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Radiotherapy - 06 October 2019

Join Dr Nic, Rainbow Doc, Miss Diagnosis and Prudence Steer as they discuss all things medical news, Green Health, Breast Cancer and Screening for Breast Cancer and how to manage exam stress.


Radiotherapy - 29 September 2019

Join Dr Mal Practice, Nurse Epipen and Dr G Spot on their cracker of a show as they chat to Rich Stevens from the Stuttering Association for the Young on the role they…


Radiotherapy - 22 September 2019

Join Panelbeater and Neonatal on a very special footy finals episode of Radiotherapy, where they interview Simone Muscat, a physiotherapist who has worked with the AFLW, and Dr Andrew Jowett, one of the…


Radiotherapy - 08 September 2019

Join Dr Nic, Prudence Steer and Panel Beater as they discuss everything new in medical news. They will be joined by Heidi & Jess from Quadia, a play detailing the lived experience of…


Radiotherapy - 1 September 2019

Join Mal Practice, Nurse Epipen and Doctor G Spot as they discuss what is new in medical news. They will be joined by Professor Paul Myles, an anaesthetist who will walk the team…


Radiotherapy - 11 August 2019

Join Dr Nic, Miss Diagnosis, Rainbow Doc and Panel Beater as they discuss the latest in medical news, the Private Lives 3 survey, how doctors interpret patient presentations and how and why doctors…


Radiotherapy - 4 August 2019

Join Doctor Mal-Practice, Doctor G-Spot and Neonatal as they discuss whats new in medical news and all things radiotherapy. They are joined by some very special guests to discuss the wonders of Transcranial…


Radiotherapy - 28 July 2019

Join Panel Beater, Doctor Sharma, Training Wheels and Radiotherapy's newest member, Neonatal, as they discuss medical education and the personal experiences of their very own medical students!


Radiotherapy - 21 July 2019

Join DoLittle, Trainer Wheels, Cyber Sue and Panel Beater as they discuss the recent Harvard Trigger Warning Study, how infectious disease deaths are rising and current medical news.


Radiotherapy - 14 July 2019

Join Dr Nic, Prudence Steer, Miss Diagnosis, Rainbow Doc and Panel beater as they discuss what's new in medical news, political prisoners and PTSD and how seagulls are related to antibiotic resistance. They…

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A team of irreverent (but relatively well qualified) medicos and special guests from around Australia and the Globe shed light on everything from Asthma to Zika Virus, your headaches and your heartaches, your sneezing and your snoozing, your meditation and your medication - it's your prescription with your Triple R subscription!