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How to Best Support Your Breasts

Join hosts Miss Perineum and Dr Training Wheels as they delve into an episode dedicated to breast health and wellness. The team speak to Tish Tily from She Science, a bra fitting expert…


How Are Reproductive Rights in Australia Holding Up Today?

Dr Mal Practice, Dr Kit Kat and Nurse Epipen are joined by Associate Professor in Monash University's Faculty of Law Dr Ronli Sifris and Melbourne IVF gynaecologist Dr Melissa Cameron. Dr Sifris discusses…


New Co-host, Youth Extremism and the Future of our Health Care System

This week your hosts Panel Beater, Dr. Neo and new co-host Dr. Living speak to Peta Lowe, former Director Countering Violent Extremism for Juvenile Justice in the NSW Department of Justice, to discuss…


Addressing Health-Related Concerns on a Social and Political Level

Panel Beater, Dr Neo and Dr Living are joined by risk assessment practitioner Peta Lowe and Victorian Healthcare Association CEO Leigh Clarke. In the wake of a recent Sydney church stabbing perpetrated by…


Preparing Toddlers and Motor Function in Infants

Dr. Nick, Dr. Sonia and Prudence Dear speaks to pediatrician Dr. Daniel Golshevsky better known as Dr. Golly about his new book, 'Our Baby Our Baby, What Do You Need?' about how to…


AI in digital health and the impact of digital technology on health misinformation

Hosts Cyber Sioux, Miss Perineum and Training Wheels explore the influence of AI and technology on the healthcare system. This episode features Prof. Kate Burbury discussing AI's role in digital health, Dr. Julian…


A Look at Orygen

Dr Kit Kat and Dr Lexicon are joined by two researchers for youth mental health policy think tank Orygen: Dr Erica Neill and Dr Imogen Bell. Dr Neil dives into the concept of…


Radiotherapy 7 April 2024

The doctors speak to 3 guests in a very special episode this week. First up is Professor Robyn Langham from the TGA, with whom they discuss the dangers of hollywood drug 'Ozempic', and…


New research into treating menopause and supporting those with ovarian cancer

Dr Nick, Prudence Dear and Miss Diagnosis speak with Professor Martha Hickey on her new research into empowering women experiencing menopause, why the best treatment is still so uncertain, and different cultural views…


Resistance training for kids & front line healthcare experiences

Welcome to Radiotherapy! Join hosts Training Wheels and Cyber Siouxz as they chat with Dr. Stuart Evans about resistance training for kids, exploring the educational aspects. Then, Graham Duggan, Country Health Manager at…

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