Yellow Peril by Eugenia Lim

The Rap: Reimagining the Lucky Country with Paola Balla

Australia is known as the lucky country, but who exactly is it lucky for? Wemba-Wemba and Gunditjmara woman and artist, curator and PhD candidate Paola Balla stops by the Rap to chat about…

Teenage Fanclub on Double Bounce

Double Bounce: Teenage Fanclub, Not So Teenage Anymore

Norman Blake, frontman for Scottish alternative rock outfit Teenage Fanclub, is used to being on the road. He joins Vaughan to chat about how he lives the dream with a smile on his…

Diana Glenn on Breakfasters

The Sex Symbol and the Truth Seeker: MTC’s New Play on Breakfasters

If you haven’t heard of May West, you should have. The actor, singer, writer, sexual revolutionary and general force to be reckoned with took on Hollywood at the ripe age of 40 and…

Tim Flannery

Uncommon Sense: Why Migration Has Always Been the Essence of Europe

‘Where did Europe begin?’ This was the question Professor Tim Flannery asked himself when he first began researching for his latest book, Europe: A Natural History. The acclaimed writer and scientist phones in…


Local and/or General: Yi-Lynn Is The Musical Factotum We All Wish We Could Be

Local singer-songwriter Yi-Lynn drops by the studio to have a good chinwag with Jason on some pressing matters: Why are ‘Collapse’ and ‘The Search Continues’ such great songs? How does a young artist…

Bees Photo

Breakfasters: Why Honeybees Are the Best Students an Associate Professor Could Ask For

Associate Professor from RMIT Adrian Dyer stops by to chat with Breakfasters about some exciting research he’s been a part of, which looks at how honeybees can learn and process new information. Known…

Sally McManus on The Grapevine

The Grapevine: Sally McManus on Fairness and Counterbalancing the Power of Big Business

As the Secretary of the Australian Council Trade of Unions (ACTU), Sally McManus has a lot to say about fairness in both Australia’s workforce and society as a whole. Dropping in for a…

Mosquito on Skin

Biting Into the Zika Virus on Einstein A Go-Go

Zika virus is a mosquito-born virus that broke out in Brazil in 2015, leading to a public health emergency. The virus caused more than 4000 cases of serious birth defects in 2015. CSIRO…


Good Fortune: How to Grow Together with Girlpool

‘You have to face the uncomfortable moments in friendship and vulnerability that ultimately lead to growth and expansion.’ After years on the road, playing and recording together, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad have…

Cat Power by Cheryl Dunn

Vital Bits: Cat Power Opens Up About Meeting Her Parents

Legendary musician Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, joins Tim for a wonderful chat. Chan talks about her experiences growing up in poor neighbourhoods throughout America’s deep south, and the harsh discrimination she observed…

Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lenae on Breaking and Entering

Touring as part of Laneway Festival, Chicago R&B artist Ravyn Lenae drops by Triple R to chat with Lauren and Simon about working with Noname and The Internet's Steve Lacey, and her creative…

Idles on The Golden Age of Piracy

‘We Are the Emulation of What We Love.’ IDLES Share Their Formative Five

When Tristen went to collect Idles’ Formative Five he was told he could only have twenty minutes. The band promptly abandoned those constraints and instead delivered an in-depth musical history lesson via a…

Live in Studio
David Nance on Neon Sunset

Online First: David Nance Joins Annaliese Live in the Studio

‘Usually when I write words they kinda don’t have any meaning.’

Ahead of a highly anticipated show at the Tote tonight, David Nance drops into Triple R to get real with Annaliese about…

J McFarlane’s Reality Guest on Breaking and Entering

J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest on Breaking and Entering

Formerly known as Hot Topic, Jules McFarlane and Tamsen Hopkinson are the only consistent members of J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest. The talented two drop in on Lauren and Simon to discuss their many…

Prof. Patrick McGorry on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: At Last, the Future of Mental Health is Looking Promising

Professor of Youth Mental Health Patrick McGorry joins the Breakfasters to talk about Australia’s first Royal Commission for Mental Health. Patrick is chairing the advisory panel for the Royal Commission. It was urgently…

Tiny Ruins in London with Olympic Girls Record

Out On The Patio: Tiny Ruins’ Olympic Girls

Monique has a chat with Hollie Fullbrook, singer and songwriter of Auckland dreamy folk-pop ensemble Tiny Ruins. Recently signed to Milk! Records, the band has just released their first new album in almost…

Elise Valmorbida on Backstory

Backstory: Traversing Patriarchal Italy in the Wake of World War One

Taking the reader into post-World War One Italy, Elise Valmorbida’s novel The Madonna of the Mountains is about a young woman learning her strengths in an Italian mountain village under dire circumstances: fascism…

Kim Scott on The Glasshouse

Place, Healing and Taboo: Kim Scott on His New Novel

Dual Miles Franklin winner and Noongar man Kim Scott explores Indigenous experience in the areas of early contact and the Stolen Generations. He joins The Glasshouse to chat about his latest novel, Taboo,

Paula Matthewson

Uncommon Sense: The Myth of the (un)Merited and ‘The Women Problem’ in Politics

The pre-selection process in the Liberal Party has very few woman candidates, with only 18 per cent elected for the last pre-selection, leading to what has been called ‘the women problem’ in the…

Lee Kofman on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: Why Bodily Scars Are Beyond Skin Deep

Lee Kofman’s new book, Imperfect: How our bodies shape the people we become, explores how people with bodily scars navigate and internalise a world where physical appearance is everything. As someone with her…