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Listen to Zero G – 22 May 2023 - Episode #1442: Gonzo Journalism01:00:0022 May 2023

It's absolute mayhem in today's show - MUPPETS MAYHEM! We check out the new Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem-focused Muppet TV show on Disney+, and sweep Eurovision for the genre performances.

Playlist for Zero G – 22 May 2023 - Episode #1442: Gonzo Journalism
  • Koinu no Carnival (from Minute Waltz)Ehamic
  • Suffragette City - The Muppets Take the BowlDr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
  • The Muppets Mayhem MedleyMick Giacchino
  • Can You Picture That?Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem
  • Right Place Wrong Time (from In The Right Place)Dr John
  • Bridge Over Troubled WaterDr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
  • Queen of KingsAlessandra

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