Listen to Eating Disorders, Fake Medicine with Dr. Brad McKay, and Pregnancy Uncut51:269 May 2021

Georgie Buckley, a dietitian and PhD candidate at Swinburne University, discusses diets, disordered eating, and eating disorder prevention; Dr Brad McKay, GP, broadcaster and author of Fake Medicine: Exposing the Wellness Crazes, Cons and Quacks Costing Us Our Health, explores evidence based medicine and medical myths; and Dr Alex Umbers, a medical researcher and GP, discusses her podcast Pregnancy Uncut and all things motherhood and pregnancy. With presenters Dr Mal Practice, Nurse Epipen, and Dr G Spot. 





About this program

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A team of irreverent (but relatively well qualified) medicos and special guests from around Australia and the Globe shed light on everything from Asthma to Zika Virus, your headaches and your heartaches, your sneezing and your snoozing, your meditation and your medication - it's your prescription with your Triple R subscription!

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