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Zero-G Episode 1410 12 September 2022

Rings Of Podder

We travel back to the Second Age with the lush LoTR prequel THE RINGS OF POWER; and delve into the dark, dastardly world of Dream, with a look at THE…


Episode 1409

She-Pod Smash

Lawyer Show! We smash through our early thoughts on the LA-cool SHE-HULK; and then it's to infinity and beyond with LIGHTYEAR (try not to die!). With presenters Rob Jan and Megan…


Episode 1407


We dumpster dive MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS on DIsney +
With presenters Rob Jan and Megan McKeough.

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Episode 1406

Hunting MIFFs

If It Streams We Can Pod It
We take to the Great Plains and stalk down the latest in the Predator series, PREY (Disney+). We also feast on a buffet of…


Episode 1405

The Wizard of Pod

We click our heels together three times as we delve into documentary LYNCH/OZ, now showing at MIFF! We also cast an all-seeing eye over the 2022 Emmy's nods, and…


Episode 1404

Class Of 70

MIFFion Impossible

We read the annual genre entrails of the 2022 Melbourne International Film Festival, plus, Marvelous news from San Diego Comic Con! With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…


Episode 1403

Omnipod-ence City

Jump aboard the bifrost as we ascend with the neon kinetic THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, and return to Hawkins/the desert/Russia for our final thoughts on Stranger Things Season 4: Vol 2…


Episode 1402

Dirk Gently PI...Podistic Investigator!

We explore the interconnectedness of everything with the Douglas Adams TV adaptation DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY; and start picking through the pickings for this year's Melbourne International Film…


Episode 1401

Bee Movie

Zzz! We zip to Karachi with MS MARVEL; it’s Bean vs Man in MAN VS BEE; and a final look at STAR WARS OBI-WAN. With presenters Rob Jan & Megan McKeough…


Episode 1400

The Upod Down

Back to the upside down for a spoiler-y wrap up of Stranger Things S4 Vol 1; and we celebrate the star spangled man with a plan - the new Captain…

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