Kate Reid will take us on a psychedelic trip through the strange and wonderful world of acid folk with Adam Cole of local band Trappist Afterland. Join them as they chat about Adam's influences and upcoming UK tour as well as next week's show in Melbourne with legendary cult psych-folk band Fuchsia.

Playlist for Max Headroom – 9 May 2019
  • Song For SundogTrappist Afterland
  • Heart DancerC.O.B
  • Talking Of The EndIncredible String Band
  • Drip DripComus
  • Gently JohnnyMagnet
  • The Way I FeelFotheringay
  • We're Here And NowSatril
  • Mice and Rats in the LoftJan Dukes de Grey
  • Gone With The MouseFuchsia
  • Black KnightsMandy Morton
  • Not EnoughSilmaril
  • RingparabelMuehlstein

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