Max Crawdaddy and Neil Rogers pay tribute to late local music legend Chris Wilson.

Often described as one of the most passionate performers to ever grace the stage, Max and Neil will revisit Chris' performance with The Crown Of Thorns at The Big Day Out back in 1995, plus more.

Playlist for Max Headroom – 21 February 2019
  • BabylonCrown Of Thorns
  • TurpentineCrown Of Thorns
  • Alimony BluesCrown Of Thorns
  • My Little PonyCrown Of Thorns
  • WolvesCrown Of Thorns
  • HardlandCrown Of Thorns
  • You Will Surely Love AgainCrown Of Thorns
  • I Believe In LoveCrown Of Thorns
  • Crown Of ThornsCrown Of Thorns
  • Help MeCrown Of Thorns
  • Last Saturday NightCrown Of Thorns
  • Sunbury 1973Crown Of Thorns

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