Ex-Skater, Hypnagogic popstar, Vaporwave pioneer - Spencer Clark is one of the most exciting and difficult to categorise musicians working today.
His latest album Avatar Blue presents itself as an alternative soundtrack to the yet to be released James Cameron Avatar sequel, and adds to Clark's esoteric interests: underwater aliens, astrobiology, biodome science and regression hypnosis. 

Confused? Listen as Spencer Clark beams in from Belgium with Joshua Meggitt...

Playlist for Max Headroom – 6 June 2019
  • Interpretation: The InitiationVodka Soap
  • The Canal Of A Bogonia's OracleMonopoly Child Star Searchers
  • Aqueducts Of Channel IslandsMonopoly Child Star Searchers
  • SpectacleFourth World Magazine
  • Pinhead In FantasiaFourth World Magazine
  • Nyangani Warp SpeedsTyphonian Highlife
  • Oracle Of Egret Siracusa SicilyTyphonian Highlife

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