Josh Earl promo RRR shot

Josh Earl Wants to Know If You’re a True ‘Jearl Scout’?

Former Breakfaster and all-round funny bugger Josh Earl drops by the studio to chat about the upcoming live recording of his podcast Don’t You Know Who I Am? If you’re a true fan…

Tony Wilson on The Grapevine

The Best Speeches of 2018 According to Tony Wilson on The Grapevine

Author and radio presenter Tony Wilson joins The Grapevine to chat about his latest project, Speakola, an online repository for the world’s best speeches. He chats to Dylan and Kulja about the nominees…

Ary Hoffman

How to Tackle the Climatic Threats to Australia’s Eco-System

‘How do we adapt vegetation, animals, [and] corals to the future?’ Professor Ary Hoffmann from the University of Melbourne joins Breakfasters to chat about his new article that details the most pressing climatic…

Yaeji on Double Bounce

From Berghain to Double Bounce: Yaeji Stops By

Yaeji: a Korean-American electronic music artist blends worlds. Not really fitting into any genre and casually flipping between Korean and English, Yaeji sings and plays what she likes to hear. She joins Vaughn…

Billy Bragg on Off the Record

Billy Bragg’s Guide to Politics on Off The Record

‘People want the system to change, I’m not sure it’s capable of changing in the way they want without dismantling it and putting it together in a different way.’ Ahead of his upcoming…

McLaren Vale

How Climate Impacts Aussie Wines on Eat It

It’s all happening for vineyards around Australia as flowers are turning into delicious berries. Winemaker extraordinaire Duncan Buchanan joins Eat It to give a snapshot into this busy time, as well as discussing…

Live at Triple R
Clem Ford and Michelle Bennett

Psychic Self-Mutilation and Gas Lighting on a Global Scale: Clem Ford Live on Max Headroom

In the first few minutes of this very special edition of Max Headroom, Clementine Ford offers an off-the-cuff definition of toxic masculinity: ‘masculinity that has been weaponised by patriarchal values and negative stereotypes…

Chris Gill and Bernard Purdie

Get Down: Father Time Himself, Bernard Purdie Drops By

He's known as the drummer’s drummer. The hitmaker. Father time himself. Meet Bernard Purdie - the most recorded drummer of all time.

Everyone from Aretha Franklin to Miles Davis to James Brown appear…

Candy Bowers and Areej Nur

Being an African-Australian Boss Lady in Hip Hop: Candy Bowers on The Rap

The multitalented Candy Bowers remembers when there were only a few of African-Aussie hip hoppers making their mark in the local music industry. Now, as she tells The Rap host Areej Nur, they’re…

Jadan Carroll on Breakfasters

A Book on the Best Dogs of All Time: Jadan Carroll on Breakfasters

From Hachikō the loyal Japanese dog to Bouncer the TV canine star on Neighbours, these are *supposedly* the best dogs of all time. Writer Jadan Carroll has compiled a list of 42 of…

Leslie Jamison

Backstory: ‘My Great, Big Addiction Book’

History is filled with extraordinarily talented artists who’ve had serious issues with substance abuse and addiction. Writer and essayist Leslie Jamison has compiled a literary history of some of these artists – John…

Matt Shulz

Double Bounce: Unsound From Krakow to Adelaide

Vaughan Quinn chats to Mat Schulz, artistic director and co-founder of Unsound Festival, which is hitting Adelaide this December. The immersive festival, which began in Krakow, Poland in 2003, features an eclectic mixture…

David Burke

Grapevine: Evacuating Manus and Nauru

“The reality is these people have been on a remote island for almost six years now, waking up every day with no real hope or certainty in their future.” David Burke of the…

Fleur Anderson

SleepTalker: Do Politicians Get Enough Sleep?

Are our politicians getting enough sleep and would they admit otherwise? It’s such ponderings which spurred Fleur Anderson to explore our topsy-turvy relationship with snoozing. The former political journalist joins SleepTalker to chat…

Palm Springs

Palm Springs’ Erica Dunn on Local and/or General

After listening to Palm Springs’ track Hollywood Failure, Local and/or General is joined by the band’s lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Erica Dunn. The band’s latest album, Palm Springs & Friends, launches this Friday…

Casey Bennetto and Jeff Sparrow

Superfluity’s Casey Bennetto Talks The Show of The Year, on Breakfasters

Superfluity host Casey Bennetto visits Breakfasters to chat about The Show of The Year held at The Athenaeum Theatre on 01 December. This end of year show sees 12 speakers each assigned a…

John Hiatt

How John Hiatt Carved Out His Niche

“I knew I wanted to go somewhere where music was.” The prolific Americana songwriter reflects upon his long career, from his move to Nashville as a teenager to the advice that he’s given…

John Bailey and Gilles Peterson in the Band Room

The Music That Gilles Peterson Wants You To Hear

“We’re still within touching distance of a golden age of musicians.” The British DJ, record label manager and human compendium of music joins Stolen Moments. He chats to John Bailey about the incredible…

Amaru Tribe

The Good, The Dub & The Global: Strings, Skins and Wood

Systa BB chats to bandleader Oscar Jiminez of Latin music powerhouse Amaru Tribe, fresh from performing at Strawberry Fields. Oscar spoke of mythology, being tagged to perform at next year’s South By Southwest…

Bridge of Clay

Backstory: The Bridge that Clay Built

Thirteen years after The Book Thief, Sydney-based author Markus Zusak has followed it up with his new novel, Bridge of Clay, a story about a family holding themselves together after the death…