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Zero G – 26 September 2022 - Episode #1412

We jump on our bikes and ride circles around the sci-fi, coming-of-age TV show PAPER GIRLS; shoutout the wins at the Emmys (Squid Game squee!) and see what's up with the latest on…

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Zero G – 19 September 2022 - Episode #1411: Djinn's A Tonic

This week it's the sprawling tale of love, loss and Djinn with George Miller's THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING; then onto Jordan Peele's cross-genre ranch horror film NOPE.

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Zero G – 12 September 2022 - Episode #1410: The Lord of the Rinse

We travel back to the Second Age with the lush LoTR prequel THE RINGS OF POWER; and delve into the dark, dastardly world of Dream, with a look at THE SANDMAN.

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Zero G – 5 September 2022 - Episode #1409: It's Not Easy Being Mean, Green and on the Screen

Lawyer Show! We smash through our early thoughts on the LA-cool SHE-HULK; and then it's to infinity and beyond with LIGHTYEAR (try not to die!).

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Zero G – 29 August 2022

An episode of Zero G on 29 August 2022

Zero G – 22 August - Episode #1407: Punaways

We dumpster dive MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS on DIsney +

Zero G – 15 August 2022 - Episode #1406: Hunting MIFFs

We stalk down the latest in the Predator series, PREY; and feast on a buffet of MIFF picks - THE COW WHO SANG A SONG INTO THE FUTURE; THE LONELY SPIRITS VARIETY HOUR…

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Zero G – 8 August 2022 - Episode #1405: Pay No Attention To The Jan Behind The Curtain

We click our heels together three times as we delve into documentary LYNCH/OZ, now showing at MIFF! We also cast an all-seeing eye over the 2022 Emmy's nods, and celebrate the imminent return…

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Zero G – 1 August 2022 - Episode #1404: Class Of 70

We read the annual genre entrails of the 2022 Melbourne International Film Festival, plus, Marvelous news from San Diego Comic Con!

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Zero G – 25 July 2022 - Episode #1403: Oh My Goat!

Jump aboard the bifrost as we ascend with the neon kinetic THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, and return to Hawkins/the desert/Russia for our final thoughts on Stranger Things Season 4: Vol 2.

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Zero G – 18 July 2022 - Episode #1402: Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all

We explore the interconnectedness of everything with TV adaptation DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY; and start picking through the pickings for this year's MIFF!

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Zero G – 11 July 2022 - Episode 1401: Bee Movie

Zzz! We zip to Karachi with MS MARVEL; it's Bean vs bee with MAN VS BEE; and a final look at OBI-WAN.

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Zero G – 4 July 2022 - Episode 1400: Dustin' Time

Back to the upside down for a spoiler-y wrap up of Stranger Things S4 Vol 1; and we celebrate the star spangled man with a plan - the new Captain America comics!

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Zero G – 27 June 2022 - Episode #1399: Mortar And Hammer

We acknowledge the experimental psychothriller SPIDERHEAD on Netflix, muse over the genre musical results of the ABC Classics 100 weekend, and saber STAR WARS: OBI-WAN KENOBI on Disney +

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Zero G – 20 June 2022 - Episode #1398: I Was Made For It

Today's attraction is Guillermo del Toro's movie Neo-noir thriller NIGHTMARE ALLEY; then we head over to Jersey City to visit MS. MARVEL.

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Zero G – 13 June 2022 - Episode #1397: Intercepted!

This week: Evan Ross Katz's book INTO EVERY GENERATION A SLAYER IS BORN: HOW BUFFY STAKED OUR HEARTS (Hachette Books) and Writer and Director Matthew Reilly's debut movie INTERCEPTOR (Netflix).

Zero G – 6 June 2022 - Episode #1396: There Must Be An Upside To The Downside

We ride our essential '80s bicycles in pursuit of STRANGER THINGS - SEASON 4 on Netflix and don dusty Jedi hoodies for Disney+ STAR WARS: OBI-WAN KENOBI.

Zero G – 30 May 2022 - Episode #1395: Yeoh, Stranger! Everything's Everywhere All At Once In A Multiverse Of Madness!


Zero G – 23 May 2022 - Episode #1394: All At Once, Everything Is Everywhere!

SHE-HULK smashes out a trailer, the genre beats of Eurovision, and Ncuti Gatwa; WHO is the new DOCTOR!

Zero G – 16 May 2022 - Episode #1393: Stranger Things

We gaze with the Mystic Eye Of Agamotto at Sam Raimi's DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS and farewell
U.S American Artist and Writer, George Perez.

Zero G – 9 May 2022 - Episode #1392: Only Murders At The After Party

It's a murder mystery double header! We get clued up on the DISNEY+ series ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING and the APPLETV+ series THE AFTERPARTY.

Zero G – 2 May 2022 - Episode #1391: Moonatics

Marveling at the inspired lunacy that is the new DISNEY + series, MOON KNIGHT!

Zero G – 25 April 2022 - Episode #1390: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

DOCTOR WHO - LEGEND OF THE SEA DEVILS buckles all the swashes on the ABC, and we climb Dominique Rocher's surreal mini-series, THE ROPE on SBS ON DEMAND.

Zero G – 18 April 2022 - Episode #1389: Tri Topping Sara

Melbourne Museum is a site for saurian eyes with its new Triceratops fossil exhibition and we launder the multiverse in the movie EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE.

Zero G – 11 April 2022 - Episode #1388: Know Where Your Trowel Is

This week we dig the new Time Team (on YouTube), open the genre envelope on the Oscars, and have a giggle at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Zero G – 4 April 2022 - Episode #1387: Dinner Date

This week we panda to the charming animated movie TURNING RED (Disney+) and digest the horror feature FRESH (DIsney+)

Zero G – 28 March 2022 - Episode #1386: Free Guy With Every Game

After a brisk round-up of genre telly news we fight the Dude Boss Battle of Shawn Levy's video game movie FREE GUY, and take a pikka at Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

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Zero G – 21 March 2022 - Episode #1385: Zee Gee

Ghoul's in! We rampage through the hallways of South Korean zombie series, ALL OF US ARE DEAD, and Picard, any card, with Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

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Zero G – 14 March 2022 - Episode #1384: Monique, Robot Fighter

We hi(Union)jack the new Marvel Captain Carter comic book, and tinker with Jean-Pierre Jeunet's A.I comedy, BIGBUG, streaming on NETFLIX.

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Zero G – 7 March 2022 - Episode #1383: The SFateful 8

We explore the light and shade of Marvel-inspired CLOAK AND DAGGER (Disney+) and the sci-fi South Korean anthology sereis, SF8 (SBS).

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Zero G – 28 February 2022 - Episode #1382: What's The Matter, Katana Got Your Tongue?

Unsheathing two Samurai films: Jim Jarmusch's classic GHOST DOG: WAY OF THE SAMURAI and Takashi Miike's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL.

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Zero G – 21 February 2022 - Episode #1381: Fett First

We sand down the two DISNEY + streaming offerings THE BOOK OF BOBBA FETT and Wes Anderson's THE FRENCH DISPATCH.

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Zero G – 14 February 2022 - Episode #1380: Mauseum Piece

Today, on Zero-G, Megan and Rob retrospectively review Art Spiegelman's iconic 1980's anthropomorphic graphic novel about the Holocaust, MAUS.

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Zero G – 7 February 2022 - Episode #1379: S.H.I.E.L.D Be Right

As all supervillains are wont to do, Rob monologues about those cursed do-gooders of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (Streaming on Disney +)

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Zero G – 31 January 2022 - Episode #1378: Disco Encanto

We start in a post-war alternate crime bog with video game DISCO ELYSIUM, but finish with the enchanting technicolor animated film ENCANTO.

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Zero G – 24 January 2022 - Episode #1377:Beltalowdown

Rob expands upon the sixth and final season of one of the finest Science Fiction space series on television, THE EXPANSE (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

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Zero G – 17 January 2022 - Episode #1376: Life is Strange Down the Rabbit Hole

Megan runs the ship solo, and covers narrative video game LIFE IS STRANGE: TRUE COLOURS and the darkly weird Frankenstein/Mean Girls vibe of Mona Awad's novel BUNNY.

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Zero G – 10 January 2022 - Episode #1375: The Da Finchy Code

DON'T LOOK UP from reading the BOOK OF BOBA FETT or you'll be FINCHed!!

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Zero G – 3 January 2022- Episode #1374: Sand Spiders

More DUNE walking, we take a thwip with SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, and a quick round up of...Thingies!

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Zero G – 27 December 2021 - Episode #1373: A Sietch In Time Saves Kynes

Like sands through an hourglass... this is the Zero G DUNE hour! We discuss the much anticipated Denis Villeneuve film, as we zig zag our way across the cast list, history, and characters.

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