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Stephanie Alexander: "Cooking is a Political Act"

Duncan Buchanan from Mornington Winery Group let’s us know what’s happening in the world of Australian wine, and the legendary Stephanie Alexander talks about the Kitchen Garden Foundation celebrating 20 years teaching kids…


Hospitality is Back!

Roslyn Grundy from the Good Food Guide explains how the hospitality industry is opening back up, Andrew Fitzgerald from The Gospel talks Rye Whiskey and its history, and for the first time in…


Dangers of Processed Food, and the Greatness of Distilled Spirits

Food systems consultant Vanessa Clarkson highlights the damage caused by ultra processed foods: John from the Queen Victoria Market gives a spring produce report; Australian Distilled Spirits Awards head judge Seb Costello lets…


Ben Shewry, Maria Tsihlakis, and “That’s Not Porridge!”

Maria Tsihlakis from The Essential Ingredient talks saying goodbye to 2 decades of running 'The Essential Ingredient'; Ben Shewry speaks about the future of Attica; and the world’s best porridge maker is crowned…


The Secrets of Fish and a Beer with a History

Seafood legend and chef Nick Mahlook talks about the array of delights in cooking and eating fish, Scott McKinnon from Wolf of the Willows Brewery explores India Pale Ale and how to spot…


Vaccine Passports and Rooftop Honey

Food and hospitality expert Dani Valent discusses Friday Pie-day and the practicalities of vaccine passports for hospo venues; Matt and Vanessa from Rooftop Honey have a chat about inner city beekeeping; and John…


Mooncakes and Sake

The great Tony Tan explains the fantastic history of mooncakes; and Leigh Hudson from Chef’s Armoury joins the show to talk about sake. Plus it's time, once again, to play, 'What's In Your…


Constructing the Perfect Dumpling and Non-Alcoholic Wine

Victor Liong, owner and head chef at Lee Ho Fook, talks us through making a perfect dumpling; John at the Vic Market provides a produce update; and non-alcoholic drinks are explored, with Aaron…


Indigenous Food Systems, Mussels, and the Latest Produce

Joshua Gilbert, Worimi man, gastronomer, farmer and academic, chats about about Indigenous food systems; Lance Wiffen tells us about mussel farming, and John from the Queen Victoria Market provides a produce update. With…


Australia’s 2021 Vintage

Hospitality expert Dani Valent is back to talk about “The Situation”; John from the Vic Market gives a market produce update; and wine-maker Duncan Buchanan talks about how Australia’s 2021 vintage is turning…

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Food for thought: recipes, hints and tips, interviews and a market report.

It's one of those constants in this fair city; every Sunday at midday tune into the best radio station on earth for Eat It, Triple R's resident food show. No-one really knows quite how many years the show has been on-air, but it's been going long enough for us all to lose track. Each week Cam Smith and Matt Steadman take an hour to discuss every aspect of food and drink, including regular market reports, interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, chats with industry and lobby groups, emptying bottles with wine-makers and writers, answering listeners' questions, the occasional on-air cooking segment, and anything else we deem fit. Sometimes we'll even squeeze in a song or two.

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