Michele O'Neil

Breakfasters: Getting a Raw Deal at Work? Time for Change, Says the ACTU

With reduced hours, flat wage growth and creeping casualisation happening in the workplace, ACTU boss Michele O’Neil reckons enough is enough. She outlines the new ‘Change the Rules’ campaign that aims to return…

Tilde Festival

Why Tilde is the Most Important Film Festival of the Year on SmartArts

Tilde is one of only a handful of trans and gender diverse film festivals in the world. Join Richard Watts as he chats to Creative Director Louise Malcolm about why the festival is…

Shepparton Airplane on Respect the Rock

Does Anyone Outside Victoria ‘Get’ Shepparton Airplane? On Respect the Rock

What kind of tea is the best kind of tea? Why do people still buy cassettes? How do Shepparton Airplane always get the best new bands as supports? These are the kinds of…

Live at Triple R
June Jones on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: June Jones Drops by the Station to Jam Fresh Track ‘Overfloweth’

Between sips of morning tea, June Jones from Two Steps on the Water treats the Breakfasters to a snippet from her solo record due early next year.

Total Giovanni

Out on the Patio: Intangible Lust on the Dancefloor

Monique Sebire chatted with two-fifths of Melbourne electro-pop outfit Total Giovanni (Partial Giovanni?), ahead of two sold-out shows at Thornbury’s Croxton Bandroom. On the road in support of their spanking new debut LP…

Everybody Lies book

Breakfasters: What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, data scientist and author, sat down with the Breakfasters crew to discuss his new book Everybody Lies: What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are. An exploration…

Corner Hotel

The Rap: Be Who Needed When You Were Younger

Music, beers and a good cause – AIME Carnivale is on at Richmond’s Corner Hotel this Saturday with funds going toward the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience programs. The Rap’s Areej Nur got…

Ralphe Armstrong and Johnny Topper

New & Groovy: How It Really Felt to Work with Aretha Franklin

Detroit bassist Ralphe Armstrong worked with the legendary late Aretha Franklin for 35 years­ – and, as New & Groovy’s Johnny Topper finds out, he was fired by her about 30 times…

Queerstories on The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse: Queerstories Explain How Everyday Experiences Sell Out Shows

Everyone has a story to tell. The new anthology Queerstories aims to capture the diverse, multidimensional experiences and realities of Australia’s LGBTQIA+ community. Editor Maeve Marsden and contributor Mama Alto join Beth AQ…

Mirka Mora Drawings

Breakfasters: Find Out More about Mirka Mora Before You Catch the Heide Exhibit

Mirka Mora’s fascinating dolls and paintings are a staple within Australia’s cultural imagination. But have you ever wondered about the woman who created them? Heide Museum of Modern Art Artistic Director Lesley Harding…

At the Coalface

Greening the Apocalypse: Understand Coal (Without Breaking Your Brain)

Watching documentaries about the use and abuse of coal is an admittedly draining and seemingly hopeless endeavour, filled with science-speak and political aggression. BUT with the new At the Coalface audio documentary you…

Jürgen Tautz

Uncommon Sense: Professor Emeritus Jürgen Tautz Explains the Sheer Awesomeness of Bees

Hate bees? Toss the bug spray and listen to professor emeritus Jürgen Tautz chat with Amy Mullins about the many things that make these yellow and black critters downright amazing. For example, did…

On The Fly Book

Banana Lounge Broadcasting: the Lowdown on America’s Hobo Culture

Long before captain of the football team Chad ‘Tall Can’ Kingsley was getting an ‘S’ stitched onto his varsity jacket, a very different subculture was growing across post-Civil War America. On the Fly

Tim Rogers and All Our Exes on Maps

Maps: Reasons to Check Out Lost Lands this Weekend

No plans for the long weekend? Not a worry. Tim Rogers of You Am I and Georgia Mooney of All Our Exes Live in Texas have got you sorted. They join the always…

Leah Senior

JVG Radio Method: Leah Senior, a Psychedelic Treat for the Ears

Leah Senior reunites with JVG Radio Method host Jonnie von Goes, having last caught up with him in Port Fairy – surprisingly, not at the folk festival, but instead at Leah’s cousin’s wedding…

Safe Injecting

Breakfasters: How Victoria Street’s Injecting Room Facility is Changing Lives

Greg Hordacre joins Breakfasters hosts Sarah, Geraldine and Ben (filling in host for Jeff) to talk about the incredible impacts that medically supervised injecting rooms (MSIR) have had on drug-dependent people and local…

David Manne

David Manne from Refugee Legal joins The Grapevine

A hundred and eighty-nine asylum seekers, including children, are still living on Nauru under Australian custody despite criticism from the UN and New Zealand’s standing offer to resettle 150 refugees per year. A…

Ben Shewry

Ben Shewry, Chef/Owner of Attica, Joins Eat It

Recently named the 20th best restaurant in the world, Melbourne’s Attica has a long list of accolades. Chef/owner Ben Shewry shares how his approach to cooking contemporary Australian cuisine has been informed by…

Live at Triple R
Little Ugly Girls LTA on The Cave

Little Ugly Girls Perform Live on The Cave

Thirty years after their formation, legendary Australian punk outfit Little Ugly Girls recently released their official debut self-titled album. To celebrate, the band perform an electric half hour live set in the Triple…

Aunty Donna on Breakfasters

Aunty Donna Drop in to Breakfasters

‘You don’t make any money from the online stuff, so what we’re doing is extracting money from that 35 million people so we can pay our rent.’ The always hilarious Aunty Donna join…