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Lentils, budbursts and vodka

Description:  Paula Gomez from Lentil As Anything talks about their fundraising campaign; John from Queen Vic Market reveals his Italian BBQ skills and tells us about the beauty of broad beans; and drinks…


Prosecco and Peppers

We revisit an interview and live tasting with Melissa Brauer the ‘Prosecco queen’ discussing the wonders of the bubbly beverage; John from Queen Victoria Market informs us of his favourite way to cook…


Negotiations and Proposals

Worksmith CEO Michael Bascetta discusses navigating rent negotiations in the hospitality industry and the ramifications of Job Keeper decreasing; John joins us for a  Queen Vic market report with red cabbage, carrots and…


Adversity, Asparagus and Negronis

Chef Shannon Martinez of Smith and Daughters joins us to discuss her changing taste buds after being diagnosed with breast cancer and writing her new book Cooking with Chemo for You and Your


Dumplings and Sourdough

Dumplings and sourdough have taken the top two spots with lockdown cooking. Jo Barrett, Co-executive Chef of Oakridge, says that “Sourdough is an expression of yourself” giving us tips and tricks for a…


Food Photo Tips & Fave Brands & Market Report

Photographer Kate Shanasy provides tips on how to take better food photos with your phone, and she critiques Cam's tuna salad from his Instagram; John from Queen Vic Market gives a market report…


Nutrition in Isolation; Cam's Award, and Food Sci for Kids

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Creative Director Pat Nourse sings the praises of Cam on his Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Legends Hall of Fame award, and chats about the other well deserved…


Drinking Culture, Chicory and Greens

Hosts Cam and Kent kick it off with a live drink tasting on air. With its "old-timey label" (as described by Kent) our hosts taste 'Bushells Coffee and Chicory Essence' - a product…


Regional TLC

We’re going regional -  from Daylesford to Orbost. Alla Wolf-Tasker from the Lake House in Daylesford discusses her forever ‘working project’ that is the Lake House and how it’s a pivotal part of…


Kids in the kitchen and the right rice for paella

Movida's Frank Camorra discusses tips and tricks on how to make a real paella, with the right rice and zero chorizo; John from Queen Victoria Market gives a market report and reveals some…

About this program

Food for thought: recipes, hints and tips, interviews and a market report.

It's one of those constants in this fair city; every Sunday at midday tune into the best radio station on earth for Eat It, Triple R's resident food show. No-one really knows quite how many years the show has been on-air, but it's been going long enough for us all to lose track. Each week Cam Smith and Matt Steadman take an hour to discuss every aspect of food and drink, including regular market reports, interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, chats with industry and lobby groups, emptying bottles with wine-makers and writers, answering listeners' questions, the occasional on-air cooking segment, and anything else we deem fit. Sometimes we'll even squeeze in a song or two.

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