Thando Live to Air

Thando on The Rap

Ahead of an electric genre-bending Live to Air in the Performance Space, Zimbabwe-born artist and powerhouse vocalist Thando Sikwila paid The Rap’s Areej Nur a visit to chat about her musical upbringing…

Mojo Juju 2018

Mojo Juju joins Still Here

“These doors that I’m trying to kick down…they’re closed to me, they’ve been closed to me all my life…The funny thing is that the minute I stopped caring…(my music) started reaching more people

Rohan Anderson

Ethical Eating with Rohan Anderson

Presented by: Bushy and Adam Grubb

The social media era has bombarded us with information about a number of conflicting dietary choices — pitched to make us live longer, healthier, and happier lives…

Melissa Wooten

Black Educational Philanthropy on The Rap

Ahead of giving a public lecture at the University of Melbourne about public pathways into black educational philanthropy, US scholar and author Melissa Wooten joined Areej to discuss some of the positive outcomes…

The Breaker Upperers film image with Breakfast

The Breaker Upperers

Presented by: Sarah Smith, Geraldine Hickey and Charlie Lewis filling in for Jeff Sparrow

Madeleine Sami and Jackie Van Beek join the Breakfasters to chat about their new film, The Breaker Upperers. A…

Shireen Morris image

Radical Heart

Indigenous rights activist, constitutional lawyer and writer Shireen Morris joins The Grapevine to chat about her new book, Radical Heart.

The book takes us through the campaign for constitutional recognition for Indigenous…

Portia Sabin and Fee

Portia Sabin of Kill Rock Stars

Portia Sabin is the president of Olympia’s celebrated indie label, Kill Rock Stars. Since joining in 2000, Sabin has managed several bands (including Gossip) and helped push Kill Rock Stars through some of…

Live at Triple R
Sarah Mary Chadwick

Sarah Mary Chadwick Live At RRR

New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Sarah Mary Chadwick joins Maps to explore the complexities of the English language, homecomings and what’s in store for Sarah in the future. They also discuss her new album Sugar

Melbourne Writers Festival

2018 Melbourne Writers Festival program on Breakfasters

Melbourne Writers Festival is a cross disciplinary celebration of all things literary! The festival’s new artistic director and former RRR presenter, Marieke Hardy, is pushing the boundaries of what it is to be…

Feature Segment

Nico beyond the Underground

Nico’s haunting and poignant sound reverberated through the 60s to push boundaries and assert a unique artistic vision.

Kate Reid and Lisa MacKinney hosted Max Headroom for a journey across Nico’s work, spanning…

Feature Segment
Moontown Records image

Moontown Records on Max Headroom

Sydney via Canberra label Moontown Records are responsible for releasing albums from the likes of 30/70, School Damage and Waterfall Person.

Listen back as Sam Cummins hosts Max Headroom taking us through the…


HTRK Return from Their Hiatus on Double Bounce

Melbourne-based outfit HTRK have returned with their new single ‘Drama’. Their new material is guided by reflections on different moments in Nigel and Jonnine’s life, as they craft stories which traverse the emotional…

Old radio generic station image

Radio listening habits and well-being on Radiotherapy

We’ve been promoting the importance of radio for decades, but just how important is it for your health? Dr Amanda Krause, who is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne, has…

Kuniyuki Takahashi

Kuniyuki Takahashi on How High The Moon

Prolific and steadfast, Kuniyuki Takahashi has been producing electronic music since the mid-80s. His early cassette works have recently been the focus of two stunning compilations from the Music From Memory label. He…

Feature Segment
Margret RoadKnight

Margret RoadKnight on Max Headroom

Presented by David Nichols and Kate Reid

Australian performer Margret RoadKnight’s extraordinary career spans more than five decades. Margret takes underexposed songs from jazz, blues and beyond and puts her own stamp on…

Live on Location
Vanessa, Warren, Laura and Dan

25 years of Byte(ing) Into IT

It’s been 25 years of Byte Into It and to celebrate the team hosted a special celebration live from the Meat Market during Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Joined by leading-thinkers Aimee Gonzalez, Marco Ryan…

Kid Congo Powers and Vaughan Quinn

Kid Congo on Double Bounce

Kid Congo Powers stops by Double Bounce to chat about his childhood, pedigree in music and his current Australian tour.

Powers was always interested in music, watching his older sisters dance to records…

Grand Salvo

Grand Salvo Joins Vital Bits

Paddy Mann, known by his stage name Grand Salvo, is a Melbourne musician and composer whose quiet, reflective music tells stories of loss and transcendence against inner city settings. He and his brother…

Simon Baker with the Breakfasters

Simon Baker Talks Breath

The Breakfasters are joined by actor Simon Baker to talk about his directorial debut Breath, a film about a former professional surfer that decides to go out of his way to mentor two…

Live at Triple R
Ashley Bush Einstein A Go-Go

Exploring Alzheimer’s disease on Einstein A Go-Go

On the latest edition of Einstein A Go-Go Dr Shane is live in the 3RRR Performance Space and joined by Neuroscientist, Professor Ashley Bush (MBBS, DPM, FRANZCP, PhD, FTSE, FAHMS, FAPA) of The…