Listen to Max Headroom – 7 March 201901:00:007 March 2019

Nik Tripp returns to “The Lion City” to showcase new releases from Singaporean artists in 2019. Double back through tracks you might have missed from last year and revisit a classic album or two…That’s The Sounds of Singapore

Playlist for Max Headroom – 7 March 2019
  • E8Preetipls
  • My TurnTheLionCityBoy & Preetipls
  • Racks in my pantsYoung Pineapple
  • Life On the Linemarteenperry
  • G.S.T. (featuring Syd Safari)Writers' Block
  • SambalWriters' Block
  • N.S.Subhas
  • blk101sunsetwaySubhas
  • Murder My Soul (feat Fizz.Y & $nailg0d)Elektone
  • All Of Our Friends KnowLinying
  • Monkey LandZeeaura
  • Bila EntahAisyah Aziz
  • Trace (Comfortable Sympathy)bittymacbeth
  • I Need to Withdraw Some Money (feat. Teck) (Frinla Remix)Evanturetime
  • D.N.A. (feat. Josh Wei, Mean, Tabitha Nauser, Mizuki, Shortkut)KoFlow
  • Special DrugVivid Shade
  • SnakecharmerMarijannah
  • Fallen into DisuseWormrot
  • Terry CrewsRadigals
  • GirlsRadigals

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