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Melbourne Royal and Lune

Damien Nieuwesteeg talks about his career path to becoming chef at Melbourne Royal, and what keeps him inspired; and Kate Reid, Founder of Lune in Fitzroy, talks all things croissants and why…


Joost Bakker and Noah Crowcroft from Rice Paper Scissors

Joost Bakker talks about dismantling the Future Food System strucutre at Fed Square and moving it to Heronswood on the Mornington Peninsula; Noah Crowcroft, Executive Chef at Rice Paper Scissors, talks about the…


Melbourne Farmers Markets and Very Good Salads

Miranda Sharp, Founder and Director of Melbourne Farmers Markets, reflects on the history and success of the Melbourne Farmers Markets; Shuki Rosenboim, co-owner and co-founder of Very Good Falafel in Brunswick, discusses his…


Ingredipedia and Dan Hunter

Ingredipedia podcast hosts Emily Naismith and Ben Birchall celebrate 50 episodes of their podcast by sharing their favourite ingredients; and Dan Hunter, chef and owner of Brae restaurant, discusses their sustainable methods of…


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and Fermented Food

Liz Hamilton from Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, discusses the expansion of the festival to the regions; Sharon Flynn, author and founder of The Fermentary, canvasses the magic of fermentation; and John from…


Ella Mitas and Duncan Buchanan

Ella Mitas, chef and author, talks about her new book detailing her culinary experiences in Turkey and Greece; and Duncan Buchanan, winemaker and viticulturist, discusses the recent budburst and what the onset of…


Lee Tran Lam and Caterina Borsato

Lee Tran Lam, journalist, podcaster, and broadcaster, talks about her new podcast series and unpacks the history of oysters; and Caterina Borsato, award winning chef and restaurateur, and owner of Caterina's Cucina E…


Wild Organic Oysters and What's Fresh at the QVM

Shane Buckley, oyster grower and owner of Wapengo Rocks Wild Organic Oysters, discusses organic oyster farming and the best way to prepare an oyster; and John from the Queen Vic Market provides a…


Andrew McConnell, Michael Harden, Gerald Diffey

Michael Harden, Melbourne editor and restaurant critic for Australian Gourmet Traveller, and chefs, authors, and restaurateurs Gerald Diffey (Gerald's Bar) and Andrew McConnell (Gimlet) discuss Gerald's book Beggars Belief: Stories from Gerald’s Bar, 


Donovan Cooke and Duncan Buchanan

Donovan Cooke, restauranter, chef and author, discusses his culinary journey and his new restaurant Ryne; Duncan Buchanan, winemaker and viticulturist, explains the different varieties of champagne; and John from the Queen Vic Market…

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Food for thought: recipes, hints and tips, interviews and a market report.

It's one of those constants in this fair city; every Sunday at midday tune into the best radio station on earth for Eat It, Triple R's resident food show. No-one really knows quite how many years the show has been on-air, but it's been going long enough for us all to lose track. Each week Cam Smith and Matt Steadman take an hour to discuss every aspect of food and drink, including regular market reports, interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, chats with industry and lobby groups, emptying bottles with wine-makers and writers, answering listeners' questions, the occasional on-air cooking segment, and anything else we deem fit. Sometimes we'll even squeeze in a song or two.

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