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Palliative Care, Dog Psychology, and Walks Along the Beach

Dr Sonia Fullerton, a consultant in palliative care at Peter Mac Cancer Centre, discusses palliative care and recent research on advanced care planning with cancer patients; Prudence Dear explores dog psychology; Rainbow Doc…


Genetic Counselling, Aerosol Transmission, and COVID-19 Awards

Lauren Thomas, Associate Genetic Counsellor at the Victorian Clinical Genetics Service, discusses the role of genetics counsellors, and her study involving parents with kids living with genetic conditions; the team canvass the differences…


Schizophrenia, Aspirin, and the Positive Body Image Chatbot

Dr Caitlin Yolland, a Postdoctoral Researcher at Swinburne University, canvasses research on how oxidative stress relates to symptoms of schizophrenia; Professor John McNeil AO, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine…


Addiction, Indigenous Health, and a new Psych Podcast

Professor Dan Lubman, Turning Point Executive Clinical Director, and part of the SBS show Addicted Australia, discusses how addiction treatment needs to change in Australia; Psychiatry Registrars Alanna, Shakira, and Michael, talk…


Vaccine Uptake and the Ethics of Human Challenge Trials

Yanne Liu and Katya Gvozdenko, Monash University researchers, discuss their involvement in the Influenza Ideas Hackathon and ways to increase the uptake of the flu vaccine; Prudence Dear canvasses the latest developments in…


Empathy Cards and Victoria's Coronavirus Response

Kate Kenfield, speaker, writer, educator and creator of 'Tea & Empathy' feeling cards, discusses why she designed the cards and how they help people communicate emotions and experiences; and Professor Michael Toole AM…


Larundel, Brain Tumors, and COVID-19

Margaret Leggatt and Sandy Jeffs, co-authors of Out of the Madhouse: From Asylums to Caring Community?, explore the history of Larundel Psychiatric Hospital; Professor Kate Drummond AM, neurosurgeon and Director of Neurosurgery…


The Future of Healthcare, Stigma, and Telehealth

Professor Shitij Kapur, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne, discusses how COVID might impact the future of healthcare; Dr Patient explores the key findings…


Single Session Therapy, Practice Based Evidence, and Milk/Mylk

Prudence Dear explores the efficacy of single-session therapy in comparison to long-term therapy; Rainbow Doc discusses the application of practice-based evidence in treatment guidelines; Miss Diagnosis compares the health benefits of different types…


Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Pandemic Conspiracy Theories

Professor of Psychology Greg Murray sheds light on exactly what seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is; and Panel Beater and Dr Sharma discuss a recent journal article on the response to the pandemic. The…

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