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Hotels, Rain and Sustainable Wine

Tara Bishop of the Langham Hotel discusses the unique challenges faced by hotels this year; John fills us in on how weather in the northern states will affect market prices in Victoria; Ron…


Oysters and Wine

Shane Buckley from Wapengo Oysters chats about his difficult year, and how best to serve natural oysters; Sarah Guthrie from Grampians Estate Winery talks about winemaking during 2020; and drinks expert Duncan Buchanan…


Sharpening Knives, Giant Cabbages and Reopening the City

Leigh Hudson from 'Chef's Armory' talks us through the art of sharpening knives properly; John provides an update on seasonal produce from the Queen Vic Market, including some giant savoy cabbages; and Lord…


Fed Square Greenhouse, Pumpkins, and Whether To Wash Your Vegies

Joost Bakker, hospitality entrepreneur talks about his new Greenhouse residence at Fed Square’s River Terrace which will be inhabited by Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, formerly of Oakridge Restaurant; John from Queen Vic…


Stephanie Alexander and Joseph Vargetto

Two legendary chefs: Firstly, Stephanie Alexander discusses her Kitchen Foundation's ever-expanding school programmes and encouragement of young talent; and Joseph Vargetto talks about his new cookbook Siciliano: Contemporary Sicilian. With your hosts Cam…


Liqueurs, Bacalao and Kensington Pride’s

Caterina Borsato of Caterina's Cucina joins us, celebrating 25 years in the world, and reflecting on her grandmother's cooking practices and bacalao technique. It’s an in-person market report as Cam is back in…


Ease of restrictions and easy vegan cooking

Vegan chef and Smith and Daughters creative brain Shannon Martinez discusses her new cookbook 'Vegan With Bite, (Because Taste Matters)'. Shannon's books is written for everyone and aims to make vegan cooking…


French Toast Tips, #Hospohour, and Gippsland Update

Cam instructs us how to make a good French toast; Hilary McNevin, food writer for Turnip Media, discusses #hospohour, a campaign supporting your locals and cheering them on; and Chris Moore from Sailors…


Lentils, budbursts and vodka

Description:  Paula Gomez from Lentil As Anything talks about their fundraising campaign; John from Queen Vic Market reveals his Italian BBQ skills and tells us about the beauty of broad beans; and drinks…


Prosecco and Peppers

We revisit an interview and live tasting with Melissa Brauer the ‘Prosecco queen’ discussing the wonders of the bubbly beverage; John from Queen Victoria Market informs us of his favourite way to cook…

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Food for thought: recipes, hints and tips, interviews and a market report.

It's one of those constants in this fair city; every Sunday at midday tune into the best radio station on earth for Eat It, Triple R's resident food show. No-one really knows quite how many years the show has been on-air, but it's been going long enough for us all to lose track. Each week Cam Smith and Matt Steadman take an hour to discuss every aspect of food and drink, including regular market reports, interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, chats with industry and lobby groups, emptying bottles with wine-makers and writers, answering listeners' questions, the occasional on-air cooking segment, and anything else we deem fit. Sometimes we'll even squeeze in a song or two.

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