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Episode #1496: The Podidel

Going rogue with ROGUE, the latest in DOCTOR WHO (Disney+); and who will survive the wasteland in FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA. We also catch up on the latest in space exploration; and…


Episode 1494: Well, JLo!

Rob Jan runs the show today and targets a name known worldwide, JLo! Jennifer Lopez has enough genre screen credits to her name to attract special attention from Zero-G in today's episode. We…


Episode 1493: Thoughts and Pods

A wrap-up of what's on screens, including the latest DOCTOR WHO ep "Boom" (Disney+); a jump through the pixellated puzzle platformer ANIMAL WELL (Steam, PS5, Switch); and farewell to ROGER CORMAN.

King Con…


Episode 1492: Pod the Button!

Dr. Who's most recent season continues its run, and Rob Jan gets into the details, as well as looking back on the show's long history up to this point.


Episode 1491: Monk-ey Podness

Rob Jan & Megan McKeough head to Tudor England with SHARDLAKE, an adaptation of C. J. Sansom's historical mystery book series (Disney+). Then over to Korea with MARRY MY HUSBAND, a time-travel revenge…


Episode 1490: Pod-ssession is Nine Tenths of the Law

Rob and Megan dive into the recently announced reboot of the DC Universe films and anticipate details on the yet-to-release MARVEL blockbuster: DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. They also speculate on a potential guest appearance…


Episode 1489: Okey Podey!

Rob and Megan ascend to the surface Wasteland from Vault 3RRR FM in quest of the videogame inspired AMAZON PRIME television series, FALLOUT, and more.

Note: music has been removed due to copyright.


Episode 1488: Podding Makes Me Feel So Good - The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway!

Rob and Megan discuss cinema and music with Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, and more!


Episode 1487: To Me, My Podman

We chat about more midwest nice-noir with FARGO SEASON 5 on SBS. We also discuss Disney's animated series X-MEN 97, a continuation of the iconic 1997 TV series on Disney+.

Note: the music…


Episode 1486: Schooling the Tripod

Innes Lloyd (David Innes & Rob Lloyd) talk to the Zero G team in detail about their Melbourne Comedy Festival shows Mina vs The Martians, a Dracula spin-off starring Dracula's paramour Mina Harker…

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