Peter Tantanis shares artifacts of Australian electronic music from the 90's and beyond, as featured on the new double LP ‘3am Spares’.

The follow up to 'Midnight Spares', Andras and Instant Peterson from Strange Holiday, have once again compiled obscure tracks from Triple R's extensive music library.

Going deeper and exploring a rarely seen catalogue.

Playlist for Max Headroom – 15 November 2018
  • Adult ThemesDisco Stu
  • Ambient Breakbeat (FOCUS remix)Jandy Rainbow
  • MeltingAurora
  • DoodleOctogroover
  • Dyda SpydaThe Spartacus Barraworn
  • Isn't He WonderfulJohn Watermann
  • CharlieIan Eccles Smith
  • It's Ok MosquitoAntediluvian Rocking Horse
  • White Red BlueCastel
  • FrowningCush

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