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Get Down: Don't Forget To Have Fun With Don Glori

London Based, Narrm/Melbourne producer, bassist and multi-instrumentalist Don Glori (aka Gordon Li) has unearthed his new album ‘Don’t Forget To Have Fun’ via Deep Matter / Bedroom Suck Records. 

Gordon phones into Get Down to tell Chris Gill to share in the journey of inititally writing and recording the album in Melbourne, and then moving to London and deciding to re-record the whole album with a new band and mindset.

"I revisited the album after moving to London in May 2023, I was living in a tiny room with barely any equipment and my only income was from the slight bit of touring I was doing which was all going towards rent and groceries. It was a good opportunity to redefine the songs from the DFTHF sessions and inject some new life into them."

Listen back to hear how Gordon ultimately decided to re-capture the joy of playing music with friends in order to break through a creative and emotional slump.

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Listen to Get Down: Don't Forget To Have Fun With Don Glori18:006 June 2024