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Zero G – 4 December 2023

An episode of Zero G on 4 December 2023

Zero G – 27 November 2023 - Episode #1469: What's the Matter, Kaiju Got Your Tongue (Podcast Title: Podarch)

We take a dive into the mysterious blue depths with the cozy game DAVE THE DIVER; before stomping through cities with TV show MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS, the latest in the Legendary kaiju…

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Zero G – 20 November 2023 Zero G - Episode #1468 - Marvel Lasses (Podcast Title: Seoular Podder)

Rob marvels at Megan's South Korean trip report and also launches into space with Nia DaCosta's THE MARVELS

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Zero G – 13 November 2023- Episode #1467 - A Not Even Vaguely Loki Approach (Podcast Title: Burdened By Glorious Podpurse)

We make multiversal mischief with Marvel's LOKI: Season 2 (DISNEY+) and the board the classic anime movie GALAXY EXPRESS 999 (DVD, INTERNET ARCHIVE)

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Zero G – 6 November 2023- Episode #1466 - Not the Zero-G's! Not The Gees! (Podcast Title: The Unpodable Weight)

Nick Cage, uncaged in Tom Gormican's 2022 movie THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT (NETFLIX) and also LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS (NETFLIX) the animated Sci-Fi anthology series

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Zero G – 30 October 2023 - Episode #1465 - Who Is't Thee Going To Calleth? (Podcast Title: Art Thee A Pod? )

Copping an Eiffel of THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON (STAN) and ghostwriting the Bard with Rob Lloyd and the theatrical production SHAKESPEARE GHOSTBUSTERS

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Zero G – 23 October 2023 - Episode #1464 - Ballerinarama (Podcast Title: Totally Pod)

Megan McKeough horripilates us with two sinister genre streamers to prep us for Halloween with 2023 movies TOTALLY KILLER (AMAZON PRIME) and BALLERINA (NETFLIX).

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Zero G – 16 October 2023 - Episode #1463: The Last Rob Jan - Well For One Week At Least! (Podcast Title: Baby It's Pod Outside!)

Into the totalitarian abyss with Albert Pinto's NETFLIX streaming oceanic thriller, NOWHERE, and the totally radical TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE IDW Graphic Novel, THE LAST RONIN.

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Zero G – 9 October 2023 - Episode #1462: Mad Gods And Iron Men (Podcast Title: Pod Animation)

We catch up with IRON MAN in the comic Books and descend into the stop-animated hellscape of Phil Tippett's movie, MAD DOG (SHUDDER DVD, also Streaming For Rent on YOUTUBE).

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Zero G – 2 October 2023 - Episode #1461: DuckTales (Podcast Title: Open Channel Pod)

We go rogue with Gareth Edwards' new sci-fi film, THE CREATOR; and make a great escape to say farewell to David McCallum.

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Zero G – 25 September 2023 - Episode #1460: Mon Dieues, N'est Ce Pas? (Podcast Title: The Labours of Hercules Podot)

We take a trip to shadowy, stormy Venice with the spooky Gothic horror A HAUNTING IN VENICE, the latest entry in Kenneth Branaugh's Hercule Poirot film series. Squawk!

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Zero G – 18 September 2023 - Episode #1459: The Amazing Amazone (Podcast title: Do You Want Pod-apple on That?)

It's a wonderful life with the WONDER WOMAN HISTORIA: THE AMAZONS graphic novel; and up from the sewers and ninja-kicking it's way through cinemas is animated adventure TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: MUTANT MAYHEM.

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Zero G – 11 September 2023 - Episode #1458: So A Crew (Podcast title: They Podded Tyrone)

We cast away and set sail with Luffy and the "crew" in the ONE PIECE live action adaptation; and it's a 70s retro-sensibility conspiracy with Blaxploitation sci-fi comedy THEY CLONED TYRONE.

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Zero G – 28 August 2023 - Episode #1456: Sky-Higher Learning

Learn all that is learnable on today's sky-highly educational 2023 Triple R Radiothon special.

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Zero G – 21 August 2023 -Episode #1455: You Can’t Wake Up If You Don’t Fall Asleep

We discover one last 2023 MIFF Film, Argentinian Director Lisandro Alonso's EUREKA, and ponder the symmetry of Wes Anderson's new movie, ASTEROID CITY.

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Zero G – 14 August 2023 - Episode #1454: The MIFFtery Machine

We zoom in on 2023 Melbourne International Film Festival pictures that we've seen, and we bid farewell to filmmaker William Friedkin.

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Zero G – 7 August 2023 - Episode #1453: Guerrilla Filmmakers In The Miff

Again with the reading of the entrails of this year's Melbourne International Film Festival in Part Two of our traditional Zero-G Pick List.

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Zero G – 31 July 2023 - Episode #1452: Don’t Cry For Me, Dario Argento.

We pick the juicy genre giblets out of this year's Melbourne International Film Festival in Part One of our traditional Zero-G Pick List.

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Zero G – 24 July 2023 - Episode #1451: Hat's That

We turn back the dial to 1969 (and beyond!) to look at the latest whip-cracking Indy adventure - INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY!

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Zero G – 17 July 2023 - Episode #1450: Now Is The Winter Of Dis Content

We shuffle through the pages of the George Romero and Daniel Kraus novel THE LIVING DEAD (PENGUIN PAPERBACK) and stare into BLACK MIRROR SEASON 6 (NETFLIX).

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Zero G – 10 July 2023 - Episode #1449: My Nimona

We shift shapes alongside the animated science fantasy movie NIMONA (NETFLIX), continue to marvel at DEADLOCH (ABC iVIEW) and look at the 4-part documentary 10 YEARS WITH HAYAO MIYAZAKI (NHK JAPAN).

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Zero G – 3 July 2023 - Episode 1448: I'm Chatman

We run alongside director Andy Muschietti's new D.C.U entry, THE FLASH, plus a quick warp through some other streaming drops.

Zero G – 26 June 2023 - Episode 1447: It's Not Easy Being Green

I spy with my little eyepatch, Nicholas J.Fury in Marvel's new DISNEY+ streaming spy-fi series, SECRET INVASION, plus we take another pass at DEADLOCH (ABC iVIEW)

Zero G – 19 June 2023 - Episode #1446: It Was The Best Of Times It Was The Multiverse Of Times

We swing through the 'thwipping yarn' that is the animated movie, SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE.

Zero G – 12 June 2023 - Episode #1445: As You Value Your Life Stay Away From The Moore

We wade through the textually rich, boggy waters of Alan Moore (and a host of artists) and his iconic 1980's run on D.C/Vertigo's SWAP THING comic book.

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Zero G – 5 June 2023 - Episode #1444: Yes, We Vlad-idate Parking

It's bug-eating, fanged madness in the comedy horror flick about everyone's favourite lackey, RENFIELD; and we wrap up our look at THE MUPPETS MAYHEM (Disney+).

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Zero G – 29 May 2023 - Episode #1443: Triptych

We dig deep into the troubles & trials of portraying historical true crime on screen, with a look at BOSTON STRANGLER (2023), THE BOSTON STRANGLER (1968) & NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY…

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Zero G – 22 May 2023 - Episode #1442: Gonzo Journalism

We check out the new Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem-focused Muppet TV show, MUPPETS MAYHEM, and sweep Eurovision for the genre performances.

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Zero G – 15 May 2023 - Episode #1441: Good Guardians!

This week we 'ship with THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in Volume 3 of their Marvel Movie series, plus a quick squizz at some multiversal trailers!

Zero G – 8 May 2023 - Episode #1440: Man In Delorean

It's Mandas galore from here to Mandalore, as we check out season 3 of THE MANDALORIAN; and we hit the city streets and sewers with BATMAN VS TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.

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Zero G – 1 May 2023 - Episode #1439: Resistance is Lucrative

We see how the blocks fall in TETRIS, the 80s-set "biopic" for the popular game; and wrap our season 3 STAR TREK: PICARD journey. Engage!

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Zero G – 24 April 2023 - Episode #1438: It Is A Good Day To Dice

Today we roll the dice for destiny with the film Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, and the series The Big Door Prize (Apple TV+).

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Zero G – 17 April 2023 - Episode #1437: Powering Through It!

We zap through a look at THE POWER (Amazon Prime), an empowering, coming-of-age dystopia based on the novel by Naomi Alderton.

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Zero G – 10 April 2023 - Episode #1436: Watta World

The 'shipping report from post apocalyptic comedy CLASS OF '07 (PRIME) and we roar with the latest Marvelk animated series MOON-GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR (DISNEY+)

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Zero G – 3 April 2023 - Episode #1435: Totally Rigged

We descend into darkness/madness with sci-fi psychodrama THE RIG; and do our best to detect and solve point-and-click game THE CASE OF THE GOLDEN IDOL.

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Zero G – 27 March 2023 - Episode #1434: Arthur Moment

Green packaging for HASBRO's Ironheart action figure, and Arthurian comic books and BOOM STUDIO'S ONCE AND FUTURE graphic novels, and Adam Driver lases dinos in Scott Beck and Bryan Woods' new movie, 65.

Zero G – 20 March 2023 - Episode #1433: Slash-It's Quarry

Megan takes a stab at interactive horror game THE QUARRY, then heads to the big city with ghostface for SCREAM VI.

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Zero G – 13 March 2023 - Episode #1432: "EEAAO"

We hit the jackpot with the season finale of POKER FACE (Strreaming on STAN) and tease the Oscars, plus new seasons of our fave shows.

Zero G – 6 March 2023 - Episode #1431: Quantum G, Or A Funny Thing Hap-Pymmed on the Way to the Realm

We shrink right down and scuttle through the realm with Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania!

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