Kaz Cooke

Radiotherapy: Kaz Cooke Has Her Finger on the Pulse of Parenting

Kaz Cooke is the bestselling author behind Up the Duff, Girl Stuff and a slew of other works which have helped Australians of different ages navigate the rickety paths of health, puberty…

Muriel Bamblett on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: How to Help Provide a Great Christmas for Aboriginal Children in Care

Muriel Bamblett is CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA), a welfare organisation that works with disadvantaged Aboriginal children across the state. Each year the organisation runs a Christmas Gift Appeal…

The Orbweavers

What The Orbweavers Can Tell You About Melbourne’s Waterways

From the Maribyrnong to the Birrarung to Stony Creek, The Orbweavers are soon to present a cycle of songs dedicated to the waterways of Melbourne’s West. Working with The Letter String Quartet, the…

Live at Triple R
Civic LTA

How To Punk - CIVIC Live to Air on Dropout Boogie

Melbourne’s prolific purveyors of punk CIVIC deliver a blistering set from the RRR Performance Space. Join in for Dropout Boogie’s first-ever Live to Air.

On Patriotism by Paul Daley

The Grapevine: Is Anzac on the Wrong Side of History?

Journo Paul Daley offers The Grapevine some tough thoughts on the Anzac tradition off the back of his 'On Patriotism' essay release.

SaD on Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering: SaD Drop By to Talk Pop Goth, Poetry and Perfume

The recently formed duo discuss their diverse backgrounds and muses for moody new collaborative effort 'Poets of Antiquity'.

Going Postal Book

The Glasshouse: Documenting a Moment in Time

One year on from the postal survey that legalised gay marriage in Australia, Beth AQ spoke to editors Quinn Eades and Son Vivienne about their book Going Postal: More Than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Catherine Tate on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: ‘Am I Bovvered?’

UK comedian, actor and writer Catherine Tate paid Breakfasters a visit ahead of her run of shows at the Palais. She discusses bringing The Catherine Tate Show to stage, how she breathes life…

Grand Salvo Portrait Photo

How a Single Vivid Memory Can Shape Who We Are: Grand Salvo on Out on the Patio

He’s explored dying, aging and loss – and now Melbourne muso Paddy ‘Grand Slavo’ Mann is retracing memories to their source with his new concept album Sea Glass. Dive in with Out

Toni Jordan on Backstory

Backstory: Falling for Fiction with Toni Jordan

Have you ever fallen in love with a book? Toni Jordan definitely has and her new book is specifically for book-worshippers. Her new novel, The Fragments, is set in 1980s Brisbane and…

Wreckless Eric 1970s

How to be a Dysfunctional Success with Wreckless Eric, on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Self-described ‘dysfunctional success’ Wreckless Eric is touring Australia for the first time in 38 years. He stops by Banana Lounge Broadcasting to chat to Dave Graney about what he’s been up to. From…

Nun Video Still

Learn the Real Meaning Behind Nun’s Album ‘The Dome’ on Double Bounce

Melbourne synth-punk experimenters Nun have just released their new album The Dome. We’re loving it here at RRR (it’s our Album of the Week!), and if you’re loving it too, listen back to…

Shaun Micallef on Breakfasters

Breakfasters: How Shaun Micallef’s Life Inspired His New Book

Shaun Micallef has always been involved in the arts, playing the infant Christ in a nativity scene at just six months old, although, you probably know him better for his work in Mad

Madeline Leman

Why Madeline Leman Left Melbourne – and Why She Came Back, on Local and/or General

Musician Madeline Leman talks to Local and/or General host Jason Moore in time for the launch of her band’s new single ‘Lay Me Down’ this Thursday (15 November) at The Curtin. The track…

Rudi Thompson on Neon Sunset

How Xray Spex Changed the UK Punk Scene, on Neon Sunset

Xray Spex saxophonist Rudi Thompson joins Neon Sunset to celebrate the band’s 40-year anniversary of Germfree Adolescence. Having landed on the British punk scene in 1976, the band only lasted a few…

Brendan Huntley on Maps

Maps: Why Brendan Huntley Sculpts at His Mum’s Place in Frankston

When he’s not wearing golf gloves and tearing up the stage, Brendan Huntley is moulding, sculpting or painting to some degree. This jack-of-all-trades joins Maps host Fee B-Squared for a chat about some…

Strange Colours

Breakfasters: An Urbanite’s Guide to Filming in Remote Communities

Lightning Ridge is a rural town in north-western New South Wales. Less than 3000 people live there (roughly a quarter of the population is Indigenous). Known as the ‘black opal capital of the…

Brian Hooper

Why Brian Henry Hooper’s Legacy Matters on Under The Sun

‘The doctors at the Peter MacCallum Institute were absolutely mesmerised by his humility and his strength.’ Ninevah Hooper, Brian Hooper’s widow, and Andrew McGee, his producer, chat to Jonathan Alley about Brian’s death…

Paul Kelly on Off the Record

How to Make an Album — Paul Kelly’s Recipe

First you have to build a team. Then you can introduce collaboration. Make sure you stay open-minded. The stalwart Paul Kelly joins Brian Wise on Off The Record to chat about the creation…

Feature Segment

Eat It: A Statesman of Hospitality

Last Friday a random attack by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali claimed the life of Melbourne restauranteur Sisto Malaspina. Following a car explosion on Bourke St the 74-year-old rushed forward to assist before being…