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Mental Health in Regional Australia

Brett Heslop, a psychiatric nurse and service director at the Sunshine Coast region mental health services, and Dr Clive, a senior psychiatrist, discuss their journey to becoming psychiatric health practitioners and share their…


Andrew Denton on Voluntary Assisted Dying

Andrew Denton, Australian media luminary and Assisted Dying expert, discusses his Better Off Dead podcast and compares Australia's voluntary assisted dying legislation to the rest of the world; Nicola Henry, Associate Professor and…


Dr. Alex Wodak on Drug Reform, and Undergraduate Drinking

Dr Alex Wodak AM, veteran drug law reformer, doctor, and advocate at Harm Reduction Australia, discusses the history of drug policy and drug treatment, and explores the future of drug reform; and the…


Women Surgeons

Dr Yumiko Kadota, author of the memoir Emotional Female, reveals her experience as a surgical trainee; Dr Natalie Ngan, a plastic surgeon, discusses her work in breast augmentation and reconstruction; and Dr Kate…


Women's Health, Endometriosis, and First Aid

Dr Jessica Lowe, a consultant obstetrician gynecologist and surgeon, discusses the latest developments in women's health and the treatment of endometriosis; Cyber Sioux explores the usefulness of first aid courses; and the team…


Psychs on Bikes and the Life and Teachings of Dr Melissa Harte

Dr Joe Dunn, a Psychiatrist and founder of Psychs on Bikes, joins the Radiotherapy team to canvas the work they do in providing mental health checks to rural and remote communities across Australia…


The Politics of Pandemics, and the Harms of Vaping

Adjunct Professor Bill Bowtell AO, Australia's foremost health policy strategist and author of Unmasked: The Politics of Pandemics, explores how nature creates viruses, but politics creates pandemics; Dr Neo discusses the indirect effect…


Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health, and Blood Health

Professor Stephen Jane, Foundation Dean of the Sub Faculty of Translational Medicine and Public Health at Monash University, canvasses the symptoms and treatment of sickle cell disease; Professor Erica Wood, a Transfusion Medicine…


The Impact of the Pandemic on Frontline Healthcare Workers

Senior clinicians Dr Marie Bismark and Dr Toby Winton-Brown discuss the impact of the pandemic on frontline healthcare workers; Dr Doolittle canvasses his research on indigenous models of healthcare in rural communities; and…


Eating Disorders, Ovarian Cancer, Education Outcomes of Children of Same Sex Parents

Prudence Dear canvasses recent research on the best treatment for eating disorders; Rainbow Doc discusses the academic outcomes of children raised by same sex parents; Miss Diagnoisis explores whether stretching before excercising helps…

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