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Press Colour: A Moment In Time With Julia Holter

Art pop musician Julia Holter phones into Press Colour from her home in LA to chat to Sam about her sixth album, the enchanting and sprawling "Something In The Room She Moves", out now on Domino Records. 

The writing and recording of the album coincided with an intense period of both positive and negative change in Julia's life, forcing her to confront some big existential questions, which inevitably filtered into her music. 

"You just know a song is done when it feels alive, like it's moving and breathing on its own. What I am trying to do is capture a certain time period." 

Listen back to hear Julia explain how she relies on a careful balance of intuition and considered songcraft to compose her uniquely sprawling, yet refined music. Julia also explains her work with The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW), and their advocacy work around "The Living Wage for Musicians Act", which aims to provide a direct streaming income into the pockets of artists. Read more about the proposed bill here.

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