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Radiotherapy - 8 December 2019

Matiu Bush - Deputy Director of the Health Transformation Lab at RMIT and Founder of One Good Street - joins the team to talk innovation and creativity in health care; some further updates…


Radiotherapy - 1 December 2019

The history and treatment of HIV/AIDS is explored on World AIDS Day; the ethics of accepting gifts from patients; and the efficacy of calcium and vitamin D supplements. Also discussed are the findings…


Radiotherapy - 24 November 2019

Professor Bob Jones AM - a surgeon who has performed over a thousand liver transplants - describes the work of the Victorian Adult and Paediatric Liver Transplant Unit; recent liver transplant recipient Bella…


Radiotherapy - 17 November 2019

The relationship between climate change and health - particularly the dangers of undernutrition -  is canvassed by Associate Professor Yuming Guo from Monash University. Dr. Guo is from Monash's Department of Epidemiology and…


Radiotherapy - 10 November 2019

Cameron Solnordal, Peer Ambassador for SANE Australia, and star of the SBS show ‘How Mad Are You’ talks to the team about the lived experience of having schizophrenia; the team discuss the potential…


Radiotherapy - 3 November 2019

The team cover poo packs and public health, and why people are disinclined to send their poo for health screenings; surprising new research on codeine and its impacts; plus, the private health insurance…


Radiotherapy - 27 October 2019

The team talk bunions, feet care and appropriate footwear with podiatric surgeon Dr Omar Baarini; Dr Jodie Fleming, a clinical and health psychologist and author of ‘A Hole in My Genes: A Memoir’…


Radiotherapy - 20 October 2019

The team canvas adolescent mental health, and chat to adolescent health experts Melissa Kang, Angela Grant, Rohan Borschmann and Ella Cehun, ahead of the Australian Association of Adolescent Health conference taking place in…


Radiotherapy - 13 October 2019

Join Dr DoLittle, PanelBeater and CyberSue as they talk about cyber attacks and social media potrayals of self help. They will also have A/Prof Hassan Vally, an epidemiologist from La Trobe University, joining…


Radiotherapy - 06 October 2019

Join Dr Nic, Rainbow Doc, Miss Diagnosis and Prudence Steer as they discuss all things medical news, Green Health, Breast Cancer and Screening for Breast Cancer and how to manage exam stress.

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