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Breaking and Entering: The Cinematic Universe of MEMORIALS

MEMORIALS is the new band of Verity Susman (Electrelane) and Matthew Simms (Wire, Better Corners, It Hugs Back, UUUU). As a duo, their sound touches on the many points for which both parties are known — veering from melodic songwriting to psychedelic noise, free jazz freakouts and tape loops and drones.

MEMORIALS will be touring Australia for the first time as part of the RISING festival off the back of the release of their debut twin releases – Music For Film: Tramps! and Women Against The Bomb - both of which also act as film soundtracks.

Verity and Matthew phone into Breaking and Entering to chat to Simon about the upcoming tour and also their two-fold approach composing music for film and art, but also as standalone musical entities.

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