe Spodded

We crack our axe into the first film in the FEAR STREET trilogy, FEAR STREET 1994 (Netflix); and charleston with Charles Condomine in the latest adaptation of Noel Coward's BLITHE SPIRIT…

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