Evan Munro-Smith and Naomi Higgins from Gamey Gamey Game on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: How to Host a Video Game Web Series on Easy Mode

Evan Munro-Smith and Naomi Higgins join Breakfasters to chat about the upcoming sixth season of their game-critiquing web series, Gamey Gamey Game. The duo also discuss the types of guests they have…

Venezuela Flag

The Grapevine: Unpacking and Analysing the Crisis in Venezuela

La Trobe University lecturer Dr Raul Sanchez-Urribarri joins Dylan and Kulja on The Grapevine to give an in-depth breakdown of the economic and political dilemma currently plaguing Venezuela. As well as explaining the


Radio Marinara: Despite What You’ve Been Told, Women Have Actually Been Surfing for a Very long Time

Talking with Radio Marinara this week is Lisa Hunter, Senior Lecturer and Researcher from Monash University, whose work is based in women’s surfing. Lisa is a co-founder of the Oceania chapter of the…

Sass the Patriarchy Artwork

Dropout Boogie: Sassing the Patriarchy by Making the Music Industry a More Welcoming Place

Sass the Patriarchy is a night filled with good music and quality discussions for improving equality in the music industry. One of the masterminds behind the event, Leisha Jungalwall from This Way North…

Catherine Deveny on Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy: ‘Bend Over, Assume the Position, Here Comes Some Vitamin Dev’

Writer, comedian and true original Catherine Deveny chats to the Radiotherapy crew about her writing classes for people with cancer and doles out some good advice for all would-be creatives: ‘It’s none of…

Underground Railroad at Malthouse

Breakfasters: Playing the Dangerous Game of American Race Relations

A new American play Underground Railroad Game unpacks the whitewashed narrative that surrounds the American Civil War. Currently in season at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre, the play’s co-creators Jennifer Kidwell and Scott Sheppard join…

Live at Triple R
Nakhane Live in the Performance Space

Breaking and Entering: Nakhane’s Intimate Live Performance

‘Being a black queer person in Australia […] or wherever in the world is pushing against the grain. And I’m not one to assimilate.’

Nakhane knew he was going to be a musician…

Omid Tofighian

‘The Whole Thing is Absurd.’ ‘No Friend But the Mountains’ Translator Omid Tofighian on Breakfasters

It’s a cliché to say the truth is stranger than fiction. But when the winner of Australia’s most prestigious and lucrative literary award is also being held illegally on Manus Island, the truth…

Naomi Lee Beveridge on The Grapevine

The Ladies Behind the Lenses with Gig Photographer Naomi Lee Beveridge on The Grapevine

‘I like to think of it like wildlife photography,’ says Naomi Lee Beveridge of what it’s like battling the crowd to get the perfect shot at a gig. She joins John Barrington (filling…

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins on Breaking and Entering

Acclaimed UK producer Jon Hopkins joined Lauren and Simon in studio to discuss his latest album Singularity. In this in depth interview, Jon reveals his methods for overcoming creative blocks in studio including…

Eggy Band

Local and/or General: Brunswick Band Debuts New AFLW Single

Brunswick outfit Eggy formed in 2016, coincidently the exact same year of the AFLW. The band has lived the highs and lows of a footy player and knows what it’s like to be…

Nao Anzai on Banana Lounge Broadcasting with Sophie Miles

The Man Behind the Music: Sound Engineer Nao Anzai on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Nao Anzai has had a huge impact in Melbourne music from behind the scenes as a sound engineer. Originally from Japan, he moved here after realising the Japanese music scene was limited to…

Christos Tsoilkas and Stephen Nicolazzo on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Short Stories on the Big Stage

How does a collection for short stories become a play? Author (and Superfluity regular) Christos Tsiolkas and director Stephen Nicolazzo chat about their new play Merciless Gods with the Breakfasters. After reading…

Celia Pacquola on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Rosehaven Season Three is Back in Full Swing, Ready to Get Silly and Have a Good Time

Returning to Breakfasters is comedian Celia Pacquola to talk about the upcoming third season of her and fellow comedian Luke McGregor’s show, Rosehaven. To sum it up, Celia says the show is pretty…

Kate O'Halloran in the Studio

Kick Like a Girl: a Special Team-by-Team Preview for 2019

This week’s Kick Like a Girl takes a special turn in time for the upcoming 2019 AFLW season. Taking listeners through a team-by-team preview, Kick Like a Girl host Kate O’Halloran and VFL…

Feature Segment
Declan Furber Gillick and Mojo Juju at Balit Narrun Festival

Highlights from the Balit Narrun Festival (Share the Spirit)

‘26 January has always been an occasion of distress, sorrow, mourning and also resistance for Aboriginal people […] Aboriginal people have a lot to be proud of – and Survival Day is a…

Live in Studio
Simona on Breakfasters

What to Expect from Simona Castricum’s ‘Panopticon’ at Midsumma on Summer Breakfasters

Simona Castricum joins Summer Breakfasters to discuss her upcoming performance at Midsumma: Panopticon. A part of the Body program, it’s a multimedia performance traversing the intersection between architecture, music and the body…

Feature Segment
Rick E. Vengeance

Remembering Rick E. Vengeance

Some really sad news: former Triple R broadcaster Rick E. Vengeance passed away on Friday night. Our love and thoughts go out to his family, friends and fans. Rick was on air for…

Feature Segment
Walker with stereo

The Ghost Hands Over the Reins

Stephen 'The Ghost' Walker has just announced he's handing the Friday afternoon reins over to Woody McDonald, with his new program The Cave (named in honour of Stephen).

In Stephen's words: "The Skull