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Zero G – 15 July 2024 - Episode #1501: Miffed It By The Much (Podcast Title: Pod Me In The Movies!)

On Today's show we "Get Smart" with early overview selections so you don't "MIFF out" on booking tickets for this year's Melbourne International Film Festival, and we farewell actress Shannon Doherty.

Zero G – 8 July 2024 - Episode #1500: कल्पित विज्ञान kalpit vigyaan (Podcast Title: Podject K)

On today's show, Indian Science Fiction movies focusing upon Director Nag Ashwin Reddy's S.F & Fantasy movie KALKI 2898 AD, plus the new Young Adult Australian Speculative Fiction Anthology BORDERLANDS: RIDING THE SLIPSTREAM.

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Zero G – 1 July 2024 Zero G - Episode #1499: A Quiet Kitty (Podcast Title: The Podable Adams)

We pay tribute to Phillip Adams long watch hosting ABC R.N's Late Night Live, sneak up on A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE, and reverse the polarity of Death itself in the Doctor Who…

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Zero G – 24 June 2024 - Episode #1498: Always With The Negative Waves (Podcast Title: Invasion Of The Poddysnatchers)

We bid farewell to the late Canadian Actor, Donald Sutherland, a cross genre legend with a deep science fiction, fantasy and historical filmography.

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Zero G – 17 June 2024 - Episode #1497: On Set of Horror (Podcast Title: The Podolyte)

We farewell legendary Lancelot WILLIAM RUSSELL; check in with Doctor Who & THE LEGEND OF RUBY SUNDAY; and see what's up with space monks *ahem* I mean Jedi in THE ACOLYTE.

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Zero G – 10 June 2024 - Episode #1496: The Fast and the Furiosa (Podcast Title: The Podidel)

We go rogue with ROGUE, the latest in DOCTOR WHO; and who will survive the wasteland in FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA.

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Zero G – 3 June 2024 - Episode #1495: Discovered (Podcast Title: Let's Pod!)

A final farewell out in the final frontier, with STAR TREK DISCOVERY; and a recap of the last few punchy, gut-wrenching DOCTOR WHO episodes.

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Zero G – 27 May 2024 - Episode #1494: Well, JLo! (Podcast Title: Lopod)

JJennifer Lopez has enough genre screen credits to her name to attract special attention from ZERO-G in today's episode.

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Zero G – 20 May 2024 - Episode #1493: Cor'man! (Podcast Title: Thoughts and Pods)

A wrap-up of what's on screens, including the latest DOCTOR WHO ep "Boom"; a jump through the pixellated puzzle platformer ANIMAL WELL; and farewell to ROGER CORMAN.

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Zero G – 13 May 2024 - Episode #1492: The Devil’s Chord Is In The Details (Podcast Tile: Pod The Button)

Trippin' in the TARDIS with the new episodes of DOCTOR WHO with the 15th Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.

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Zero G – 6 May 2024 - Episode #1491: Mona-story (Podcast Title: Monk-ey Podness)

We head to Tudor England with SHARDLAKE, an adaptation of C. J. Sansom's historical mystery book series. Then over to Korea with MARRY MY HUSBAND, a revenge romance kdrama.

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Zero G – 29 April 2024 - Episode #1490: Carn' The Cairnes! (Podcast Title: Podsession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law)

We look at the head turning Cairnes' Brothers new horror film, LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL, and have a good sniktr at the DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE trailer and check out the upcoming D.C…

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Zero G – 22 April 2024 - Episode #1489: Vaulting Ambitions (Podcast Title: Okey Podey!)

We ascend to the surface Wasteland from Vault 3RRR FM in quest of the video-game inspired AMAZON PRIME television series, FALLOUT.

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Zero G – 15 April 2024 - Episode #1488: Apevengers Assemble! (Podcast Title: Podding Makes Me Feel So Good - The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway!)

The franchise Empires strike back with GODZILLA X KONG - THE NEW EMPIRE and GHOSTBUSTERS FROZEN EMPIRE.

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Zero G – 8 April 2024 - Episode #1487: How Far Can You Go? (Podcast Title: To Me, My Pod-Men!)

More midwest nice-noir with FARGO SEASON 5 (SBS); and Disney's animated series X-MEN 97 (Disney+).

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Zero G – 1 April 2024 - Episode #1486: Where There's A Wilheimina There's A Way (Podcast Title: Schooling The Tripod)

We chat with David Innes and Rob Lloyd about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival show MINA VS THE MARTIANS, and more!

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Zero G – 25 March 2024 - Episode #1485: The Three Bodies Problem (Podcast Title: The Three Poddies Solution)

We work the problem of the streaming science fiction series 3 BODY PROBLEM (NETFLIX), comparing it with the Chinese series 3 BODY (Strreaming on VIKI RAKUTEN), and get a bit festive with this…

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Zero G – 18 March 2024 - Episode #1484: Chick In Nugget (Podcast Title: Podslayer)

Rob and Megan discuss takeaways from the new South Korean's comedy mystery TV series CHICKEN NUGGET (NETFLIX) and fantasy movie DAMSEL (NETFLIX)

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Zero G – 11 March 2024 - Episode #1483: I Think I'm Turning Janpanese (Podcast Title: Podgun)

Clearly no katana's got Rob's tongue, as he unsheathes two excellent adaptations of James Clavell's novel SHOGUN seperated by forty years of television.

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Zero G – 4 March 2024 - Episode #1482: Arrakeen on Dune (Podcast title: Poda-thopters)

Tune in for Dune: Part Two - the windy, sandy, power-hungry, revenge-ridden next installment in Villeneuve's spectacular, epic adaptation of Herbert's classic.

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Zero G – 26 February 2024 - Episode #1481: Lord of Dragons, David Drake (Podcast Title: Can You Podsled? I Dunno, Alaska!

We farewell prolific author David Drake, who leaves behind a rich legacy of genre work. Then we get the chills with the Alaskan season 4 of TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY.

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Zero G – 19 February 2024 - Episode #1480: Webastation (Podcast Title: Deadpod 3: Wolverine & Deadpod)

We welcome DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE to the MCU; give our 2c on THE FANTASTIC FOUR casting; and get entangled in MADAME WEB.

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Zero G – 12 February 2024 - Episode #1479: Sweating In Argyle (Podcast Title: Revenge is a pod best served cold)

This week: the genre gongs from AACTA, Dr Sean McMullen's climate change science fiction novel GENERATION NEMESIS, and we spy on Matthew Vaughan's new movie, ARGYLLE.

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Zero G – 5 February 2024 - Episode #1478: Twenty Twenty-Forwards (Podcast Title: Pod Help Us in the Future!)

This time, we take a quick trip through the life 2024 has had within pop culture (up until now), before discussing the TV shows, movies and games we're anticipating this year.

Zero G – 29 January 2024 - Episode #1477: Matter of the Facts (Podcast Title: Pod Society)

With a flying kick to the chin, we take on British action kung fu comedy Polite Society; and follow some young Americans with Spielberg's latest: Masters of the Air.

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Zero G – 22 January 2024 Zero G #Episode 1476: We Could Be Churros, Just For One Day (Podcast Title: Pod-tect the Family!)

We round up the genre wins from The Golden Globes/Emmy Awards and serve up the gangster dark comedy The Brothers Sun (Netflix).

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Zero G – 15 January 2024 #Episode 1475: There’s No Place Like Echome (Podcast Title: Pod Things)

We sign on for MARVEL'S ECHO (Streaming DISNEY+ Rated TV-MA) and stitch up Yorgos Lanthimos' new Science Fiction Horror Satire POOR THINGS (Limited Cinema Release Rated MA 15+)

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Zero G – 8 January 2024 #Episode 1474: Beauty & The BES - Blue Eye Samurai (Podcast Title: Leave The Pod Behind)

Casting the Netty for the incredible animated series Blue Eye Samurai and the apocalyptic movie Leave the World Behind (Both streaming on Netflix)

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Zero G – 1 January 2024 - #Episode 1473: What If 2024... Turns Out Well? (Podcast Title: No One Will Pod You)

We look at the genre horror movie NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU (DISNEY+) and 2023 MCU in hindsight, focusing in on MARVEL'S WHAT IF...? SEASON 2 (DISNEY+)

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David Bridie – 25 December 2023

David Bridie's annual Christmas Day show on Triple R – this year, live from Antarctica!

Part 2 of 3

Part 1
Part 3


Zero G – 18 December 2023 - #Episode 1472: Bigeneration's Greetings (Podcast Title: The Podakeet King)

Hayao Miyazaki's marvelous latest last film THE BOY AND THE HERON, the DOCTOR WHO 60TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, GIGGLE, and more!

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Zero G – 11 December 2023 - #Episode 1471: Tokyo Gory (Podcast Title: Oh My Godzilla!)

We go head to head with the great glowing kaiju himself in GODZILLA: MINUS ONE; and dissect the unsettling second episode of the DOCTOR WHO 60th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.

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Zero G – 4 December 2023 - Episode #1470: Wholly Doolie! (Podcast Title: Beep The Pod!)

Megan's cosmic trip report from the Sydney concert, PROFESSOR BRIAN COX: SYMPHONICHORIZON, and more of DOCTOR WHO'S 60TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS with a deeper look at THE STAR BEAST.

Zero G – 27 November 2023 - Episode #1469: What's the Matter, Kaiju Got Your Tongue (Podcast Title: Podarch)

We take a dive into the mysterious blue depths with the cozy game DAVE THE DIVER; before stomping through cities with TV show MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS, the latest in the Legendary kaiju…

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Zero G – 20 November 2023 Zero G - Episode #1468 - Marvel Lasses (Podcast Title: Seoular Podder)

Rob marvels at Megan's South Korean trip report and also launches into space with Nia DaCosta's THE MARVELS

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Zero G – 13 November 2023- Episode #1467 - A Not Even Vaguely Loki Approach (Podcast Title: Burdened By Glorious Podpurse)

We make multiversal mischief with Marvel's LOKI: Season 2 (DISNEY+) and the board the classic anime movie GALAXY EXPRESS 999 (DVD, INTERNET ARCHIVE)

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Zero G – 6 November 2023- Episode #1466 - Not the Zero-G's! Not The Gees! (Podcast Title: The Unpodable Weight)

Nick Cage, uncaged in Tom Gormican's 2022 movie THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT (NETFLIX) and also LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS (NETFLIX) the animated Sci-Fi anthology series

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Zero G – 30 October 2023 - Episode #1465 - Who Is't Thee Going To Calleth? (Podcast Title: Art Thee A Pod? )

Copping an Eiffel of THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON (STAN) and ghostwriting the Bard with Rob Lloyd and the theatrical production SHAKESPEARE GHOSTBUSTERS

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Zero G – 23 October 2023 - Episode #1464 - Ballerinarama (Podcast Title: Totally Pod)

Megan McKeough horripilates us with two sinister genre streamers to prep us for Halloween with 2023 movies TOTALLY KILLER (AMAZON PRIME) and BALLERINA (NETFLIX).

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Zero G – 16 October 2023 - Episode #1463: The Last Rob Jan - Well For One Week At Least! (Podcast Title: Baby It's Pod Outside!)

Into the totalitarian abyss with Albert Pinto's NETFLIX streaming oceanic thriller, NOWHERE, and the totally radical TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE IDW Graphic Novel, THE LAST RONIN.

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