Willie Watson and Joshua Hedley on Twang

Joshua Hedley Performs ‘Broken Man’ Live on Twang

Joining Twang in the studio is American country musician Joshua Hedley. Having just visited seven countries in one month, Joshua has landed in Melbourne again for what will be his ninth time. After…

Michael My Brother Book

Jen Jewel Brown Talks ‘Michael My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS’ on Under the Sun

Australian music journalist Jen Jewel Brown joins Under the Sun to discuss Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS, the new biography about INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, which Jen co-wrote with Michael’s…

Smith and Daughters on Eat It

Tatsuya Wakuda and Smith & Deli on Eat It

Time to loosen your belt as Eat It delivers two generous servings of locally sourced interviews. The first course features legendary chef Tetsuya Wakuda, who details his journey – from first arriving in…

Pacharo Mzembe and Ratidzo Mambo

Pacharo Mzembe and Ratidzo Mambo on Breakfasters

Prize Fighter tells the story of a young man’s journey from child soldier in the Congo to heavyweight boxer in Australia and how he struggles to fight the demons of his past. Two…

Charm of Finches on The Grapevine

Charm of Finches’ Haunted Harmonies Make Their Way Along The Grapevine

This week on The Grapevine, Melbourne sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes performing under the folk guise Charm of Finches join fill-in host Libby Gott to perform their latest track, ‘The Bridge’. Having…

Anote Tong

Anote Tong joins Radio Marinara

Due to the imminent dangers of climate change, Kiribati, the Micronesian island nation, is under threat of disappearing under rising sea levels within the next 50 years. This poses an immediate threat, not…

The Pretty Things on Neon Sunset

The Pretty Things on Neon Sunset

Van Morrison called them one of the greatest R&B bands of all time, and after over half a century of making music, The Pretty Things are hanging up their instruments. They join Annaliese…

Tia Gostelow

Tia Gostelow on Still Here

‘I had all this really cool stuff happening, but everybody around me weren’t really supporting me, and it sucked, I found it really difficult.’ Songwriter Tia Gostelow chatted to Neil about her debut…


Huntly on Dropout Boogie

Electronic pop outfit Huntly joined Dropout Boogie to discuss the writing process of their new single ‘Drop Gear’, and expanding their team after recently signing with Barely Dressed.

Michelle Grace Hunder on Breakfasters

Her Sound, Her Story on Breakfasters

‘The stories the women were telling us were so powerful I felt we had the responsibility to get those stories out.’ Evolving from a photo exhibition and concert, Her Sound, Her Story is…

Matt Stewart on Geraldine Hickey's Max Headroom

Friday Funny Bugger Matt Stewart Joins Breakfasters

Perhaps due to a perpetual misapprehension, comedian Matt Stewart once again brings a sad story to the Friday Funny Bugger slot. Listen back to hear the Breakfasters laugh at Matt’s latest misfortune, ponder…

Alicia Sometimes on SmartArts

Talking Gravitational Waves and Art at Melbourne Planetarium with Alicia Sometimes

Writer, poet and broadcaster Alicia Sometimes returns to Triple R, but this time she’s on the other side of the desk as a guest to talk about her science-meets-art show Particle/Wave at Melbourne…

Allysha Joy

Knowing Your Power with Allysha Joy on Breaking and Entering

Musician and spoken word poet Allysha Joy, best known as part of hip hop collective 30/70, has just released her first solo album Acadie : Raw. Lauren and Simon catch up with…

Cat Power on Max Headroom

Cat Power’s Extended Interview on Max Headroom

Breaking and Entering’s Lauren and Simon caught up with Cat Power’s Chan Marshall during her trip to Australia for the 20th anniversary of Moon Pix. ‘Not everybody gets the opportunity to go…

Jimi Bani

Knowing the Place that Made You with Jimi Bani on Breakfasters

Actor Jimi Bani chats to the Breakfasters about his upcoming Melbourne International Arts Festival show My Name is Jimi. The show, co-written with his father and inspired by his grandfather, tells the…

Laura Tingle on Breakfasters

Laura Tingle Discusses Her New Quarterly Essay on Breakfasters

We need strong leaders – not strong men. Laura Tingle, the ABC’s chief political correspondent for 7.30, discusses ‘Lib spills’, other political coups and real leadership on Breakfasters on the back of…


Feeling the Nerves with Melbourne Electronic Artist Geryon

‘Think of something that makes you happy.’ That was the last memory that Melbourne electronic artist Geryon had before undergoing a general anaesthetic. These words provided some comfort but were starkly contrasted with…

Madelaine Lucas

Madelaine Lucas Joins Backstory

We all tell ourselves stories. Madelaine Lucas, winner of the 2018 Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize, is particularly interested in these stories and how they help us to fill in the blanks of…

Cool Out Sun on The Rap

Cool Out Sun Live on The Rap

Melbourne Afro hip hop outfit Cool Out Sun join Areej live in the studio to celebrate the upcoming release of their debut self-titled album. The creative collective – including N’fa Jones, Sensible J…


Eating Insects on the Breakfasters

During this week’s ‘Food Interlude’ segment, Michael Haddon comes in to have a chat about the health and environmental benefits that would come from utilising insects as a source of protein. He spoke…