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Dr. Michael Mosley, and the Surprising Benefits of Isolation

British doctor, television presenter, health journalist and author Dr. Michael Mosley discusses his new book Covid-19: What you need to know about the Coronavirus and the Race for the Vaccine; Dr Patient…


Transgender Health; and Staying Stoic During Lockdown

Provisional Psychologist Lee Taube canvasses their latest research on transgender health, wellbeing, and adversity; Miss Diagnosis shares her experience as a doctor working on the pandemic frontline; Prudence Dear explores the practice of…


Community Housing Hard Lockdown

The team focus on the health and well-being of the Melbourne community housing residents who have been living through a hard lockdown over the past week, with guests Awatif Taha, a resident of…


Venting your Spleen, Community Care, and Genital Body Image

Dr Josie Samers, a GP Consultant in the GP Liaison team at Alfred Health, canvasses the role of GPs in post-hospital community care; Kaz Cooke, cartoonist and author of many books on girls…


Family Violence and Addiction during the Pandemic

Professor Kelsey Hegarty, who holds the joint Chair in Family Violence Prevention at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Women's Hospital, discusses research into managing family violence in hospitals; Dr Doolittle and…


Geneticist Professor David Sinclair on Longevity

In this interview special, Australian-born, Harvard Medical School geneticist Professor David Sinclair talks to Radiotherapy's Panel Beater (aka Kent Goldsworthy) about his research on the role of exercise, diet, intermittent fasting, and cutting-edge…


Euthanasia, Fast Food, and End of Life Care

Pharmacist Prof Michael Dooley talks about euthanasia medication and its use in end of life care; Dr Gemma Sharp AKA Dr G-Spot discusses her entry in to The Early Career Researcher Showcase Finals…


The Science of Ageing with Dr. Kate Gregorevic

Dr. Kate Gregorevic, who works in both acute hospital medicine and community settings, talks about how we can avoid or manage major diseases as we age, including heart health, diabetes and dementia, and…


Eating Like an Animal, Drunkorexia, and Lung Transplants

Professor Stephen J. Simpson, Entomologist and co-author of new book Eat Like The Animals, discusses the appetites of animals and what this means for our own diets; Respiratory physician Professor Trevor Williams canvasses…


Dermatology, Telehealth, and Schools

Dermatologist Professor Rod Sinclair discusses hand washing and the impact of coronavirus on patient consultations; Cyber Sioux talks about the uptake of telehealth during the crisis; Dr Spock canvasses coronavirus in schools; and…

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