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Max Headroom – 10 October 2019

Alex Watts speaks to musician Nic Dalton from mid-‘80s cult indie band, The Plunderers.

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Max Headroom – 3 October 2019

Mia Timpano shines a spotlight on contemporary experimental metal from Melbourne and across Australia.

Max Headroom – 26 September 2019

Josh Meggitt talks to Alice Cohen about her new band The Channel 14 Weather Team

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Max Headroom – 19 September 2019

Con Kalamaras explores the music of Athenian band Imam Baildi.

Max Headroom – 12 September 2019

Michael Skinner, Leonie Brialey and Gerard Smith pay tribute to musician and poet David Berman.

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Max Headroom – 5 September 2019

Jonathan Alley delves into New Zealand songwriter and performer, Shayne Carter's dark and uproarious autobiography ‘Dead People I Have Known'.

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Max Headroom – 29 August 2019

Nik Tripp presents The Sounds Of Singapore.

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Max Headroom – 22 August 2019

Damien Lawlor and some mates from RRR go to the Triple R-cade! It's on like Donkey Kong for Radiothon '19

Max Headroom – 15 August 2019

Zulya Kamalova presents 'What a voice!' An exploration of the human voice.

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Max Headroom – 8 August 2019

Tristen Harris (Golden Age of Piracy) talks to Spoon singer, songwriter, and founding member, Britt Daniel.

Max Headroom – 1 August 2019

Judith Peppard invites authors, Tanya Dalziel and Paul Genoni, to discuss the life and times of Australian writers Charmian Clift and George Johnston.

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Max Headroom – 25 July 2019

Con Kalamaras delves into the music of mysterious Singer/Songwriter Kostas Bezo

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Max Headroom – 18 July 2019

Andrew Delaney speaks to Frank Black on the 25th anniversary of his 2nd solo album, Teenager of the Year.

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Max Headroom – 11 July 2019

Dan Dare explores the evolution of digital music distribution and the rise of streaming services.

Max Headroom – 4 July 2019

Aisha Pachoud celebrates the Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla on the 27th asnniversary of his death. 

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Max Headroom – 27 June 2019

Catch Eliza Herbert in conversation with author Sophie Cunningham discussing her book of personal essays, City of Trees: Essays on Life, Death and the Need for a Forest.

Max Headroom – 20 June 2019

Jenny Davis explores the history of Melbourne's observatories, the Great Melbourne Telescope, and the women behind the Astrographic Catalogue.

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Max Headroom – 13 June 2019

Rachel Connor speaks with Tim Cole and Baobao Chen, the creative forces behind Small Island Big Song - an ambitious sonic and visual project uniting first nation artists across the islands of the…

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Max Headroom – 6 June 2019

Joshua Meggitt speaks with Spencer Clark, one of the most exciting and difficult to categorise musicians working today.

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Max Headroom – 30 May 2019

The Golden Age of Piracy's Tristen Harris talks to Steve Diggle - guitarist of the seminal UK punk band The Buzzcocks.

Max Headroom – 23 May 2019

Maddie Stuchbery takes you on a journey down The Yarra River.

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Max Headroom – 16 May 2019

Charlie Miller compiles an introductory dive into the many intriguing sounds of the contemporary South Korean music scene.

Max Headroom – 9 May 2019

Kate Reid takes us on a psychedelic trip through the strange and wonderful world of acid folk with Adam Cole of local band Trappist Afterland.

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Max Headroom – 2 May 2019

David Adams talks to Hugh Cornwell, legendary songwriter and guitarist of the Stranglers, on the eve of his solo Australian tour. 

Max Headroom – 25 April 2019

An episode of Max Headroom on 25 April 2019

Max Headroom – 18 April 2019

Justin Cantrell explores the ideas surrounding Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental and New Age Music from 1980 to 1990. 

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Max Headroom – 11 April 2019

Flick Ford lends an ear to strange pairings of sound and image in contemporary cinema.

Max Headroom – 4 April 2019

It's a Kick Like A Girl end-of-season takeover! Join Kirby Fenwick, writer and the creator of the AFLW audio documentary The First Friday in February, Chyloe Kurdas AFLW expert and commentator, and…

Max Headroom – 28 March 2019

Sam Cummins celebrates the 5th birthday of Brisbane independent label Tenth Court Records

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Max Headroom – 21 March 2019

Craig Kamber celebrates the life of Anthony O'Grady, co-founder and editor of RAM, Rock Australia Magazine.

Max Headroom – 14 March 2019

Tom Martin presents an introduction to and celebration of the legendary Houston icon - DJ Screw.

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Max Headroom – 7 March 2019

The Sounds of Singapore - Nik Tripp showcases new releases from Singaporean artists in 2019

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Max Headroom – 28 February 2019

Steve Grimwade and Alicia Sometimes take you on a tree-top tour of the woods of WOMAD.

Max Headroom – 21 February 2019

Max Crawdaddy and Neil Rogers pay tribute to late local music legend Chris Wilson.

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Max Headroom – 14 February 2019

Triple R cinephile Lisa Kovacevic chats film, acting, playing bad guys and selling milk with iconic character actor David Field.

Max Headroom – 7 February 2019

Exploring the links between a Brunswick Street 1800s brick building, World War I and relapsing fever!

From veterinary education and practice in 1800's Melbourne, to disease eradication in the 20th and 21st centuries…

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Summer Program: Undercurrents

Professor Joy Damousi on research and the national interest and Dr Timothy Jones on gay conversion therapy in Australia
Hosted by Judith Peppard.

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Summer Program: Undercurrents

Fight for the Bight: Opposition to drilling in the Great Australian Bight. Presented by Judith Peppard.

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Summer Program: Undercurrents

Hip Hop as a platform for telling stories of resistance. Presented by Judith Peppard

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Summer Program: Undercurrents

Prison Radio: UK and Australia - Presented by Judith Peppard

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