In recent times US weather channel music, a kind of intentionally bland, jazzy Muzak has developed a devoted following among certain contemporary musicians.
One such artist is disco songwriter, 80s synth popper, and Hypnogogic pop star Alice Cohen.

On this episode of Max Headroom, Josh Meggitt talks to Alice Cohen in New York about her new band the Channel 14 Weather Team, easy listening, dialectics….and the weather.

There'll also be some hardcore Kenny G funk!

Playlist for Max Headroom – 26 September 2019
  • The Weather Channel 10The Catsu Corp
  • Contemporary JiveTrammell Starks
  • Mildred's AttractionJoyce Cooling
  • Holding HandsRyan Farish
  • The Gift3rd Force
  • Broken BubblesAlice Cohen & The Channel 14 weather team
  • Hidden StaircaseAlice Cohen & The Channel 14 weather team
  • Tell Me SomethingKenny G
  • Tell Me SomethingThe Vels
  • Hour GlassAlice Cohen
  • Cloud HiddenNon Local Forecast
  • Local on the 8's18 Carat Affair
  • Local on the 8 (degrees hotter )Dj Tropical Breeze
  • Pacific Coast HighwayJeff Lorber
  • Weather ChannelAleksi Perala

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