Nik Tripp returns to “The Lion City” to showcase new releases from Singaporean artists in 2019. Double back through tracks you might have missed from last year and revisit a classic album or two…That’s The Sounds of Singapore

Playlist for Max Headroom – 7 March 2019
  • E8Preetipls
  • My TurnTheLionCityBoy & Preetipls
  • Racks in my pantsYoung Pineapple
  • Life On the Linemarteenperry
  • G.S.T. (featuring Syd Safari)Writers' Block
  • SambalWriters' Block
  • N.S.Subhas
  • blk101sunsetwaySubhas
  • Murder My Soul (feat Fizz.Y & $nailg0d)Elektone
  • All Of Our Friends KnowLinying
  • Monkey LandZeeaura
  • Bila EntahAisyah Aziz
  • Trace (Comfortable Sympathy)bittymacbeth
  • I Need to Withdraw Some Money (feat. Teck) (Frinla Remix)Evanturetime
  • D.N.A. (feat. Josh Wei, Mean, Tabitha Nauser, Mizuki, Shortkut)KoFlow
  • Special DrugVivid Shade
  • SnakecharmerMarijannah
  • Fallen into DisuseWormrot
  • Terry CrewsRadigals
  • GirlsRadigals

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