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Episode 1299

My Name Is Nopoddy

A tribute to composer Ennio Morricone, with a focus on some of his more genre-influenced outings - a farewell in true Zero G style. With presenters Rob Jan &amp…


Episode 1298

The Spoddit of '76

A L E X A N D E R! We all know his name, thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda's HAMILTON, which we take a look at today, in all…


Episode 1297

Pod Quixote

Oy! We set out on an epic adventure with odd but compelling THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE; and celebrate the return of comics. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…


Episode 1296

Time To Pod

We zoom through the ice on 1001 carriages with the TV series SNOWPIERCER; and try to survive dystopic Korea with TIME TO HUNT. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…


Episode 1295


We farewell the great Ian Holm, and snoop around with the Victorian feminist detective series MISS SCARLET AND THE DUKE. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough, 'Zero G' explores Science Fiction…


Episode 1294

H.Pod Lovecraft

Rob covers the very relevant story collection LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, a unique interpretation of Lovecraftian horror; and Megan connects with sci-fi comedy UPLOAD. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough, 'Zero G'…


Episode 1293

Pod in the Shell 2020

We lift off with new comedy satire SPACE FORCE; and tap in to GHOST IN THE SHELL SAC_2045. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough, 'Zero G' explores…


Episode 1292

K-Pod Two

안녕하세요! Another Korean Zero-G special as we look at some of the nifty new(ish) Korean content now streaming - the dark otherworldly detective series BLACK; as well as a big bite…


Episode 1291

Return of the Mole Podpool

This week we take the path less followed with the interactive Netflix special UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT: KIMMY vs. THE REVEREND; and Rob takes star-flight with the app game…


Episode 1290

Miss Fisher and the Pods of Tears

We take a shot (or two) at the devilishly diabolical (drinking) video game AFTERPARTY (by creators of OXENFREE); and unravel some mystery and mayhem with the…

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