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Max Headroom – 13 December 2018

Levi Heeringa plays some of his favourite 2018 releases from New Zealand.

Max Headroom – 6 December 2018

Zoran from Graphic Nature celebrates and explores the growing vanguard of comic book creators and storytellers showcasing their work at Indie Comic Con 2018 in Melbourne

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Max Headroom – 29 November 2018

Michelle Bennett live in-conversation from the Performance Space with freelance writer, broadcaster, public speaker and author, Clementine Ford.

Max Headroom – 22 November 2018

Edith Vignal presents a French music special with a cheerful selection of 2018 releases.

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Max Headroom – 15 November 2018

Peter Tantanis shares artifacts of Australian electronic music from the 90's and beyond, as featured on the new double LP ‘3am Spares’.

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Max Headroom – 8 November 2018

Anthony Carew explores the catalogue of the late American studio wizard, Richard Swift.

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Max Headroom – 1 November 2018

Archie C delves into the strange existence of the Roadie.

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Max Headroom – 25 October 2018

David Adams takes a deep dive in to the history of Bauhaus, on the eve of their Australian tour. 

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Max Headroom – 18 October 2018

Justin Cantrell observes the influence of celebrated Japanese pianist and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, on the eve of his Melbourne show.

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Max Headroom – 11 October 2018

'Suffer In Ya Jocks' Max Headroom where Bushy and Sarah Coles talk to the people who push the limits of human physicality, endurance and sheer grit.

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Max Headroom – 4 October 2018

Breaking and Entering's Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler present an extended interview with acclaimed artist Cat Power on the eve of the release of Wanderer, her latest album.

Max Headroom – 27 September 2018

Judith Peppard presents Chicago Blues Women. Get ready to dance, get ready to cry, get ready to party.

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Max Headroom – 20 September 2018

Josh Meggitt and Dave Lang present a special on the legendary German jazz and New Music label, ECM Records.

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Max Headroom – 13 September 2018

Tony Biggs and Neil Rogers pay tribute to the late, great Spencer P Jones.

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Max Headroom – 6 September 2018

Geraldine Hickey’s Comedy Special live from the Triple R Performance Space

Max Headroom – 30 August 2018

Nik Tripp presents Sounds Of Singapore, a showcase of Singaporean artists and bands touring Australia in the Spring of 2018.

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Max Headroom – 23 August 2018

Nik Tripp showcases some of Singapore’s upcoming bands and artists that will be heading to our shores in Spring of 2018

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Max Headroom – 16 August 2018

An episode of Max Headroom on 16 August 2018

Max Headroom – 9 August 2018

An episode of Max Headroom on 9 August 2018

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Max Headroom – 2 August 2018

An episode of Max Headroom on 2 August 2018

Max Headroom – 26 July 2018

Focusing on the antiquated and dying art of darkroom photography, Maddie Stuchbery explores analogue photography, a medium experiencing a resurgence, here in Melbourne and across the world. From the inception of an idea…

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Max Headroom – 19 Jul 2018

David Adams talks to Martin Blunt from The Charlatans, a month out from their Australian tour. They talk guest stars, gigs, tragedies and the fact that they’re Madchester survivors, plus the discuss Martin's…

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